Forcing Change Release Note – Population Control

Forcing Change Release Note – Population Control

"Birth-control is a matter of great importance, particularly in relation to the possibility of world-government…" - Bertrand Russell.
"Human fertility is now the greatest long-term threat to human standards, spiritual as well as material." – Julian Huxley.
"The goal would be half of the present world population, or less." – The Environmental Handbook, 1970.
"How can we help a foreign country to escape overpopulation? Clearly the worst thing we can do is send food… Atomic bombs would be kinder…" – Garrett Hardin
The above statements are telling, but not isolated. Advocates of global population control are frequently candid, for the "solutions" to the "problem" of too many people are inevitably extreme. After all, it's about controlling people.
This edition of Forcing Change contains only one article – an essay I've simply titled, "Exploring the Population Agenda." But simple it's not.
Using scores of sources, over 80 endnotes accompany this 26-page report, we tackle the recent resurgence of interest in this topic – stemming from the 7 billion milestone passed in March of this year. We also examine the many reasons touted for why a global population reduction strategy is supposedly needed, and we explore the modern history of the movement, looking at specific national examples, the radical suggestions made by supporters, and the expressed desire for a world authority to step to the population plate.
That said, this is a very important edition of Forcing Change!
I fully expect the international community to mount interest in this topic; and it's already doing so. The Rio+20 event touched on this hot-button topic, and the Royal Society published a new report on population control this past spring. And population control is not a small matter – it has touched millions of lives in negative ways, and will impact many, many more in the coming months and years.
Abortion, sterilization, sex education, family planning, reproductive health… it's about a "big idea," one that revolves around human management, global governance, and progressive measures.
If you're a member of Forcing Change, download you copy today.
Listen! If you're not a member of Forcing Change you're missing a ton of valuable information on world change issues, and the challenges now facing Christianity and Western society. It's an education, not just a "subscription."
The total readership of Forcing Change is relatively small. If you want to spread the word about this important research service, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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