France May Be The First Western Nation To Have a Revolution in 2023



  • Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi, fresh off that summit in Moscow, announce they will expand trade with settlements in the Chinese Yuan and that they also plan a new Siberian natural gas line.
  • France is on fire with protests, with nothing but silence from the American media.
  • In a case of too little, too late, a federal appeals court strikes down Joe Biden’s executive order mandating the mRNA jab on thousands of federal workers.
  • The U.S. strikes Iranian assets in Syria.
  • And the Republican-led House votes to pass a Parents' Bill of Rights with zero Democrat votes after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called it “fascist.”

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Along with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former President Donald Trump, and Congressmen Byron Donalds and Matt Gaetz, one of the biggest political figures in Florida, recently spoke to The Floridian about the potential indictment of Trump and DeSantis’s “missed opportunity” to defend him.

Before pointing to a Reuters poll that showed 54% of Americans polled believing that the former president was being persecuted, Gaetz stated:

“I’m sad for the country. I worried that an indictment of a former President ruins America’s moral authority in the world.”

The growing sentiment among many political talking heads is that an indictment and arrest would embolden Trump and his base of support. Some have said the left wants to do exactly that because they feel they could beat Trump and have proven in fact they already have the recipe for beating him (which involves a lot of gaslighting and cheating).

Here is Gaetz discussing the issue.


Now here is DeSantis finally going on the record on March 20 about whether he would run on the same ticket as Trump, as his V.P.


This comes as DeSantis received backlash for his comments about a possible Trump arrest in the coming days. Despite saying that the arrest was politically motivated and bad for the country, supporters of Donald Trump were not satisfied.

Watch this clip of DeSantis responding to the possible Trump arrest…



In other news, Russia and China are working on the implementation of the Power of Siberia 2 energy project, which was among the issues discussed during President Xi Jinping’s official visit to Moscow this week.

That’s according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak, who spoke to Izvestia news agency on Tuesday about the proposed megadeal.

He said, “The project has support. Companies have been instructed to work out the details of the project and sign it as soon as possible.”

It is envisaged that the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline will supply 50 billion cubic meters of gas each year, which Novak described as a volume that would “completely replace the Nord Stream energy network.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during his meeting with the Chinese leader that almost all parameters of the agreement on the new gas pipeline had been agreed upon.

He also stressed that energy cooperation between the two countries has been growing, with Russia becoming a strategic supplier of oil, gas, coal and electricity to China.

The Power of Siberia 2 project involves the construction of a gas pipeline to China through the territory of Mongolia.

China currently gets most of its Russian gas via the Power of Siberia pipeline, which has an annual capacity of 38 billion cubic meters. It is a section of the so-called Eastern Route, which was partially launched in December 2019, becoming the first pipeline to supply Russian gas to China. 

The mega pipeline is part of a $400 billion, 30-year agreement between Russia’s Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation that was finalized in May 2014.


Russia and China have agreed that they will increase trade with each other with payment in the Chinese yuan, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday during talks with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

Putin stated, according to a report by RT:

“We are for the use of Chinese yuan in settlements between Russia and the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. I am sure that these forms of settlements in yuan will be developed between Russian partners and their counterparts in third countries.”

This is another nail in the coffin for the U.S. petrodollar, which is now the equivalent of a sinking ship about to capsize. 

Two thirds of current trade between Moscow and Beijing is carried out in national currencies – the yuan and the ruble, the Russian president noted.

China’s trade with Russia hit a record high in 2022, growing by nearly a third amid Western sanctions against Moscow. Bilateral trade is on pace to hit over $200 billion this year.

The latest data from the Bank of Russia shows the yuan has become a major player in Russia’s foreign trade, with its share in the country’s import settlements jumping to 23% by the end of last year from only 4% in January 2022. The yuan’s share in export settlements also surged, from 0.5% to 16%.

Putin added:

“It is important that national currencies are increasingly used in mutual trade. This practice should be further encouraged, and the mutual presence of financial and banking structures in the markets of our countries should be expanded.”

Meanwhile, the share of the U.S. dollar and euro in Russia’s export settlements last year dropped substantially, from 65% in January 2022 to 46% in December.

In February, the Chinese currency overtook the dollar as the most traded currency on the Russian stock market for the first time ever, according to data from the Moscow Exchange.


France may very well be the first Western nation to have a revolution. There are millions of regular people on the left and the right taking to the streets. The globalists must be at least a little concerned if for no other reason than we see the Western mainstream corporate media’s utter news blackout of these protests. They are afraid to report this and show the Americans and Canadians what’s going on in France. 

