Federal Sources Reveal Suspected and Known Terrorists Walk Freely in the United States: Worldview Report Transcript For May 5, 2022

Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Following the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court initial majority draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, huge controversies have begun to surface that are likely to rock the nation.

The document, first obtained by Politico, outlined the potential demise of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion on demand universally available in all 50 states. The leak Monday night immediately sent shockwaves across the nation, both among pro aborts and pro lifers.

Protesters on both sides of the issue gathered at the fenced-off Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Monday night. Take a look at this contentious scene in D.C. on Tuesday involving Senator Elizabeth Warren.



Then there is this response from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, who was overcome by emotion as she read from Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion striking down Roe v. Wade.



A good word there from the congresswoman. Time to dig in. The power to murder the unborn will not be given up without a fight.

Senator Josh Hawley noted that the leak and the protest response all seemed to be orchestrated.

“Who arranged to get those signs to the Supreme Court tonight,” he asked in a tweet.




The source of the unprecedented leak is likely the work of an ideologically leftist law clerk seeking either to halt a nixing of the abortion ban or to engender support for court-packing, Alan Dershowitz told Fox News.

The leaked draft, written in February, was written by George W. Bush-appointed Justice Sam Alito.

Nobody yet knows the source of the leak so any mention of names is pure speculation.

Twitter was abuzz with suspects, but the most frequently named potential culprit is a clerk for Justice Sonya Sotomayor.



Sotomayor is one of the most radical far-left justices on the court and her clerk already had an existing relationship with the reporter who wrote the story about the draft SCOTUS opinion.

Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday condemned the unprecedented leak of a draft court decision and said he will launch an investigation immediately.

Roberts released a statement that said what was leaked “does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case.”

Roberts’ statement underscores why the left is now going to go into total information war mode, with likely threats of taking that war kinetic. All they need is for one justice to change his or her mind and the decision to overturn Roe collapses.

If Roberts is serious about having a real investigation, he might need to start by looking at some of his own colleagues on the court. If one of the justices or the justices’ clerks leaked this decision, that justice needs to be impeached and permanently removed from the court.

But this even goes beyond that. The possibility is that we have a sitting Supreme Court Justice who is complicit in corruption.

By leaking a draft copy of an opinion on such an explosive case as Roe v. Wade, whoever the culprit is obviously does not care that five justices’ very lives could now be in jeopardy.

The left has proven over and over that they don’t play by the rules. This is just the latest evidence of that.


If the decision does hold up, abortion will likely become completely illegal in 26 states. That’s because more than half of all US states already have some kind of abortion ban law that is likely to take effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the 5-4 majority opinion that was reportedly made in February and leaked Sunday to Politico, that, “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.” Alito goes on to write that the issue of abortion should be returned to the “people's elected representatives” to decide.  

Given that the opinion was drafted in February 2022, the fact that it was released Monday, May 2, is significant. This was the day before the new documentary film “2,000 Mules” by Dinesh DeSouza was set to be released in theaters and many believe the timing of the leaked article in Politico was made to detract attention from the film, which provides more proof that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.


The largest Chinese aircraft carrier group reportedly ever assembled is conducting combat training near a U.S. naval base in Japan, according to multiple Chinese media sources on Tuesday.

Based on those reports translated by the Daily Caller News Foundation, China’s aircraft carrier “Liaoning,” as well as seven other vessels, are performing a naval expedition in close proximity to Nagasaki, Japan, and the U.S. Navy base at Sasebo, according to a Tuesday report from China’s Observer News. The USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier is also in the vicinity, according to the report.

The U.S. Naval Institute fleet tracker placed both the USS Abraham Lincoln, as well as the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in the waters near Sasebo on May 2.


China’s naval expedition comes a week after its military reportedly shadowed a U.S. Navy destroyer conducting a freedom of navigation exercise in the Taiwan Strait last Tuesday.

China’s military news outlet confirmed its nation’s aircraft carrier group was operating in the western Pacific Ocean in a Tuesday bulletin translated by the DCNF, but stated the “routine training operation” was “not directed against any party.”


The New York Post is reporting that a public elementary school in Washington, DC, gave children as young as 4 a lesson on “anti-racism” that asked them to identify racist members of their family.

