Even With Media Help: Democrats Cannot Hide Their Past

It is a fact that the Democrat Party has from its inception been committed to the subjugation of human beings they deemed as chattel or insignificant. The Democrat Party Platform in 1840, 1844, and 1848 held that: “All efforts by abolitionists … to interfere with questions of slavery … are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences and … have all inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people and endanger the stability and permanency of the Union.” (See: Democrats and Republicans In Their Own Words)

In colloquial parlance Democrats were arguing the owning slaves was a right based upon the good pleasure of white people so inclined, for which they were prepared to fight to preserve.

In 1852 they took an even stronger position in their Party Platform stating unequivocally: “The Democrat Party will resist all attempts at renewing – in Congress or out of it – the agitation of the slavery question [i.e., will oppose all efforts to abolish slavery].”

It is important to lay this foundation because it illuminates their contumelious arrogance and hereditary contempt for civility, which continues unabated until today.

This explains why they and the mainstream media are so symbiotically cohesive. They’re genetic extensions of the same political gene pool. That’s why I have great respect for the late Arnaud de Borchgrave. He was a member of a very select and limited number of honest journalists.

De Borchgrave frequently argued that journalistic integrity had become nothing more than a de facto “Pravda” the Russian Broadsheet, which was the principle propaganda organ of the Communist Central Committee. And he was right. The American news organizations are neither truthful nor do they subscribe to the moral requisite of “truthfully reporting the news.” Today newscasters view it their divine right to make up the news. They view it as their duty to determine what to think and how to treat those they target.

The so-called media has since it’s earliest time been little more than the political mouthorgan of the Democrat Party. At no time is this more apparent then now.

It’s up to the American people to awaken from their intellectual coma and realize that over 90 percent of what the media reports, is nothing short of agitprop. In fact it can be argued the media doesn’t report at all. They spin and manufacture positions intended to persuade We the People to blindly ingest as factual what the Democrat Party needs the public to believe. The media is the informational Trotskyites for a Party that has never had a moral center.

Take for example the scandalous behavior and combativeness of the likes of Jim Acosta et al directed at President Trump. This isn’t about whether you or I like and support President Trump – or not – it’s about moral integrity and a standard of factual truth.

Because over 425 newspapers nationwide did the bidding of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Secretary of State Cordell Hull – millions of innocent Jews were murdered. Had the media simply done its job and reported Hitler’s atrocities the world may have turned against him in time to prevent the industrialized slaughter of human beings.

It’s of paramount importance to remember that the bastions of journalism didn’t report the atrocity of Jim Crow and segregation until it could no longer be ignored because Northerners sympathetic to Dr. King condemned the inhumanity Democrats were perpetrating against Blacks.

CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FoxNews, and major newspapers throughout North America parroted outright lies of Russian collusion, and the quid pro quo sham impeachment. Democrats were allowed to lie with impunity as the mainstream media attacked President Trump relentlessly week after week for nearly four years.

Do you think for an instant that the media doesn’t know Democrats are lying? There’s a plexus of liars and frauds masquerading as journalists who are willing participants in the repeated attempts to smear President Trump regarding Covid19. But consider the cacophony of thunderous media silence pertaining to the sexual battery, assault and molestation of Tara Reade by Democrat Joe Biden. Anyone who claims these same agencies would be handling Tara Reade’s allegations like this if she were accusing President Trump are pathologically stupid. What if she were accusing a Supreme Court nominee placed in nomination by President Trump?

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting why doesn’t FoxNews pretender Julie Banderas report that President Trump has donated his entire salary as President save for one dollar per year as required by law, to benefit the military cemeteries, military hospitals, and the forestry service? Why doesn’t Chris Wallace behave as a real journalist juxtaposed to an elapid and ask Democrats why they’re still taking their full salaries while the American people suffer without incomes, as Nancy Pelosi used every means available to withhold the stimulus monies until she and her cohorts were able to load it with enough pork spending?”

It’s difficult to determine by her extreme facial contortions if Pelosi is suffering from gas pains, irritable bowl syndrome, or if her broom is causing her great discomfort because it’s lodged in the area of her anatomy that chairs accommodate. My unapologetic sardonicism not withstanding, as the Democrat leader wouldn’t a reputable media ask why she is silent as Democrat governors behave like banana republic tin potentates sans a chest full of fake medals?

It’s time We the People hold the felonious media mouthpieces of the parasitosis erroneously identified as a political organization accountable. We want leaders committed to keeping America great, not one committed to dragging America and her citizens down.


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