Globalists Have Decided The World Needs a Centralized Pandemic Response Controlled By The World Health Organization: Worldview Report Transcript April 26, 2022

Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Political commentator and filmmaker Mark Dice took to the streets of San Diego recently with a fake petition in hand, trying to see how many people he could get to sign it.

The question on the petition was, “Would you like to see sales of the Bible banned due to it being hate speech to help the New World Order.”

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly given where he was, it didn’t take too much convincing to get woke Californians to sign the prank petition.

In fact, if this video is uncut, more people signed it than who refused to sign it.

Take a look at this disturbing video.

WATCH VIDEO (run as much as you want, up to the 4:40 mark)

That sounds like a good thing for humanity. Good luck,” says one lady as she signs the petition.

“We’re gonna leave the Quran up there though,” he says, “we don’t want to be Islamophobic.”


According to the Washington Examiner, Disney has lost an astonishing $47 billion since March 1, just days before the company waged war with Florida, and the prospects for a turnaround anytime soon aren’t looking good as Disney continues to pressure Florida to repeal its new anti-groom law, whose formal name is the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

From the Washington Examiner:

“Disney’s stock was down more than 2% on Friday and by more than 8.5% over the past few days as Florida lawmakers work to punish the company for wading into the state’s politics. The stock’s market cap has declined by about $46.6 billion since March 1, just days before the company came out against the legislation.”

In addition to the pummeling on the market, new polling shows that consumers are seriously reconsidering whether or not to stop doing business with Disney.

A Trafalgar Group poll that was released this week showed that 68% of respondents are “less likely” to do business with the company because “news reports reveal Disney is focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas.” Just 9.4 percent said they would be “more likely” to do business with Disney after finding out about their agenda.


Nearly half of Democrats were against Disney’s recent stance.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in an interview that Joe Biden gets frustrated when his passions aren’t being heard and appreciated by the American people.

Americans just aren’t able to see how brilliant Joe Biden is and how wonderful his policies are for the country, Psaki said in an interview with NBC News White House shill Kelly O’Donnell.

“There are limitations that have been imposed upon him…[that] have not allowed people to see, at all times, what his magic is,” Psaki said.


Yes, it is truly remarkable how so many Americans just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the genius of Joe Biden. Give me a break.


The globalists have decided that the world needs a centralized pandemic response controlled by them and run by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the WHO’s website, on March 30th they claimed an “International Pandemic Treaty” is needed and that “25 heads of government and international leaders” had come together in a joint call to form the treaty.

But, in an even more urgent issue that almost no one is paying attention to, the WHO will be hosting its annual meeting, the 75th World Health Assembly, May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland, attended by delegates from 194 nations. It is during this meeting that members will be voting on amendments, proposed by the Biden administration, that will hand over additional sovereignty, control and legal authority to the World Health Organization when it comes to pandemics. The WHO, if these amendments are approved, will obtain the authority to declare an international health emergency, overriding national objections.

That means we will be giving up U.S. sovereignty and rights to control our own healthcare to an international body affiliated with the United Nations. 

James Roguski, an investigative researcher who has been studying these amendments, has referred to them as a “five alarm fire” that must be dealt with or they will become part of international law.

These regulations govern the activity of the WHO during pandemics.

He says the core of these changes go back to China and the global response that followed the release of what many believe to be a bioweapon.

Roguski states in a recent video interview:

“Whatever we think happened in Wuhan in 2020, the WHO seems to be of the mindset that none of what came afterwards would have happened if they had only been given the power to unilaterally declare an emergency and override the Chinese opposition…. We’re saying it’s an emergency. We’re going to lock everybody down. We’re stepping in…They want to grab power. They’re changing article 12, section 2 and it effectively wipes out 192 nations’ sovereignty to decide whether or not they allow an international organization to step in.”

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:10 mark to 2:11)

The International Pandemic Treaty is itself a major concern, but these 13 amendments to international health regulations are more urgent because they will be up for approval in May.

And no U.S. politician is talking about this. Nor is any mainstream media outlet reporting on it.

