Goddess Worship Within "Christianity"

Goddess Worship Within "<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Christianity"By Dwayna Litz© LTW International
Renaming God "mother" is not Christian, biblical or equal to the God of the Bible! I was doing some research which led me to the Christians for Biblical Equality web site. Sadly, I found this book offered on their site:Is It Okay to Call God "Mother": Considering the Feminine Face of Godby Paul R. SmithYour Price $12.95http://www.cbeinternational.org/<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
This offer led me to probe a little deeper as to what this organization teaches. Calling God "Mother" is an outrage to any thinking Christian who loves God. This is a total outrage and vile blasphemy. But the New Agers, as well as the Christians for Biblical Equality, would probably just say I am overreacting, not enlightened enough by the "higher" feminist thought and intellect.
Mimi Haddad, the president of Christians for Biblical Equality (claiming to be an evangelical organization) spoke at Cornerstone, an annual arts festival attended by thousands of evangelical youth, on the feminine images of God. In her lecture she taught that God could be called "Mother" as well as "Father". [Julia Bloom, "Biblical Equality Finds Platform at Rock Festival", Mutuality, (Fall 2002), p. 16. Haddad gave a four part seminar at the festival entitled "Forgotten People, Overlooked Language: Women Leaders and Feminine Images of God."]
By 2002, just over ten years after its beginning, the president of CBE, Mimi Haddad, began to promote inclusive images of God. She purported that Christians ought to conceptualize and refer to God as "mother" as well as "father." [Mimi Haddad, "What Language Shall We Use: A look at inclusive language for people, feminine images for God, and gender accurate Bible translations." Published: www.cbeinternational.org web site]
The Bible verses they site to proselytize this feminist system of theology (that God can be called "mother") are all metaphors! (Psalm 123:2, for example). [I am reading that these evangelical feminists are offended by normal church services with patriarchal references and need even the hymns re-written to feel comfortable in a church service! (The whole movement is based on a person not being offended; i.e., how the person "discriminated" feels. Does anyone care about what hurts God-the God who is my Father?)]"…the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshippers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth" (John 4:23-24)The question is: Do any of these people care about the truth? Apparently not. They would answer, "Calling God 'Father' is a metaphor." It is cultic and demonic the way they twist Scripture to make it in accord with their own desires. As a pastor friend of mine said, "The next thing you know this liberal system of theology will start calling the entire Bible a metaphor!" I would not be surprised. One thing is for certain, the spirit here is not going to let up and the lies are going to get worse in this movement. Christians need to make a stand for and on behalf of the God of the Bible in reference to and in reverence of His character and holiness. Why can't these people get down on their knees in gratitude of God's love instead of being so concerned with changing Him into a god more along the paradigm of their preference and agenda? What is demonic about the whole thing is that Scriptures are used. Hermeneutics, Scripture interpreting Scripture, and passage context are no longer required apparently (in this proposed panacea for sex discrimination). As I studied this, I was reminded the demonic realm always inspires to glorify and empower people. The Holy Spirit is different. He glorifies Jesus. He humbles and convicts people. The Holy Spirit is not in the work of making unrepentant sinners feel comfortable. There is not much talk of the blood of Jesus, either, among the evangelical feminists. As a matter of fact, I could not find any articles on the power of His blood on the CBE web site or any advertisement for the TNIV. The focus is on people, rather than Jesus.
When feminists transformed the biblical feminine metaphor for the divine into a name for God, they needed to extend that practice to other metaphors, as well. God became "rock", "eagle", "door", etc. His personality was thus further diffused to encompass all natural phenomena. Renaming God in a way other than He had named Himself logically led to an erosion of God's independent personality. God became a "force". This was transparently evident in feminist theology. By 1988, for example, "evangelical" feminist Virginia Mollenkott had extended God's name from He/She to "He/She/It". [Kassian, The Feminist Mistake, p. 170/ Mollenkott, The Divine Feminine, p.113]
What a day for the church. The feminists ignore exegesis and claim to have the right to rename God. Sadly, if they are praying to a "Mother" they are certainly not praying to the God of the Bible. He is a Spirit with a male gender, and that is perfectly fine and non-offensive to any redeemed, wretched sinner at the foot of the cross! And woe to the people who are trying to rename Him.
As Walter Martin said, "Satan can take on both masculine and feminine…Satan is the unknowable god." The God of the Bible is a personal Father to His people.
This whole movement of Christians for Biblical Equality is obviously not led by the Holy Spirit, and the more I research it, the worse it gets. It seems to me the only way a well-meaning Christian could be in this movement is to not be well-informed. As my grandmother says, "I would be ashamed."To the true Christians in this movement, I would ask: "Who has bewitched you?" (Galatians 3:1) "You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth? This persuasion did not come from Him who calls you." (Galatians 5:7-8)
A Christian is brought to his or her knees in humble submission (James 4:7), and privileged to be a slave of righteousness (Romans 6:18), and thankful for the chance to call God "Father" (Romans 8:15). These CBE people are certainly working hard to not be confused with such "weak" people at the foot of the Cross. Well, I have never wanted to be less like a group in my life. I pray to be counted among the slaves of righteousness with a Father-God and out of the loop of this "highly enlightened, current, hip, egalitarian" crowd.
To the biblical feminists like Mimi Haddad: While you are busy renaming God as "mother" and reinterpreting Scripture, why not rename and reinterpret yourself? Call yourself a goddess worshipper. But don't call yourself a Christian. Christians don't call God "mother". After all, if you are seduced enough to flirt with the spirit of the goddess why not embrace "the queen of heaven" wholeheartedly? (Jeremiah 7:18). I can feel the hurt of God when I pray about this. The Christian feminists say they have been demeaned. If they cared more about not demeaning God and what brings Him pleasure and sadness, I truly believe these people would be much happier. They would surely change their focus to Jesus and the Cross vs. themselves.
"A child who has been taught to pray to a Mother in Heaven would have a religious life radically different from that of a Christian child." --C. S. Lewis [The Healing Presence, p. 126 (Crossway Books, 1989)]"The only hope of a decreasing self is an increasing Christ." --F.B. Meyer[Andrew Murray, Humility, p. 28]"I am among you as one who serves." --Luke 22:27
Note: Paul R. Smith is an openly professing homosexual pastor of Broadway Church in Kansas City: www.broadwaychurch-kc.org . He commented that "he is the only openly gay Southern Baptist pastor that he knows of, and that God created him that way."[(Source: Don Hinkle, "Jewell's Apparent Flirtation with Homosexuality," The Pathway, Missouri Baptist Convention Accessed 20 September 2003; available from http://www.mbcpathway.com/text%20Files/Jewell'sApparentFlirtationWithHomosexuality.doc ; Internet); "Our Mother Who Art in Heaven," JBMW, Fall 2003, Randy Stinson http://www.cbmw.org ]
May we contend earnestly for the faith in the light of God's glory and grace, in the light of His Word-that which we have heard from the beginning (1 John 1:1)-where a slave of righteousness is not an oxymoron.
Dwayna Litz

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