Global Calendar of Events: 2012

Global Calendar of Events: 2012
By Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor

Notice the emphasis on Globalism, Green Economy & Occult Spirituality


The following Calendar of Events is a sampling of conference, forums, events, and meetings taking place in 2012 – each contributing, one way or another, to the larger agenda of global transformation and international management. Although other events will take place throughout the year, common themes are already visible across many of the calendar listings.
These themes are increasingly woven together; global warming is linked to the world economic crisis, and "sustainable development" to an "evolved spirituality." Through it all, a transformed world is emerging built on the idea of interdependence.
The purpose of this calendar is to provide you with a heads-up as we enter 2012. It's a sobering reminder of the worldview shift taking place - one that will continually challenge the Christian community.

January 11-13: United Nations Agencies Reaching Out
Where: Vienna, Austria
The Academic Council on the United Nations System is hosting a multi-agency United Nations event to connect UN branches with academic leaders and major NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and thus coordinate around major themes for 2012. Some of the topics include Energy Access for All, Nuclear Security and Global Governance, and the development of a global Green Economy.
January 16-18: Rio+20 Draft Discussions
Where: New York, NY, USA
Leading up to the Rio+20 conference in June 2012 are a number of important events that will not see much, if any, media coverage. These events, such as the Draft Discussions, will hammer out themes for the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development - one that will merge economics with the environment, and push society toward global loyalties.
January 25-29: World Economic Forum
Where: Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
According to the World Economic Forum, it is "the foremost global community of business, political, intellectual and other leaders of society who are committed to improving the state of the world."
For years, the World Economic Forum has been a premier international event, drawing together top government officials with CEOs from globally significant corporations, banking and financial leaders, and social visionaries. Hence, what happens at the World Economic Forum reverberates throughout economic and political circles for months (and sometimes years) down the road.
The theme for 2012 is "The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models."
January 29-February 4: World Interfaith Harmony Week
Where: Global
The World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) is an official United Nations program that was influenced by The Common Word campaign, a 2007 inter-religious dialogue between Muslim and Christian leaders. On September 23, 2010, King Abdullah II of Jordan proposed the idea of an Interfaith Harmony Week while at the UN General Assembly. The proposal was unanimously adopted and the first week of February was set aside as the timeframe for this interfaith program. Multiple events are set to take place during the 2012 WIHW. Here are a few:
- "Celebration of Universal Light," sponsored by the Institute of Living Universal Values and scheduled to take place in Fort Collins, Colorado on January 29.
- "Shared Sacred Spaces," sponsored by the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions, Chicago, IL, on January 29. This is part of an ongoing interfaith program in Chicago that will end on May 12, 2012.
- "Turning Toward the Heart," an evening of Sufi meditations, held in Zalesie Gorne, Poland, on February 1.
- "Harmony Day," Malappuram, India, Feb. 3.
- Vivekananda Multifaith Meetup," at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom, Tempe, Arizona, February 4.
February 10-12: National Preach-In on Global Warming
Where: United States of America
The weekend of February 10-12 has been set aside as a time for religious leaders across the US to speak out regarding climate change. Hundreds of pastors and teachers from different religions will deliver sermons on global warming, the need to change behaviors and values, and the desire for a united world response to stem "climatechange." The organization coordinating this political/religious campaign is Interfaith Power and Light.
February 17-20: PantheaCon
Where: San Jose, CA, USA
The PantheaCon is a longstanding pagan conference packed with lectures. Here are some of the scheduled topics/discussions and rituals:
- Blessing and Cursing: An Overview of Scottish Folk Magic.
- Triple Goddess Magic.
- 2012: Year of the Awakening.
- The Rosicrucian Vault.
- Druid Ritual: Honoring Our Ancestors.
- Healing Ritual for the City of San Jose.
- Calling in the Spirits.
- Yoga for Every Body.
- Ritual of the Green Devil.
- Sex Magic for Women.
- Pagans, Culture War, & the Modern Crisis.
- Dionysian Initiation.
- Psychic & Magickal Development for Kids.
- Men's Spirituality.
- Dance for the Dark God.
March 12-17: World Water Forum
Where: Marseilles, France
This is the 6th World Water Forum, hosted by the World Water Council – an organization whose board membership has been a virtual who's-who of global governance. The point and purpose of the World Water Forum and Council is to place global water management firmly on the international agenda. Implications of water management are considerable, impacting food production, transportation, sanitation, power generation, and many other foundational aspects of life and development.