Not one mention in the U.S. media other than on a few conservative websites. This shows you how united the globalist movement is in the West. On the ninth day of nationwide demonstrations and strikes in France, large crowds have taken to the streets to protest legislation that aims to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. However, the protests have not been without incidents of violence and disruption.

The French firefighters and riot police have reportedly JOINED the protesters to stand against tyrant World Economic Forum puppet Emanuel Macron.

Take a look.


You know Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the boys don’t like to see that. Police and firefighters are supposed to remain loyal to those who write their checks. This is beautiful to watch.


In a long overdue decision that was hung up in the courts for a year and a half, the Biden regime’s order that federal employees get jabbed with the experimental mRNA vaccine was blocked Thursday, March 23, by a federal appeals court.

According to the Associate Press, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected arguments that any president has the same authority as the CEO of a private corporation to require employees to be vaccinated.

The ruling from the full 16-judge appeals court reversed an earlier ruling by a three-judge 5th Circuit panel that had upheld the vaccination requirement. Judge Andrew Oldham, nominated to the court by President Donald Trump, wrote the opinion for a 10-member majority.

The ruling maintains the status quo for federal employee vaccines. It upholds a preliminary injunction blocking the mandate issued by a federal judge in January 2022. At that point, the administration said nearly 98% of covered employees had been vaccinated, so the damage has already been done this time around but we can only hope this will never be tried again by any future president.

Judge Oldham noted that with the preliminary injunction arguments done, the case will return to that court for further arguments, when “both sides will have to grapple with the White House’s announcement that the COVID emergency will finally end on May 11, 2023.”

Opponents of the policy said it was an encroachment on federal workers’ lives that neither the Constitution nor federal statutes authorize.

One panel of three 5th Circuit judges refused to immediately block the law.

But a different panel, after hearing arguments, upheld Biden’s position. 

The broader court majority agreed, saying federal law does not preclude court jurisdiction over cases involving “private, irreversible medical decisions made in consultation with private medical professionals outside the federal workplace.”

Judge Stephen Higginson, a nominee of former President Barack Obama, wrote the main dissenting opinion. No surprise there.


Beginning on March 28th, the supermarket giant Walmart will start charging 42 cents per bag for delivery orders in New Jersey, and 10 cents for each bag for in-store or pickup purchases.

This rule applies to both plastic and paper.

This was not Walmart’s decision but rather was forced to comply to the state’s law.

According to Walmart’s website, the company explains that New Jersey says this is being implemented due to an increase in plastic pollution.

Starting March 28, 2023, there will be a fee of 42 cents per bag for delivery.

The company wrote

“Walmart has provided free reusable bags in New Jersey while customers, the state legislation, and other retailers adjust to this new law. If you opt out of buying more reusable bags, please leave totes or reusable bags at your doorstep. The State of New Jersey defines single-use carryout bags as ones made of paper or plastic that are not reusable. The State of New Jersey passed this legislation in response to the growing problem of plastic pollution.”

New Jersey enacted this law on May 4th, 2022, and has now gone into effect for Walmart and other businesses. The New Jersey law also affects plastic platters and straws.

The state explains on their website:

“Starting May 4, 2022, New Jersey retail stores, grocery stores and food service businesses may not provide or sell single-use plastic carryout bags and polystyrene foam food service products. Single-use paper carryout bags are allowed to be provided or sold, except by grocery stores equal to or larger than 2500 square feet, which may only provide or sell reusable carryout bags. After November 4, 2021, plastic straws may be provided only upon the request of the customer.”

The additional 10 cent charge has already been in effect in New Jersey and other states since January 1st of this year.


A 16-year-old girl who captured headlines seven years ago after surviving a terrible auto accident has died suddenly and unexpectedly after complaining about painful headaches. 


Lillia Bartlow became a local celebrity in 2016 after she was hit, at the age of 9, by an oncoming taxi and broke both her legs. She made a miraculous recovery and became a star cheerleader at Berkeley High School in California.

The Daily Mail reports that the academically gifted teen, who spoke three languages and was studying in the International Baccalaureate Program, began experiencing intense headaches in January. The reason behind her recent struggle with migraines had not been diagnosed.

According to the Berkeley Scanner, the teen went home early from school on Friday, before she tragically died just hours later in her home.  


The head chef at a beachside resort in Cornwall, England, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 38. 


Matt Halford was found collapsed at the Watering Hole on Perranporth Beach on Saturday.

