Food Processing Center to Shut Down One Facility and Scale Back Another in Middle of Food Crisis: Worldview Report Transcript For June 15, 2022

INTRO: Remember those U.S.-funded secret biolabs in Ukraine? We were told that any mention of them amounted to disinformation and even treason. We have new information about those labs that you won’t want to miss.

The nation’s largest pork producer is shutting down one plant in California and scaling back operations in several other states, at a time when meat prices are soaring. We’ll tell you why.

Pro abortion activists are flocking to Washington, D.C., from all over the country and they’re angling for a fight. We have footage that shows just how aggressive a militant abortionist can be.

The government of Nicaragua has invited Russian troops to have a military presence in that Central American nation, and Vladimir Putin has not hesitated to accept.

And renowned pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole provides an update on the Covid vaccine and its effects on the human body. He compared it to a nuclear bomb going off inside the body.

We have all these stories and much more when the Worldview Report begins, right now.


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Back in March, RINO globalist Senator Mitt Romney accused anyone talking about biolabs in Ukraine of “treasonous lies” and “spreading disinformation.”

The so-called lies and disinformation claim was based on testimony from the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in Eurasia, Victoria Nuland, who admitted during testimony before a U.S. Senate committee the existence of biological research labs in Ukraine.

Less than 24 hours later, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said reports of biolabs in Ukraine were fake news propagated by Russia.

The Democrat fake news media network then rolled into action, attacking anyone who brought up the Ukrainian biolabs story.

Mitt Romney, being part of that network, focused his ire on former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, saying in a tweet that Gabbard was “parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.”

Then, as The Gateway Pundit reminds us, Russia alleged before the U.N. General Assembly that captured documents from Ukraine provided evidence of U.S. Military biolabs in Ukraine.

Now, three months later, the U.S. Department of Defense on Thursday finally admitted in a public statement that there are 46 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

This is after months of lies and denials by Democrats, the Biden regime and their fake news mainstream media.

According to the Pentagon statement:


“The United States has also worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biological safety, security, and disease surveillance for both human and animal health, providing support to 46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites over the last two decades. The collaborative programs have focused on improving public health and agricultural safety measures at the nexus of nonproliferation.”

Such admissions always come with an element of propaganda and this one is no exception. We’re supposed to believe that Ukraine’s U.S. funded biolabs overseen by the U.S. Department of Defense were all about protecting and improving Ukraine’s public health. Please. They really do think we’re stupid.


Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on The War Room podcast Monday that he submitted “unequivocal evidence” to the FBI five days after the January 6 protests showing that Antifa was involved in the death of Ashli Babbitt.

The cold-blooded murder of Babbitt is the one thing that Congress should be investigating above all else that happened on January 6, but nobody in Washington wants to talk about it.

Listen to a clip from that interview in which Rudy addresses the killing of Babbitt and the fake hearings going on in Washington.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 2:20 of video)



The Post Millennial reports that a prominent far-left activist that co-founded the Black Lives Matter chapter in Upstate New York was arrested after hundreds of cockroaches were released inside an Albany courthouse on Tuesday during a planned demonstration to disrupt an arraignment.

Clyanna Lightbourn, 34, has been charged with obstruction of governmental administration, tampering with physical evidence, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to Albany PD. It remains unclear who released the cockroaches into the courthouse.

During the arraignment of four activists, including Lightbourn, members of the audience began protesting inside of the courtroom, according to the Washington Times.

At this point Lightbourn, who worked for the New York Senate Democratic Conference Services Office and is a statewide civil rights organizer for Citizen Action of New York, began filming the disruption with her phone.

Sources told the Washington Times that Lightbourn attempted to get her phone back from officers after it had been confiscated, and was subsequently arrested.

At some point during the commotion inside the courtroom, cockroaches that had reportedly been smuggled into the courtroom in plastic containers were released.

Lucian Chalfen, a spokesperson for the Albany Office of Court Administration, scolded the activists in a statement that read:

“What transpired is not advocacy or activism, it is criminal behavior with the intent to disrupt a proceeding and cause damage.”