The website set up by Roguski has documented this situation in detail. Here are the main points being considered in the amendments:

  • The International Health Regulations would be legally binding and supersede the United States Constitution.
  • These proposed amendments will cede additional sovereignty, control and legal authority over to the World Health Organization.
  • These amendments will NOT require approval by 2/3 of the United States Senate. If they are approved (as submitted by the United States) by a simple majority of the 194 member countries of the World Health Assembly countries, these amendments would enter into force as international law just six months later (November 2022). The details of this are not crystal clear.
  • It is not known if the amendments will be voted upon individually or as a complete package.
  • The amendments will give the Director General of the WHO the power to unilaterally declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) even over the objection of the country dealing with an outbreak of disease.
  • According to changes made to U.S. regulations that were published one day before Donald Trump was inaugurated (January 19, 2017), the definition of a “Public Health Emergency” in the United States now includes the declaration of a PHEIC by the WHO.
  • A unilateral declaration of a PHEIC by the WHO will enable the declaration of a Public Health Emergency by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The amendments proposed by the United States would also give the Director General of the WHO the legal authority to unilaterally issue an “intermediate public health alert (IPHA).” The criteria for the issuance of an IPHA is simply that “the Director-General has determined it requires heightened international awareness and a potential international public health response.”
  • The amendments will also give “regional directors” within the WHO the legal authority to declare a Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern.

As Roguski says, most nations are ready to cede their sovereignty to an institution that is creating world government and arbitrary rules based on their own faulty logic and reasoning. Do we really want to nullify our right to self-determination?


Zero Hedge, citing a handful of media articles, reports that the bodies of two Russian oligarchs were found dead alongside their wives and children just one day apart.

One family was shot to death, the other butchered by someone with an axe.

The first was Vladislav Avayev, formerly vice president of Gazprombank. He was found killed by a gunshot wound in his Moscow apartment on Monday, Russia's state-run Tass news agency reports. Police are investigating a theory, and it’s only a theory at this point, that Avayev shot his wife and children before turning the gun on himself in a gruesome murder suicide.

The second oligarch was a Russian gas-industry tycoon Sergei Protosenya found dead in Spain, some 2,000 miles away.


Protosenya was found stabbed to death with his wife and daughter. Local media outlets claimed he had been found with a bloodied knife and axe by his side. Prior to his death, Protosenya had been the vice president and chief accountant of Novatek, a major gas company in Russia.

According to Zero Hedge, at the time of their deaths Protosenya, his wife and their daughter were staying at a rented luxury villa in the coastal town of Lloret de Mar for the Easter period. Police found no suicide note, and there were reportedly no bloodstains on his body. At the time of the killings, he had an estimated personal fortune of nearly half a billion dollars, according to Telecinco, Russian authorities said. 

The family's villa, situated on Spain's Costa Brava, is thought to be the family's second home alongside their residence in France, reports the U.K.-based Daily Star.

Local media reports suggest that Protosenya attacked his spouse and teenage daughter at the property as the family traveled out to the coast for Easter. All of this is mere speculation at this point.

There is certainly more to the story regarding these mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs.


The FBI is warning of targeted cyberattacks on food supply facilities.

The FBI's Cyber Division published a notice this past week warning about an increased threat of cyberattacks on agricultural cooperatives, which comes, strangely, at a time when a string of unsolved arson fires and explosions have caused damage at 18 major food-processing plants across the U.S. and Canada over the past six months. 

The FBI notice read:

"Ransomware actors may be more likely to attack agricultural cooperatives during critical planting and harvest seasons, disrupting operations, causing financial loss, and negatively impacting the food supply chain.”

The notice added that 2021 and early 2022 ransomware attacks on farming co-ops could affect the current planting season "by disrupting the supply of seeds and fertilizer."

The agency warned, "A significant disruption of grain production could impact the entire food chain, since grain is not only consumed by humans but also used for animal feed ... In addition, a significant disruption of grain and corn production could impact commodities trading and stocks.”

The FBI's warning comes in the wake of nearly two dozen food processing facilities across Canada and the U.S. that have experienced a string of fires, plane crashes and explosions, according to The Western Standard

It certainly appears as though someone is trying to sabotage the already precarious global food supply.


In what could turn out to be a major blow to the U.S. dollar and the Euro, Israel’s central bank has decided to add the Chinese yuan alongside three other currencies to a stockpile of foreign currencies that last year exceeded $200 billion for the first time ever.