March 14-16: GLOBE 2012
Where: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Major corporate executives from every corner of the globe will gather in Vancouver, along with government policy makers, representatives from the banking industry, energy players, academics, and participants from special interest groups. The purpose is to network, model new technologies, and incorporate businesses with global environmental agendas. To this end, "smart grid" technologies will be showcased and a "carbon economy" will be discussed. Other relevant themes include the role of cities in a global green economy, how banks factor in social and environmental risks, and "sustainable consumerism." Approximately 10,000 people will be attending.
March 15-17: Citizens for Global Solutions Annual Conference
Where: Washington, DC, USA.
Citizens for Global Solutions is the largest pro-world government lobby group in the United State (formerly known as the World Federalist Association). Each spring, CGS meets in Washington DC for a time of lobbying, training, and conducting business. With 2012 being an election year, CGS will be promoting its international agenda as a foreign policy platform to Washington leaders. During the last federal campaign, known World Federalists were active in advising Obama's people regarding the United Nations.
March 17-18: Spirit Seekers Canada
Where: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
This is the third such Spirit Seekers conference in Winnipeg, and while the event isn't especially large or significant, it's listed here to draw attention to the fact that pagan/alternative spiritual gatherings take place. Indeed, there is a very active and networked pagan/alternative spiritual community across the Western world.
For Winnipeg, this year's Spirit Seekers event is chock-full of lectures on Christian Mysticism, mediumship, pagan rituals, healing exercises, and spiritual connections in art and architecture.
March 22-23: Technology Frontiers – Transform Your Work, Your Life, Your World
Where: London, UK
Technology is poised to change every aspect of our lives, and this two-day conference hosted by The Economist will explore how this transformation is taking place. Topics and themes include,
- "Using Technology to Turn Consumer Behaviour Into A Business Model"
- "Open Minds: The New Era of Human 2.0
- "New Minds, New Bodies, New Identities"
- "How Technology Changes Social Norms"
- "The Death of Cash"
- "The Politics of Technology"
March 24: Being Human 2012
Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
Scientists, social visionaries, behavioral researchers, artists, philosophers, and at least one spiritual leader (Tibetan Lama Gelek Rimpoche) will gather in San Francisco for a one-day event to explore the future of "being human." Cognition, consciousness, the relationship between individuals and society, morality and culture, and human/social integration will be examined through the lens of evolution.
Events like this will become more significant as humanity unifies politically, religiously/ethically, and economically in a "one world" concept.
March 26-29: Planet Under Pressure
Where: London, England
The global scientific community will be meeting in London to flesh out a new vision of world change based on science, technology, and sustainable development. To this end, one of the goals is to provide scientific guidance to the Rio+20 conference in June.
Another goal is to demonstrate that governance and technology can work hand-in-hand at all levels, from local to global, in providing world change solutions. In a real sense, the Planet Under Pressure conference is a blend of technocracy and global governance. Working sessions include:
- "New Strategies for Defining Planetary Boundaries"
- "Climate, energy and water: A Challenge for Integrating Management of Planetary Boundaries."
- "Challenges of Integration."
- "Collective Action for the Transition to a Sustainable Society."
- "Visioning for a Truly Sustainable World."
- "Transforming Our Way of Living – The New Humanism: Going Beyond Economic Rationality." (This working session asks the question; "Can the present global governance address the emerging global environmental changes and is there a need for a new world order?)
- "Global Environmental Governance and National Action Plans."
March 28-29: Enhancing Human Experience via Emerging Technologies
Where: Laval, France
This conference on transhumanism will explore the emerging technologies of human change, including robotics, mindcomputer interfacing, theoretical technologies, nanotechnologies, and other intersecting points between science and human enhancement. Other points of interest to be discussed include the issues of religion and belief, morality and ethical considerations, social dimensions, science policy options, and hybrid engineering.
April 16-17: Engaging Hearts & Minds – An Agenda for Global Citizenship Education
Where: Toronto, ON, Canada
Hosted by the Centennial College Institute for Global Citizenship, this conference is designed as a space where academics and organizers can network, plan and coordinate, and challenge each other towards global citizenship activities. Global citizenship school curriculum is one of themes for this two-day event.
