Former FBI Analysts Sues the Agency

INTRO: More corruption charges against the FBI, this time from a former agent
who says he was railroaded out simply for presenting facts about the January 6
The January 6 Committee takes its final parting shot at former President Donald J.
Trump, referring him to the surprise of absolutely no one, for criminal charges.
A pastor in Brazil gets arrested for helping organize protests against that country’s
fraudulently elected Marxist dictator.
One of the architects of Canada’s draconian Covid response team has died
suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 35.
And a big name in Hollywood says anyone who remains unvaccinated should be
declared a criminal and dealt with accordingly.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
In our lead story tonight, a former analyst for the FBI, decorated with multiple U.S.
Navy and Marine Corps medals, has sued the agency over its decision to use false
claims against him to dismiss him from his position.
The case has been brought by government watchdog agency Judicial Watch on
behalf of Marcus Allen in U.S. District Court in South Carolina.
As World Net Daily reports, this is not the first time the FBI has been charged
with being a politicized government agency that can no longer can be relied upon
for the truth.
For example, the FBI worked hand-in-glove with Democrats to create the now-
debunked Russia collusion claims against President Trump. It was an FBI agent,
Peter Strzok, who said "we" would never let Trump be president. And it was the
FBI that staged the SWAT-style raid on President Trump's home in what
apparently is a dispute over custody of his presidential papers.
The new case claims FBI chief Christopher Wray violated Allen's constitutional
rights by falsely accusing him of holding "conspiratorial views," stripping his
security clearance, and suspending him from duty without pay.

Eventually, Judicial Watch reported, "the FBI revoked his security clearance
because apparently the FBI believes that any views contrary to its own regarding
what occurred on January 6 constitutes disloyalty to the United States."
The case notes Allen has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps
Commendation Medal and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and
previously was designated the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity Runner-Up for
Intelligence NCO of the year.
He joined the FBI in 2015, and had been providing ad hoc all-source analytical
support to the FBI Charlotte Field Office Joint Terrorism Task Force.
However, the FBI asserted in a 2022 letter, "The Security Division has learned you
have espoused conspiratorial views both orally and in writing and promoted
unreliable information which indicates support for the events of January 6th. These
allegations raise sufficient concerns about your allegiance to the United States and
your judgment to warrant a suspension of your clearance pending further
The FBI then told Allen he was on leave without pay.
However, the lawsuit charges, "[Allen] was not involved in the events of January 6
and did not support them in any material way. The FBI has made no allegation or
offered any evidence to the contrary."
Further, the lawsuit charges, "[Allen] has expressed no view that could be
reasonably interpreted as personally expressing support or sympathy for any
unlawful activity that occurred on January 6. The FBI has not identified any
specific statements or actions supporting its contention that Plaintiff has done
The issue already has been raised in Congress, with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio,
writing to Wray that "Multiple whistleblowers have called it a 'purge' of FBI
employees holding conservative views."
Judicial Watch said the FBI did not give Allen a chance to clear himself, despite
his repeated inquiries.
The case charges the FBI with violations of Allen's First and Fifth Amendment
rights, and asks that he be restored to his position.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated:

"The FBI can’t purge employees based on political smears. Judicial Watch seeks to
remind the FBI that it is not above the law with this civil rights lawsuit for Mr.
Allen, a decorated Marine veteran and highly regarded FBI employee.”


Meanwhile, the January 6 Committee has moved, as its final act as part of the lame
duck Congress, to refer Donald Trump for criminal charges. The committee,
stacked with Democrats and never-Trumpers, voted 9-0 to send criminal charges to
the Department of Justice.
Here is Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin announcing the committee’s decision on
Monday, December 19th:
The chances of these charges going anywhere are slim, but in Washington, DC,
where corruption is not the exception but the rule, nothing should be ruled out.


The Gateway Pundit reports that Twitter temporarily locked out independent
journalist Tayler Hansen on December 19th after he exposed disturbing “all-ages”
drag shows in Texas, where children were exposed to explicit sexual content.
“I’ve been locked out of Twitter for reporting on the all ages drag show,” Hansen
told The Gateway Pundit.
Hansen has been asked by Twitter to remove content for alleged violations of the
platform’s hateful conduct policy.
The notice he received stated:
“Violating our rules against hateful conduct. You may not promote violence
against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national
origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age,
disability, or serious disease.”
Hansen believed leftists were responsible for his temporary lockout on Twitter for
his coverage of the drag show he described as “soft porn.”