Medics and lifeguards tried to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The death is not being treated as suspicious and the family stressed nobody was at fault.

Matt had worked at the Watering Hole – which is the UK's only bar on a beach – since he was a teenager with brothers Jason, 41, and Lee, 42 and dad Mick. Between them they had clocked in more than 100 years of service.


The Republican-led House voted to pass its Parents' Bill of Rights on Friday with zero Democrat votes after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called it “fascist.”

The bill was called “controversial” by the mainstream media simply because it gives parents a stronger role in what's taught to their kids in public schools.

The bill has no chance of being taken up by the Democratic-majority Senate. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Republicans were “keeping our promise, our commitment to America, that parents will have a say in their kids' education.” 

Of course, it’s easy for him to keep his promises when he knows these bills will never be passed into law.

The bill passed the House by a vote of 213-208.

It would require schools to publish course studies and a list of books kept in libraries and affirm parents' ability to meet with educators, speak at school board meetings and examine school budgets.

Imagine that. Transparency in public schools with parents actually being informed of what their kids are taught. Nah, can’t have that!


A U.S. base in Syria came under attack Friday after the U.S. conducted retaliatory airstrikes on an Iranian-backed group, Reuters reported.

The Department of Defense confirmed late Thursday that U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) conducted precision airstrikes against facilities in Syria used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran’s paramilitary group. It remains unclear whether Friday’s attack was related to the retaliatory U.S. strike or conducted by the same group or incurred any casualties, according to Reuters.

The attack Friday took place at 11 a.m., a security source told Reuters.

CENTCOM Commander General Erik Kurilla stated after the retaliatory U.S. strikes on Iran-backed militia:

“We will always take all necessary measures to defend our people and will always respond at a time and place of our choosing. We are postured for scalable options in the face of any additional Iranian attacks.”

A drone struck a maintenance facility at a base in northeast Syria used jointly by the American military and local partner forces, killing one American contractor and wounding five U.S. servicemembers as well as another contractor, DOD said in a statement. The U.S. intelligence community determined that the unmanned aerial vehicle originated in Iran.

Joe Biden authorized “proportionate” action in response to Thursday’s attack as well as a series of recent attacks against the U.S. and coalition partners in the area, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in the statement.

Biden’s response was intended to minimize casualties and clamp down on potential for escalation, the statement said.

Of course, if the truth was really told, Biden didn’t decide or authorize anything. He was told what to do and he signed the order.

Iran-backed groups, including the IRCG, have conducted offensive actions against the U.S. 78 times since 2021, Kurilla said, according to Reuters.

Kurilla told a congressional committee Thursday:

“The Iran of today is exponentially more militarily capable than it was even five years ago … it has the largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the Middle East … and the largest and most capable UAV force.”

And how did Iran’s military achieve such lofty credentials? That should have been the next question.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Joe Biden recently called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express his “concern” about judicial reforms that are being considered in Israel.

As Star Parker writes in a recent op-ed for World Net Daily, the Israelis must wonder why Biden, who obviously cannot run his own country, feels the need to tell others how to run theirs.

As we reported in our previous broadcast, we saw this same arrogant, self-righteous attitude with the Biden regime telling the nation of Uganda what laws it is and isn’t allowed to pass regarding LGBTQ issues.

Biden should be more concerned about the situation on the home front. The latest Gallup poll shows a measly 20 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with the direction their country is heading in.

The White House reported that Biden told the Israeli prime minister that “democratic values” are “a hallmark of the U.S.-Israel relationship, that democratic societies are strengthened by genuine checks and balances, and that fundamental changes should be pursued with the broadest possible base of popular support.”

But Israel is governed under a parliamentary system that ties the government, on a day-to-day basis, to popular sentiment more closely than our own system.

On any given day, in Israel's parliamentary system, a vote of no-confidence can bring down the government.

That’s why, as a result of a deeply divided electorate, Israel has had five elections within four years. 

Parker writes, “As the only democracy in their part of the world, it doesn't seem like democracy and elections are subjects on which Israel needs tutorials from Biden,” and I agree.

What we see in Israel is not a problem with democracy but a problem with those who are unhappy with the results that democracy produces. It happens that Israelis, in their last election, returned to power Netanyahu, who has put together a right-of-center government that does not please Israel's left or America's left-wing administration in the White House. Barack Hussein Obama also interfered in Israel’s domestic politics, going all out to try to influence the Israeli elections. It failed then. It will fail now.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for your support of this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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