April 18-20: Lund Conference on Earth System Governance
Where: Lund, Sweden
As the title says, this conference is focused on Earth System Governance, including global economic changes necessary for Earth management, formulating international democracy, and promoting social justice themes to shift economic and political realities.
One question that underscores this event is "who governs the earth system and how?" The Lund Conference would best be considered a high-level academic event, with professors attending from Rutgers University, the London School of Economics, Warwick University, Washington State, Brown University, Scheffield University, and other major academic centers.
April 22: Earth Day/International Mother Earth Day
Where: Global Earth Day is a massive celebration of Earth, sustainability, and green thinking. At its core, Earth Day represents humanity in a spiritual/ethical alliance with Mother Earth. This fact is exemplified in the United Nations declaration proclaiming that April 22 is International Mother Earth Day. Millions of people from every corner of the globe will celebrate this event.
April 23-25: World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates takes place every two years, but this is the first time the event is coming to the United States. Titled, "Speak Up, Speak Out for Freedom and Rights," it is anticipated that the Summit will take a decidedly internationalist approach. This is already evidenced in the Nobel Peace Laureates' Charter for a World Without Violence, which calls for collective security by the international community, including the strengthening of the "UN system as well as regional cooperative organizations" (ie, NATO). Co-chairing the Chicago event will be former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, and former Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni.
May 12: Scottish Pagan Conference
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by the Scottish Pagan Federation, this event brings together druids, shamans, witches, and pagan practitioners from across Scotland. Margot Adler, a famous High Priestess, is the main speaker.
May 12: Sharing Sacred Spaces
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
This is the last day of an ongoing interfaith program in the city of Chicago. It started last fall with an event at the Midwest Buddhist Temple, then consecutive events at Fourth Presbyterian Church, St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago Sinai Congregation, First United Methodist, Seventeenth Church of Christ (Christian Science), Old St. Patrick's Church, and finally in May at the Downtown Islamic Center where an interfaith declaration will be signed by Chicago's religious leaders.
May 12-22: Challenge the NATO War Makers
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
Dozens of Marxist, socialist, and radical organizations are planning a massive anti-NATO, anti-G8 protest event in Chicago. Keep in mind that the Challenge protest isn't about halting globalization per se, but about demanding a socialist-Marxist version as opposed to the Western government/corporate view.
May 13-18: World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy
Where: Dublin, Ireland
Bringing together technicians, scientists and policy experts, this Congress bridges three interlocking areas; water, climate, and energy under the theme "Building a Sustainable Global Future." Climate change will be a dominant topic, flavoring the entire event. Issues to be discussed include;
- Integrating water and energy governance "in a changing climate."
- Adaptation to global warming and mitigating climate crisis.
- Management of water utilities and the water-energy connection.
- Water competition and resource scarcity.
- The impact on agriculture and food production.
- Green business models, environmental regulations, and policies toward sustainable development.
Notable speakers are:
- Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
- Koo Teng Chye, Executive Director of Liveable Cities.
- Gerard M. Mooney, General Manager of Global Government and Education, IBM.
- James L. Barnard, WEF Fellow at IBM.
May 13-19: Degrowth in the Americas
Where: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
"Degrowth" is a radical call to reject capitalism, "no mater if it is 'green' or 'socially just,' and no matter if it has State-run or private enterprises." It is a call to curtail economic growth and development, to allow the earth's ecosystem and human population levels to "balance," and to find the right spiritual/philosophical worldviews to enable this restructuring to take place. Confirmed participants include Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, and David Suzuki, Canada's leading environmentalist.
May 15-22: NATO Summit
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
The primary task of the Chicago NATO Summit will be to review the progress of the recently announced Strategic Concept, an action plan to guide NATO's evolution as a global security player. Forward developments in the Strategic Concept include greater linkages between NATO and the United Nations, including political cooperation; strengthening partnerships with the European Union; enhancing the relationship between NATO and Russia; tighten ties with Georgia and the Ukraine; and working more closely in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf zones.
At the same time it's not anticipated that the White House will push for major changes. Instead, some in the Atlantic Council perceive that Washington will view the Summit "as something to get through rather than as a vehicle for making NATO more viable." Why? Because two other looming events will take the stage; the G8 meeting, which takes place at the same time in the same city, and the American president election happening in November.