According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, the Post reports that students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an “Anti-Racism Fight Club” presentation by speaker Doyin Richards.

Singh’s letter stated, linking to Richards’ presentation:

“As part of this work, each student has a fist book to help continue the dialogue at school and home. We recognize that any time we engage topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. This is a normal part of the learning and growing process. As a school community we want to continue the dialogue with our students and understand this is just the beginning.”

Richards’ “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids” explains that “white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance,” and that “it’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America.”

“If you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with and it simply means that your life is not more difficult due to the color of your skin,” the “Fistbook for Kids” explains. “Put differently, it’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it.”



The “Fistbook for Kids” says anti-racism “isn’t a spectator sport” but requires “being loud, uncomfortable, confrontational and visible to ensure change is made.” 

A series of questions in the book asks children, “Where do you see racism in yourself? This requires true soul-searching. Be real with yourself, don’t feel guilt/shame and own it. It’s the first step in becoming an anti-racist.”

The book says racism can be overt, subtle and systemic. If a white person says “why does everything have to be about race?” that person is a racist, according to the book.


Firefighters responded to an industrial fire at yet another big food processing plant.

This time it happened at Perdue Farms facility in Virginia on Saturday, April 30, according to a local fire department.

This time, whoever started the fire did not succeed in burning down the plant.

The Chesapeake Fire Department stated in a social media post:

“Chesapeake firefighters battled an industrial fire this evening at Perdue Farms in the South Norfolk area. Plant operators reported a fire in [a] large soybean processing tank. Water was applied and the fire brought under control in approximately one hour.”

It added that there is “much work” that remains to be done in dumping materials from the tank. Officials told WTKR-TV that the damage caused by the fire will have little impact on the Perdue plant’s operations.

The fire comes in the midst of heightened awareness about fires and explosions reported at food processing plants across the United States.


Project Veritas on Monday released a new video proving that federal sources revealed "suspected and known terrorists walk freely in the United States” following Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Veritas has the names and pictures of the Islamic terrorists walking free within American cities, including one who resides in the nation’s capital.

Take a look at this disturbing video.



The Biden administration said Afghan refugees were “thoroughly vetted.” That was a lie. It’s always been a lie. Refugees and sons of refugees from the Islamic world have committed countless terrorist acts in the U.S. for years, including the Boston Marathon massacre in 2013 and the shooting at the Chattanooga, Tennessee Naval recruitment office in 2015, among others.

Somali refugees in Minnesota have committed knife attacks at shopping malls. Refugees have raped American women on buses and molested American girls in public swimming pools.

The refugee resettlement fraud has never been a good deal financially for American taxpayers, diverting billions of federal dollars to house, feed and care for the refugees, but it can also result in dead and injured Americans. This botched Afghan resettlement is just the latest disaster waiting to happen.


A long-standing Christian website was recently shut down by the Chinese Communist Party as part of the government's ongoing efforts to abolish Christianity.

According to CBN News, the U.S.-based persecution watchdog International Christian Concern reports that a notice was posted on the homepage of "Jona Home" on April 12.

The message reads:

"Due to reasons known to everyone, from now on our site can no longer serve brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks to all for your company and support in the past 21 years!"



CBN News previously reported that China's State Administration of Religious Affairs announced new measures restricting all forms of religious activities. 

Churches, religious groups, and colleges that planned to conduct online worship services are now required to obtain an Internet Religious Information Service Permit.

Live broadcasts or online recordings of religious ceremonies are banned. The new measures took effect March 1, 2022, and prohibit an organization or individual from raising funds "in the name of religion.”


J.D. Rucker has a new article up at The Liberty Daily on how Dr. Mehmet Oz wants Republican voters to forget about his pro-abortion stances in the past.

Dr. Oz wants the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Rucker writes that Oz “has worked hard to position himself as a Republican even though his history with globalists at the World Economic Forum and his stances on issues make Mitt Romney seem like an America First conservative.”

Rucker notes that this week’s bombshell leak about the Supreme Court likely overturning Roe v. Wade brought forward several on social media who wondered how Dr. Oz would react.