In a statement to The Gateway Pundit, Hansen said he would not delete his tweets
and he stood by his reporting, adding:
“In response to my reporting on the most sexualized all-ages drag show I have ever
seen, I have been temporarily suspended and given the option to delete my tweet or
remain suspended. I will not delete my tweet; I stand by my reporting and
everything in the thread. I did not violate Twitter TOS by reporting facts.”
On Wednesday, Hansen documented an event called “A Drag Queen Christmas,” a
drag tour featuring alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race.
This so-called family-friendly show will be traveling across the country up until
the end of December, with only one purpose, to groom young kids.
Hansen said, “This is a national tour with 36 shows in 18 different states, including
Twitter lifted the ban on Hansen’s account later on December 19 after The
Gateway Pundit’s article was posted.

The Director of Parliamentary Affairs at Health Canada, who oversaw the
country’s response to Covid-19 and the rollout of the experimental mRNA
vaccines, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35.
Adam Exton, a long-time Liberal Party organizer, died suddenly on Friday,
December 9th.
Exton was a part of the group that orchestrated the response to Canada’s
totalitarian mandates against its own citizens.
His obituary stated, “During the challenging times of the pandemic, Adam was part
of the leadership team that led Canada’s health response to COVID-19. He was a
talented and respected campaign manager that was instrumental in helping to bring
cabinet ministers and members to Queens Park and Ottawa. Adam always did and
will continue to make his family extremely proud of who he was and his service to
his community and country.”
The funeral service was held Tuesday, December 20th.
The cause of death is unknown.


In an epic speech to the British House of Commons last week, Conservative MP
Andrew Bridgen painted a picture of lies, deception, and harm that the
authorization of the mRNA vaccines has caused to populations worldwide. He also
alleged that there’s been a cover-up at the British Heart Foundation showing the
link between myocarditis and the Covid mRNA vaccines. 
Bridgen stated:
“I implore the government to halt their use immediately. The data clearly shows
that they are not safe, not effective, and not necessary. The government’s current
policies on mRNA vaccines are on the wrong side of medical ethics, the wrong
side of data, and ultimately will be on the wrong side of history.” 
Here is a clip from that speech brought to us from the RAIR Foundation.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:16)
Bridgen also addressed the corruption in a pharmaceutical approval system which
is akin to “the poacher paying the gamekeeper.”  He went on to tell his colleagues
that 86 percent of funding for Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Products
Regulatory Agency is received from the industry it is supposed to regulate. The
situation is similar in the U.S., where the FDA has been captured by
pharmaceutical industry interests. Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony
Fauci, clearly illustrates how this happened. 

The Marxist-socialist Sean Penn says not taking the toxic Covid vaccine makes
you a criminal. 
The 62-year-old actor recently spoke with Extra, which asked how he felt about
“anti-vaccine rhetoric.”
Penn replied, “It’s a cowardice of conviction. I think that it is an unwillingness to
engage in a culture of common sense. That at this point, it seems criminal to me,
He continued: “I really feel that if someone chooses not to be vaccinated, that they
should choose to stay home. Not go to work. Not have a job. As long as we’re all
paying for these streets, we gotta ride safely on them.”
Penn said “leadership” seems to be on board but he hopes to get “everyone on the
same page” about COVID vaccines. 
His remarks come on the heels of a report which found that the majority of people
being hospitalized and dying of Covid are the vaccinated. 


In other news, a public school worker at Great Salt Bay Community School who
coached a 13-year-old girl into a gender transition without telling her parents has
only a conditional license to practice social work in Maine, The Maine Wire has
Amber Lavigne, the mother of the young girl, revealed at a school board meeting
Wednesday that she discovered a chest binder in her daughter’s bedroom several
weeks ago. Her daughter told her the binder was provided by a social worker at the
public school who encouraged her to keep it secret from her parents, she said.
That’s when Lavigne learned that the social worker and other school staff had
started a social gender transition for the girl in October without her parent’s
knowledge or consent.
Sources have confirmed that the social worker in question is Sam Roy, a 26-year-
old UMaine graduate student who has a conditional license from the state of
Roy started working with the school this fall.

According to his LinkedIn page, Roy was a member of the Guitar Club at
University of Maine in Orono, where he served in 2016 as Public Relations Officer
for the “Wilde Stein: Queer Straight Alliance.”
Roy did not respond to an email from Maine Wire asking for comment on
Lavigne’s allegation that he and others at Great Salt Bay Community School
secretly began a gender transition for Lavigne’s 13-year-old daughter.
Lavigne learned from her daughter that Roy had encouraged her to conceal the
chest binder from her parents, she said. She had no idea school staff were using
masculine pronouns for her daughter.
Although Lavigne knew that her daughter was seeing a social worker through the
school, she did not know that her daughter was reassigned to Roy in October. She
has never seen or talked to Roy.
Less than two weeks after meeting her daughter, and just a few weeks after the girl
turned 13, Roy supplied the chest binder, Lavigne said.
The Maine Wire has attempted to contact every school board member as well as
district superintendent Lynsey Johnston with multiple phone calls and emails but
has not received a response.