May 15: Climate Change – The New Economy
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
This is not a meeting, but a book launch meant to add weight to the climate change/green economy agenda. Guest authors to Climate Change: The New Economy, come from major industries and global organizations. The purpose of this book is straightforward: Influence G8 leaders in the quest to transform the global economy through carbon markets/carbon credits.
Sponsors and affiliates of Climate Change: The New Economy include.
- Microsoft.
- General Eclectic.
- Siemens.
- Philips.
- Pirelli.
- World Wildlife Fund.
- United Nations Environment Programme.
- Green Cross.
- World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
May 15-22: G8 Summit
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
The G8 includes the heads-of-state and foreign ministers of France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, England, Germany, and the United States. Each year these leaders come together to discuss the global economy, development agendas, and international security.
May 17: Europe 2020 – Towards Innovative and Inclusive Union
Where: Skopje, Macedonia
This one-day academic conference will focus on challenges and opportunities leading toward tighter European integration, especially in light of the recent economic problems now experienced across the euro-zone.
May 25-27: First GLOBE Summit of Legislators
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Legislators – including senators, congressional leaders, and parliamentarians from around the world – will negotiate "a legislator's protocol" to support the United Nations' push for global sustainable development.
Developing this protocol, which is to be ratified by individual nations, will send a message to heads of state leading up to Rio+20. Furthermore, it will act as a government commitment document to the UN agenda.
Chicago will be a busy city in 2012. From activist events to interfaith gatherings, from NATO to the G8 and more.
May 29-31: Adaptation Futures – 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation
Where: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme and the University of Arizona, the Adaptation Futures conference will not be focusing on the science of climate change, rather it takes the approach that global warming is occurring and seeks ways for societies to adapt. To this end, "future extremes," rising sea levels, and "landscape transformation" issues will be discussed, with an eye toward behavioral and political responses.
Funding for global climate adaptation will be a major talking point: "who pays, and for what, where, and how long?" Over 1000 community leaders, academics, and researchers attended the first Adaptation Futures conference in 2010.
June 1-3: World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme, this World Congress will engage with chief justices, attorneys general, public prosecutors, and others involved in national justice and law communities. The point of this event is to empower and equip justice officials in framing national legal cases in the context of international law, and in promoting "the goals of sustainable development."
June 4-6: Peoples' Summit at UNCSD
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Leading up to the Rio+20 conference is a major event hosted by a multitude of special lobby groups. These non-governmental organizations, by and large, are significant supporters of global governance, United Nations empowerment, and international socialism. It is anticipated that the Peoples' Summit, which meets a few weeks before the main Rio event, will be designed to influence the Rio agenda and bring maximum pressure on world leaders gathering later in the month.
June 17-24: Pagan Spirit Gathering
Where: Earlville, IL, USA
The Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) is one of the largest and oldest pagan gatherings in the United States. With a special focus on nature spirituality, the PSG invites pagans, wiccans, druids, eco-feminists, pantheists, shamans, and nature mystics for a week of rituals, workshops, lectures, ceremonies, concerts, and social networking events.
June 20-22: Rio+20 – United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This is one of the most important events for 2012. Drawing from the success and shortcomings of the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992, this twentieth anniversary will bring world leaders to the table in the quest for a system of global governance through environmental management.
The "Right to Sustainable Energy," as a key piece of the "green economy," will be one major item on the table. Expect a renewed push from national governments in promoting "green" economic solutions following Rio+20. This may be sold to the public under the guise of developing "New Foundations for the Future."
June 22-September 21: Summer of Peace 2012
Where: Global
Produced by the New Age-based Shift Network, Summer of Peace 2012 is a dedicated global celebration and action call for world unity, world peace, and world transformation. This celebration is to include conferences and meetings, artistic displays, film festivals, concerts, online events, and media campaigns. It culminates on September 21, the United Nations International Day of Peace.
June 28-29: Post-Crisis Banking
Where: Amsterdam, Holland
As the global financial crisis continues to unfold, questions surrounding post-crisis banking arise: What will change within the international banking community? How will banking regulations be re-formatted for the post-crisis financial industry? What will the banking landscape look like in the future? Will new institutions be needed for stability?
For two days, banking leaders, academics and financial experts will examine the core of these concerns. Speakers at this conference will include Willem Buiter (Chief Economist at Citigroup), Jaime Caruana (General Manager at the Bank for International Settlements), Mark Flannery (Bank of America Eminent Scholar), and Eric Rosengren (President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston).