Also from the Post Millennial, a grand jury in San Diego indicted 11 alleged Antifa members accused of being part of a network of violent cells in southern California that planned and carried out brutal attacks on the public last year.

Ten of the 11 defendants were in court last week in front of Judge Michael Groch, and were informed of a 29-count indictment against them – all felonies. The defendants are accused of violent attacks on people at Pacific Beach in San Diego, on January 9 last year.

One suspect, Joseph Austin Gaskins, was not in court and he is expected to appear on June 20 to respond to the indictment.

The assaults were numerous and took place for a prolonged period along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, San Diego, in January 2021. The #antifa members blinded targets with pepper spray before punching and kicking them repeatedly.

Here’s part of the assault:


The surprise indictment follows the initial announcement in December last year by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office that charges were filed against suspects over their alleged roles in planning and carrying out a riot, which involved weapons being used on multiple victims, including a photojournalist and a dog. Multiple weapons and firearms were seized from suspects during searches by law enforcement ahead of the charges.


There’s been a lot in the news lately about our food supplies and none of it good. We’ve seen more than 25 food processing plants burned down so far this year. We’ve seen shortages of fertilizer and then trainloads of fertilizer being derailed while the biggest railroad company in the Midwest refuses to deliver fertilizer to farmers who needed it for spring planting.

So this next story can be added to the list of bizarre food stories that all add up to less food being produced.

Food processing giant Smithfield Foods announced last Friday it will shut down its Vernon, California, plant and scale back operations in California, Utah and Arizona.

The company said in a news release that it, “will cease all harvest and processing operations in Vernon, California, in early 2023 and, at the same time, align its hog production system by reducing its sow herd in its Western region. Smithfield is taking these steps due to the escalating cost of doing business in California.”

Owned by the China-based conglomerate WH Group, Smithfield is the largest pork processor in the country by volume.

Like other food businesses nationwide, the company was hit by a combination of supply chain and labor shortages, the ongoing record-high inflation, and the war in Ukraine — a major producer of wheat⁠⁠—which sent grain prices soaring worldwide⁠, according to the Western Journal.

And grain is a vital ingredient in livestock feed. So look for more farmers to start slaughtering their herds and more meat processing plants to close their doors like what we see in the Smithfield announcement.

Adding to Smithfield’s pain is the state of California⁠’s own unique persecution of food-processing businesses. According to the company’s spokesman, utility costs are 3.5 times higher per head in California than those in the 45 other plants in the country run by Smithfield.


Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has authorized Russian troops, planes, and ships to deploy to Nicaragua. In a decree published this week, The AP reports that Ortega announced he will allow Russian troops to carry out law enforcement duties, "humanitarian aid, rescue and search missions in emergencies or natural disasters."

The Nicaraguan government also authorized the presence of Russian troops for the "exchange of experiences and training."


Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, confirmed the Nicaraguan announcement and attempted to downplay the significance of the move.

"We are talking about a routine — twice a year — procedure for the adoption of a Nicaraguan law on the temporary admission of foreign military personnel to its territory in order to develop cooperation in various areas, including humanitarian and emergency responses, combatting organized crime and drug trafficking," Zakharova said.


Pro-abortion activists flocked to Washington, DC, on Monday in anticipation of the release of the Supreme Court verdict on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, which could spell the end of federally protected abortion rights and revert the matter back to the states. The protest, dubbed ShutdownDC, was an attempt to do just that. Disrupt and disorient the city and especially the counter protesters.

The Post Millennial's Hannah Nightingale shot footage of activists chanting against abortion confronting those who remain staunchly in favor of the murderous practice, and even expanding it to include babies right up to the moment of birth.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:38)

You can see how contentious that rally was getting. Things got even more contentious after that point but due to the profane language, we were forced to end that video there.


California State Senator Scott Weiner, a Democrat, introduced legislation in 2020 that eased the punishments for sex offenders, and now Weiner proposes mandatory 'Drag Queen 101' classes for K-12 students.

Responding to a tweet from Rep. Bryan Slaton of Texas in which Slaton announced legislation he’s introduced to ban drag queen children’s events in Texas, Wiener wrote, "This guy just gave me a bill idea: Offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum. Attending Drag Queen Story Time will satisfy the requirement."