Starting this year, Israel’s Central Bank will invest in a currency mix that will change from the longstanding trio of the U.S. dollar, the euro and the British pound to include the Canadian and Australian dollars as well as the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan. The additions mark a major change in the Israeli central bank’s “whole investment guidelines and philosophy,” said Deputy Governor Andrew Abir in an interview posted to Bloomberg.

Following discussions held by the monetary committee last year, Bloomberg reports that the pound and the yen will account for 5% and the currencies of Canada and Australia will have 3.5% each. China’s yuan is set at 2% for 2022, according to the Israeli central bank’s annual report.

To accommodate the changes, the euro’s share will fall from 30% to 20% while the dollar will account for 61%, down from 66.5%. The pound’s weighting, by contrast, will almost double to 5%, its highest level since 2011.


Yahoo News, not exactly a conservative news source, posted an article taking Joe Biden to task for causing the rampant inflation that is now destroying the finances of American families.

Inflation, the hidden tax, is also known as the cruelest tax. And even liberal outlets like Yahoo New are beginning to see the light on Biden’s economic policies.

It reminds us that when Biden took office in January 2021, “the Consumer Price Index was 1.4 percent higher than it had been 12 months earlier. A month later, inflation had bumped up to 1.7 percent. By April, it was above 4 percent. It topped 5 percent in June, passed 6 percent in October, and hit 7 percent in December. By Jan. 20, 2022, Biden's first anniversary as president, the year-over-year surge in prices had reached 7.5 percent.

“More than a month later, on Feb. 24, Vladimir Putin launched the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. That was just seven weeks ago. Last Tuesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation had risen yet again in March. Over the last 12 months, consumer prices have climbed 8.5 percent. Inflation is now at a 40-year high.

The White House blames the soaring cost of goods and services on the war in Ukraine, calling it "Putin's price hike.”

But, as Yahoo News reminds us, inflation has been accelerating throughout the Biden presidency and was already at the highest level in more than a generation when the Ukraine invasion began.


Time now for our nightly commentary.

As many of you have heard by now globalist Emmanuel Macron won a second term as president of France on Sunday. He tallied 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent for his opponent, Marine Le Pen.

But Le Pen improved greatly from her performance in the 2012 and 2017 elections, when she garnered 18 percent and 34 percent, respectively. Now she has 42 percent of the voting public behind her.

In her concession speech, Le Pen said her supporters now command the attention of the French establishment.

“I have no fear of shame or regret because I would like to say to those who would like to see our party disappear, I see new signs of hope, because it shows that the leaders in France and Europe are going to have to face a sense of great mistrust from the people. There are great winds of change afoot. What we’ve shown is we can stand up to show a counter power to Emmanuel Macron and his party.”

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:48 to 3:36)

You can see there that the globalists are seen much the same in France as they are here in America, in Canada and the rest of Europe. They foment divisions, they cater to the international corporate elites, they support lockdowns and endless war.

But no matter how much their policies destroy nations and particularly the middle class in those nations, they more often than not seem to come out on top in national elections.

At least they have paper ballots in France.

But France has the same corrupt media as the U.S. Never is there a mention of Le Pen without reference to her as the leader of the “far right” party. When’s the last time you heard Macron or Biden referred to as the leader of the “far left party?”

It’s time we stop using the same fraudulent voting systems that lead to fraudulent results. Let’s get back to paper ballots, voter ID and full voter integrity. And it’s time we stopped playing by the media’s rules.

The Republican National Committee recently announced it will no longer participate in the presidential debates in this country as long as they are controlled by the National Commission on Presidential Debates, which is known to work with the corrupt U.S. mainstream media to help Democrat candidates fare better in the debates than Republicans. Hillary Clinton was handed the questions ahead of time by Donna Brazil. Joe Biden was allowed by Chris Wallace to shirk off questions about his son Hunter Biden’s laptop.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said last week, “We are going to find newer, better debate platforms.”

That’s a good start. And it’s about time.

If Republicans continue to do the same things, how can they expect different results?

That’s our broadcast for tonight here at the Worldview Report. We hope you will join us again tomorrow evening. We wish you a fantastic night, God bless and take care.

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