July 8-12: XXII World Congress of Political Science
Where: Madrid, Spain
"Reshaping Power, Shifting Boundaries" is the theme of the 21st World Congress of Political Science, sponsored by the International Political Science Association. Academic in nature, this event will bring together political science professors, graduate students, and policy makers. This is an important event on two levels.
First, many of those attending will move into government offices or key positions after graduation, or will be influential within the university system. Second, the theme of the conference reflects the dynamic of world affairs: Nation-states are no longer sufficient in a global society, new international power players are emerging, and "non-state actors" are increasingly shaping new circles of power. All of these reference points are couched in the rising reality of "global governance."
July 9-13: International Congress of the World Federalist Movement
Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The World Federalist Movement is an influential pro-world government organization, and has been instrumental in global governance agendas for decades – having the ear of the United Nations and inroads within the European Union. Every four years, the World Federalist Movement hosts an international congress where members of this movement can discuss World Federalist issues, agenda items, and channel their energies toward the goal of world governance. In 2012, the WFM International Congress will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
July 12-24: Esoteric Traditions in the Ancient and Modern World
Where: Alexandria, Egypt - NOTE: Due to the political unrest in Egypt the venue has changed to Greece.
Open to all esoteric/occult students and practitioners, this conference will examine the historic and contemporary importance of esotericism. Theosophy will receive special attention, exploring its past influence and its future in shaping the spiritual culture of the Western world.
Note: Theosophy was key in the blossoming of the modern New Age Movement.
July 15-19: NAIN Connect
Where: Atlanta, GA, USA
This is the main event for the North American Interfaith Network, an American-Canadian interfaith organization. NAIN campaigns include interfaith work for climate change, global peace, and inter-religious dialogue. At this point 55 organizations are members of NAIN, including the United Religions Initiative, United Church of Canada, Salt Lake City Interfaith Roundtable, Religions for Peace USA, Hartford Seminary, the Interfaith Center at the Presidio, Covenant of the Goddess, and the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio.
July 27-29: WorldFuture 2012
Where: Toronto, ON, Canada
Each year the World Future Society holds a major conference on global trends and one-world concepts, incorporating environmental issues, energy challenges, science and technology, culture and consciousness, world affairs and global governance.
September 1-7: United Nations World Urban Forum 6
Where: Naples, Italy
This is the 6th UN World Urban Forum, a premier event on the role of cities in the global context. And this year's forum will feature six thematic domains:
Dialogue 1 – Productive Cities
Dialogue 2 – Livable cities/Quality of Life
Dialogue 3 – Urban Planning/Institutions and Regulations
Dialogue 4 – Equity and Prosperity
Dialogue 5 – Culture
Dialogue 6 – Urban Mobility, Energy and Environment.
September 21: United Nations International Day of Peace/International Day of Peace Vigil
Where: Global
The UN International Day of Peace is a UN-declared single day event/campaign focused on raising awareness toward world peace, primarily through the channel of international unity and global governance. Accompanying this campaign is a faith-based International Day of Peace Vigil meant to "bring a spiritual dimension to the peace process."
This vigil is supported by the United Nations and has the official backing of spiritual/religious organizations such as the Hindu-based Aetherius Society, the Roman Catholic Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the Church of Scientology, A Course in Miracles International, Franciscans International, the Interfaith Center of New York, the Mennonite Central Committee, United Religions Initiative, the New Age-based Temple of Understanding, and Sun Myong Moon's Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.
September 21-23: Earthdance Global Festival For Peace
Where: Global
Built around the UN International Day of Peace, Earthdance is a global festival meant to foster world unity, peace, and social justice. Thousands of people participate in concerts and artistic events. Started in 1997, this annual Earthdance has now been witnessed in 80 countries and held in 500 locations.
Earthdance is also part of the New Age-based Prayer for Peace, where thousands of people collectively pray for world unity, bridging meditation with action in a type of ritualistic planetary experience. Find below the world prayer,

"We are one global family All colors, All races One world united.
We dance for peace and the healing of our planet Earth
Peace for all nations. Peace for our communities.
And peace within ourselves.
As we join all dance floors across the world,
Let us connect heart to heart.
Through our diversity we recognize Unity.
Through our compassion we recognize Peace.
Our love is the power to transform our world
Let us send it out NOW."