Former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger has called for a negotiated peace
deal in Ukraine amid its invasion from neighboring Russia.
To do otherwise, Kissinger says, would invite another devastating world war.
Kissinger, who has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin multiple times since
he first became leader of the nation in 2000, made the comments in an op-ed
in The Spectator magazine entitled “How to avoid another world war,” published
on Dec. 17.
Kissinger writes:
“I have repeatedly expressed my support for the allied military effort to thwart
Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. But the time is approaching to build on the
strategic changes which have already been accomplished and to integrate them into
a new structure towards achieving peace through negotiation.”
Kissinger put out a similar plea for negotiations in May, two months after the
Russian invasion. Ukrainian President Zelensky accused Kissinger of

“appeasement” similar to that displayed by the late British Prime Minister Neville
Chamberlain, who signed a peace pact with Hitler in 1938.


The Epoch Times reports that New York Mayor Eric Adams has warned
residents that cuts in city services could be on the near horizon once Title 42 ends
later this month and the city becomes overrun with illegal migrants.
Adams is warning that there could be upwards of 1,000 migrants transported into
the city each and every week, if Title 42 is allowed to expire, CBS 2's Kevin
Rincon reports.
That may force the city to “prioritize” certain services, Fox News reports.
The annual “State of the City’s Economy and Finances” report released last
Thursday by the city comptroller projected $1 billion annually in spending through
2026 to cover housing, education, food and other expenditure for migrants.
Title 42, the immigration restrictions put in place by the Trump administration in
March 2020 to curtail the spread of an infectious disease, has extended during the
Biden administration, blocking hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking
asylum in the U.S. But, under a federal court ruling, immigration officials can no
longer turn back asylum seekers, and Title 42 is to expire December 21st despite
shelters along the U.S.-Mexico border already packed with thousands of migrants.
Adams said in a statement Sunday:
“Our shelter system is full, and we are nearly out of money, staff, and space. Truth
be told, if corrective measures are not taken soon, we may very well be forced to
cut or curtail programs New Yorkers rely on, and the pathway to house thousands
more is uncertain. These are not choices we want to make, but they may become
necessary, and I refuse to be forced to choose new arrivals over current New
Yorkers. I’ll say it again — we need a plan, we need assistance, and we need it


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
The Brazilian Federal Police, which does the bidding of the leftist Supreme Court,
has arrested protest leader Pastor Fabiano Oliveira for his role in organizing the
protests and speaking out against the regime. It is the 50th day of the largest pro-
democracy protests in Brazilian history and the corporate mainstream media
continue to ignore the protests and the wanton arrests of indigenous leaders and
Pastor Fabiano was part of the protest camp outside the headquarters of the 38th
Infantry Battalion in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Supporters had formed a
human chain around Pastor Fabiano on December 18 to prevent him from being
arrested by government thugs sent by Brazil’s corrupt Supreme Court.
At 4:30 the next morning, on December 19th, the federal police swooped in and
arrested Pastor Fabiano, who is a father of nine. He was seen holding a Bible and a
copy of the Brazilian constitution at the time of his arrest.
He was taken to the Judicial Medical Department and handed over to the state
penitentiary system.
The pastor said in a video before his arrest:
“I am Pastor Fabiano. I will be imprisoned for the crime of fighting for freedom.
Let my imprisonment be an incentive for you to come out to the doors of the
barracks and continue the fight. I fear for my life. I fear I may die in prison because
I am fighting for the Brazilian constitution.”
Take a listen to the pastor’s comments on December 19 right before his arrest,
translated into English.
We will continue to cover the protest movement in Brazil as this will have a huge
impact on the drive for freedom worldwide against the globalist predators who are
stealing elections and installing puppet governments who adhere to the World

Economic Forum agenda. And what is that agenda? Well, it’s driving us toward
global governance, with a one-world digital currency and a one-world digital ID
system, using manufactured crises such as pandemics, wars and climate change as
the fulcrum from which the agenda is advanced. Leaders who oppose that agenda
will continue to come under intense backlash in 2023 and leaders who support it
will continue to get elected, appointed and advanced up the ladder until enough
people wake up to put an end to this tyranny.
That’s why we do what we do, equipping the patriots with the information they
need to make informed decisions and not be deceived by what they see being
reported in the corrupt mainstream media.
If you would like to support us in that endeavor, there are two ways you can do
Until next time, we at the Worldview Report wish you and your family a very
Merry Christmas.
May God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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