Rucker writes:

“In the recent past, he has expressed grave concern over the prospects of Roe v. Wade being overturned, saying ‘I’m really worried about it’ before explaining how he saw women with ‘coat hanger events’ in medical school that happened before Roe v. Wade.”

Rucker punches holes in that statement, noting that when the Roe v. Wade decision came down, Dr. Oz was 13-years-old. Too young for medical school.

Rucker asks: “Would he stand by his recent statements about needing to preserve the right to murder pre-born babies? Would he address the issue and claim that his feelings have ‘evolved’? Or, would he just ignore his past statements and move forward as a suddenly gung-ho opponent of abortion?”

Oz went with the third option, stating in a Tweet Tuesday:

“The Court is right. Roe was wrongly decided. Abortion laws should be left up to the American people and their elected representatives. I look forward to supporting pro-life legislation that saves innocent lives in the U.S. Senate.”



Rucker tweeted this response to Oz’s tweet, providing a video to remind people of Oz’s true feelings about abortion.




 A recent study calls for authorities to investigate an uptick of deaths that occurred in the country of Cyprus in 2021 that is seemingly not explained away by COVID.

Rather, according to Red Voice Media, it appears the increase in the death rate coincided with the timeline of pushing the Covid injections.

The study in question was published on April 20 via the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. The peer-reviewed study was dubbed “Mortality in Cyprus Over the Period 2016-2021.”

Per the methodology of the study, the researchers “analyzed information reported by the Cyprus Ministry of Health to the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), which includes weekly all-cause mortality over the period 2016-2021,” while also using “data collected by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control regarding daily reported COVID-19 cases and COVID-19-related deaths.”

The results that came via the study found “a substantial increase of 9.7% in all-cause mortality in Cyprus in 2021 compared to 2020, with an overall mortality increase of 16.5% in 2021 compared to the mean mortality of the previous five years,” with there being “a sharp increase over the third and the fourth quarters of the year 2021.”

This study confirms other reports, from life insurance companies and other sources, of dramatically increased mortality rates in areas with high rates of vaccination in 2021. If the vaccines worked, shouldn’t all-cause death rates have dropped in 2021 compared to 2020, when Covid was raging and no vaccines were available?


In our nightly commentary, we take a look at the bizarre reactions of Democrats in the wake of the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak a “betrayal” of the Court’s values.

But Democrats for the most part have not condemned the leak. Instead, they seem to be exploiting it with angry responses that serve only to encourage violence over what everyone always knew would be an emotional issue for both sides in the debate over human life.

Joe Biden issued an angry statement from the White House saying he would direct his “Gender Policy Council” to come up with policies that would serve as an antidote to the Supreme Court, if it indeed follows through with the decision to undo Roe v. Wade.

Senator Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, has called for Congress to “expand” the Supreme Court, as activists chanted “pack the Court!” outside the high court’s building.

As Breitbart reports, court-packing refers to the idea of adding seats to the Supreme Court and immediately filling the vacancies with reliably loyal justices, which we all know, justices appointed by Democrat presidents are always 100 percent reliable to robotically support Democrat political causes.

Breitbart notes:

“President Franklin Delano Roosevelt threatened to pack the Court in the 1930s; left-wing Democrats revived the idea after the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, which gave the Court a nominal 5-4 conservative majority that has since expanded to 6-3 since Justice Amy Coney Barrett replaced the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Barret, it’s important to note, has not voted for the conservative position in every case, most notably in the area of mandated vaccines. But she most likely did vote in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Markey tweeted that a “stolen, illegitimate, and far-right Supreme Court majority” had to be overcome by packing the Court.



Stolen? Illegitimate? For the Democrats, if they don’t get their way, it’s automatically pronounced illegitimate and stolen. They simply cannot play by the rules.

Any politician or public official that publicly encourages street violence like they did in the summer of 2020, or anyone who funds such violence, must be held accountable. If not, our republic has truly been shattered. The rule of law is replaced by lawlessness and might makes right. Nothing good can come from that. Ever. It must be repudiated by every Democrat politician and spokesperson, now. The alternative is bloodshed and possibly a second civil war.

That marks the end of another edition of the World View Report. We hope you will join us again tomorrow evening. Until then, God bless and take care.


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