September 21-23: Australian Wiccan Conference
Where: Hawkesbury River District, New South Wales, Australia
Organized by the Pagan Awareness Network, the Wiccan Conference will incorporate group rituals - including Spring Equinox and Elemental invocations, workshops on paganism and wiccan living, networking and social events, and lectures. It is one of the premier gatherings of Wiccans/witches in Australia.
October 13-21: Awakened World 2012
Where: Rome and Florence, Italy
300 spiritual leaders from many faiths and traditions will meet in Rome, then Florence, to map-out "the evolution of religion and spirituality in the 21st century." According to event literature, "The work of the group will focus on training and empowering agents of change," as our present age "is now giving rise to a new global consciousness."
Moving towards this event is a charter initiative, the drafting of A Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century. A core group of influential people is being constructed to guide this event. Invitees to the Core Group include,
- Dalai Lama of Tibet.
- Giuliano Amato: Former Prime Minister of Italy.
- Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran: Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
- Cardinal Walter Kasper: Pontifical Council for Ecumenism.
- Marcus Braybrooke: President, World Council of Faiths.
- Charles Gibbs: Executive Director, United Religions Initiative.
- Barbara Marx Hubbard: President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution.
- Yolande Iliano: Chairperson, Religions for Peace Europe.
- Deepak Chopra: Author and teacher.
- Vinu Aram: Past President, World Conference of Religions for Peace.
- Amy S. Marks: Baha'i World Center and Co-Chair of the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions.
These are the hosting organizations,
- International Interreligious Peace Council
- Association of Global New Thought
- Interreligious Engagement Project.
November 1-3: The Governance of a Complex World
Where: Nice, France
This is an international conference looking at the technical issues of global management as a response to global crisis, with the aim of identifying the technical/institutional changes needed for a "new society." Politics, economics, social factors, and the role of science will be explored as parts of an evolving system of global governance.
December 21: Peace 2012 – A Moment of Peace
Where: Global
Peace 2012 is a New Age, world synchronized "universal moment of reflection" as the solstice meshes with "the end of the 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan calendar." Tens of thousands of people around the globe will take part through peace meditations, spiritual exercises, focused intention on planetary transformation ("global prayer"), and other "collective psyche" activities. According to the Peace 2012 website, "The goal of the 'moment of peace' is to use this unique moment in time to create a global experience of unity."
December 21-28: New Group of World Servers Festival
Where: Global
The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) is a "subjectively united group with no outer organization" inspired through the writings of Theosophist Alice Bailey and her "Tibetan Master" – a spirit guide, understood Biblically as a demonic entity. Although the NGWS does not have an "outer organization," it is loosely based on three levels.
1) A core group of occult adepts "who know what they are doing," and are "open to the vision of the Plan." This body represents the inspiring energy of the larger goal.
2) Younger disciples – those who are on their way to become initiates in tune with occult spiritual energy; "They respond and act."
3) "The hundreds and thousands of men and women of goodwill around the world" who work in governments and religions, and who "translate energy into action." These multitudes "serve to implement the Plan." (
Once every seven years in December, according to occult schools, a certain zodiac event allows vast spiritual energies to flood Earth, resulting in a "huge spiritual awakening."
This seven-day, seven-year occurrence is known as the week of "group impact" and referred to as the "Festival Week." Lucis Trust and World Goodwill, organizations derived from the work of Alice Bailey, are the guiding bodies behind this week. To that end, Lucis Trust produces meditations to enable "group fusion" – "I am one with my group of brothers and all that I have is theirs." All of this is meant to bring about global emergence and transformation. Meditations and occult events will take place around the world.
December 22: Birth 2012 Convergence
Where: Global
New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard is calling December 22, 2012, a "global birthday." Other top New Age teachers are working with her, hoping that December 22 will earmark a global evolutionary leap that will unite the world spiritually, socially, and consciously. According to the Birth 2012 Convergence website, this birthday or "due-date" is stemming from "a growing movement of worldwide citizens who are committed to linking hearts and minds with others and consciously co-creating the next stage of evolution." It is claimed that 48,000 "global change agents" have committed "to evolving humanity into the next era through Birth 2012!"

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Membership in Forcing Change allows access to the full range of FC publications, including e-reports, audio and media presentations, Forcing Change back issues, downloadable expert documents, and more. FC receives neither government funding nor the financial backing of any other institutions; rather, Forcing Change operates solely on subscription/membership support. To learn more about Forcing Change, including membership benefits, go to
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