Slaton was responding to the “Family Friendly” drag shows targeting children in cities across Texas this month. One event held at Mr. Misster in Houston was titled “Drag the Kids to Pride” and encouraged parents to bring their kids up on the stage with the drag queens.

Slaton’s bill would outlaw such events.


Slaton wrote that "drag shows are no place for a child."

"The events of this past weekend were horrifying and show a disturbing trend in which perverted adults are obsessed with sexualizing young children," Slaton wrote.


Remember that Comirnaty injection supposedly produced by Pfizer that the FDA gave its “full approval” to on August 23, 2021?

Well, despite the Biden White House and the corporate media touting it as a major breakthrough that should once and for all alleviate all of the concerns held by vaccine skeptics, the Comirnaty vaccine didn’t exist then and it doesn’t exist now.

Pfizer has finally admitted that Comirnaty will never exist.

All of the Pfizer shots administered to date have been given under emergency use authorization, which means they are purely experimental and cannot be mandated because they must be voluntarily received by patients given informed consent – that’s required by the federal EUA law, not to mention the Nuremberg Code. You can’t give them legally unless the recipient is warned up front of their experimental nature and they decide for themselves that they want to be part of the experiment.

But, as Jordan Schachtel points out in a Substack post, the information operation succeeded, despite it being your classic bait and switch performed by Pfizer in collusion with the FDA. It was all lies.

While an FDA-approved vaccine existed on paper, you couldn’t get it.

When originally confronted with the truth, Pfizer labeled this issue an inventory question that had nothing to do with the legal distinction between an experimental EUA product and an FDA-approved vaccine. Up until just weeks ago, there was a statement up on the CDC website via Pfizer, reflecting this lie.

But last week, Pfizer finally admitted that its original licensed product will never be distributed. In an unreported update on the CDC website, Pfizer told the agency that Comirnaty will not be manufactured.

It’s important to note that those who reported this bait and switch operation last year were repudiated as conspiracy theorists and spreaders of “disinformation.”


One man who has studied extensively the effects of the experimental jabs on the human physiology is Dr. Ryan Cole, MD.

As a pathologist analyzing diseased body tissues, Dr. Cole has seen an alarming and wide-ranging increase in injuries from Covid-19 injections. He described the contents of the injections as like a "nuclear bomb” going off inside the body.

Miscarriages, heart conditions, cancers and compromised immune function are just some of the harms that Dr. Cole ( is fighting to make the public aware of.

Here he is speaking at A Better Way Conference in Bath, England, in late May, regarding his alarming findings.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 0:14 mark to 3:06 mark)

Excellent report there from a real warrior in the field of medical science.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Steve Baldwin reports in an article for American Greatness that President Trump needs to alter his message on Covid and vaccines or it may cost him the 2024 election.

He writes:

“At every Donald Trump event, we hear the president repeat the same message about his success with ‘Operation Warp Speed’ and how he persuaded the pharmaceutical companies to develop the COVID vaccinations in record time while also implying that everyone should be vaccinated. As a long-time MAGA activist, I sense a great deal of dissatisfaction among the grassroots regarding Trump’s pro-vaccine position. The polls seem to bear this out.  Nevertheless, he either seems to shrug this off or is completely unaware of how unpopular his pro-vaccine position is. Trump’s continued praise of the vaccination program may very well cause him to lose supporters and may even open him up to attack by his opponents. As he prepares to run for the presidency in 2024, Trump would do well to drop his pro-vaccine rhetoric and embrace an entirely different COVID agenda that reflects what we have learned over the last two years about both the pandemic and the vaccines.”

We could not agree more with that assessment. Trump needs to acknowledge the failure of the mass vaccination program and move on, separating himself entirely from that debacle, which continues to weaken our military, our civilian population and the nation as a whole. This was a bioweapon from the start and the vaccine was the most dangerous and lethal phase of the bioweapon attack on America. The sooner Trump admits that the better off he will be.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thank you for tuning in. From everyone at the Worldview Report team, good night and God bless.  

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