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Gold and Silver Make Big Moves The End of August and in Early September-For Those That Have Been On the Sidelines is it Time To Act?

Gold and Silver Make Big Moves The End of August and in Early September-For Those That Have Been On the Sidelines is it Time To Act?

By Brannon Howse


I know many of you have already taken the first step to protecting your savings by inquiring with Swiss America about gold and silver. For those of you that haven't made a decision yet, I strongly urge you to act soon before it's too late. Our National debt is going to crossover 16 trillion dollars in a matter of days. Metal prices are on the rise and are expected to climb rapidly as the election nears.

Over the last couple of weeks news broke that industry insiders like George Soros and John Paulson are getting out of financial stocks and moving hundreds of millions of their dollars into gold and silver. At the same time the Federal Reserve is recommending that banks begin to buy gold and hold it as a "zero risk asset" on their balance sheets while considering putting withdrawal limits on cash accounts and money market funds to prevent potential bank runs. The time to act is now. I believe most traditional financial advisers are trained to keep their clients' money invested in Wall Street. They work in a system that rewards them for controlling YOUR money and limiting your free access to it. Do not be surprised if your advisor is against investing in physical gold and silver. Unfortunately the majority of them will never recommend a product or service that they themselves cannot sell you.


I have recommended for many years that you take a portion of your retirement and savings and keep it outside of the traditional financial system. All fiat currencies (paper with nothing physical backing it) such as the dollar eventually fail due to debts and deficits. I believe owning physical gold and silver rather than paper investments is the best way to safeguard your savings and keep money in your control, where it belongs. What would you do if the banking system crashed and access to your accounts was cut off or limited? How long could you take care of your family if your debit card no longer worked? These are realistic scenarios that could unfold at any time.

If you've been on the sidelines watching and aren't sure what to do you should contact Swiss America and use their 32 years of experience to create a plan to diversify some of your retirement and savings into physical gold and silver. Call Wes Peters at 877-864-1072 to schedule a free consultation and get your questions answered while there is still time. As you know, I do not offer financial advice but financial commentary and opinion. You need to do your own research and come to your own conclusions and a plan of action based on that research. I believe Swiss America has some resources for you to assist you in that research. I also think a visit with Wes Peters could help you gain some much needed information in order to make a sound financial decision.