GLOBAL "WARNINGS", NOT GLOBAL WARMING<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
By Jan Markell
People worldwide are looking at earth's calamities in the last year and are asking, "What on earth is happening?"  Be it tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, or fires, a "fear factor" has entered into the mix as well as perplexity.  I get many e-mails that friends and family of believers are troubled and many are asking questions.  Most every disaster is preceded by words like "record-setting" or "of biblical proportions."  We've run out of names in the alphabet for hurricanes and are now going to the Greek alphabet. This has never happened before.
If one doesn't know their Bible, little will make sense.  Instead of looking at the Bible, many pass off these events as "cyclical."  Sun spots are blamed as they normally shoot horizontally but recently have been directed at earth.  Global warming is blamed but I prefer to say it's a "global warning."
The Bible says in Luke 21-an apocalyptic chapter-that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, the sea and the waves roaring….men's hearts failing them for fear.  This is a last days' reference and one of the many warning signs that the Lord's return is getting closer.  Thus I call what is happening "controlled chaos," controlled by God who is trying to get people's attention since by nature man is skeptical and stubborn.
Noah faced a similar dilemma.  He preached and preached to a world that didn't want to hear that something was ahead and they should repent and get right with God.  We know what happened. And it's in the Bible for a reason.  But today God is sending signs to herald His power, His glory, and the fact that He is coming again.  Those who are looking up and not looking around will fare much better as calamities continue to unfold.
Many Christian leaders have spoken out in the last year.  One asks, "Is God angry with us?"  Some say God is judging the world for wickedness.  It is easy to say that the decadence in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />New Orleans brought on His wrath, but good people died there as well.  And the most decadent part of New Orleans was spared the horrific damage so can we jump to this conclusion?  Many insist that if God judged in Bible days, He most certainly hasn't changed as He never changes so stop being afraid of the word judgment.
As Hurricane Wilma was about to slam into Florida, Gov. Bush said, "Why us?"  Why not us?  We are not promised a Garden of Eden existence in this life? These are days when we have to acknowledge the wisdom of Isaiah 33:6, "God is the stability of our times."  These are days when only the "solid rock" will provide the foundation we need to avoid the "fear factor" mentioned above.  Calamities will continue.  Give your life over to Jesus Christ while there is still time.(Jan is founder/director of Olive Tree Ministries. For her free, print newsletter, e-alerts, or for more information, visit her Web site,

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