Don't Even Go There Senator Feinstein!

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by Brannon Howse
Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein teased us Monday with her opening remarks in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for John Roberts. In case you missed it, here is what she said:
"During World War II, it turned out that Hungarian fascists and Nazi soldiers forced thousands of Jews, including men, women and children, to remove their shoes before shooting them and letting their bodies float down the Danube. These shoes represent a powerful symbol of how religion has been used in catastrophic ways historically. The rest of my comments we'll have to wait for. Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman."
We're now supposed to linger breathless until she shares her incisive perceptions about the role of religion in the atrocities of world history. How to bridge the chasm from "their bodies float down the Danube" to "religion has been used in catastrophic ways" may forever remain a mystery. For now, though, let's take Senator Feinstein's allegation for granted and allow that religion is somehow involved with the pogrom she mentions. A betting person would wager it's the Christian right she intends to scorn with her next address to the judiciary committee. But if she hopes to make a connection between American Christian conservatives and the Nazis, she's pinned the crime at the wrong end of the religious spectrum.
Yes, the religion of Hitler and his Nazi regime was used to justify the slaughter of 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews-a killing binge that began, by the way, with the elimination of 275,000 handicapped persons without regard to their ethnicity. But does Senator Feinstein understand what was the foundation of the Nazis' religious convictions? Historian Richard Weikart answers this question clearly in his book From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany. Weikart explains that Nazism was fueled by an atheistic worldview based on a fundamental belief that naturalistic evolution brought about mankind. The Nazi doctrine of might makes right and survival of the fittest was facilitated by an evolutionary worldview common to all Secular Humanists.
To help you think through whose philosophical disposition links more closely to those who would shoot barefooted people and chuck their bodies in a river, I will pose several questions:
• Which party swells with members who uphold the worldview of Secular Humanism espoused in the Humanist Manifestos I, II, and 2000? Thanks for playing, Senator Feinstein, your party wins that one.
• What political party platform embraces abortion and leaves open the door to active euthanasia? Is it the Republican Party of Judge John Roberts or the Democratic Party of Senator Dianne Feinstein? Yours again, senator.
• What political party and its members have fought for the censorship of creationism and intelligent design and promoted the indoctrination of every American student in the aforesaid theory of evolution which ultimately allows great philosophical latitude for the killing of innocents? Congratulations, Democrats.
Thanks to their religion of Secular Humanism the Democratic Party and its members are the ones who have furthered the American holocaust of abortion on demand and who lay the groundwork for acceptance of active euthanasia.
So just in case Senator Feinstein is hinting that her future discussion of "how religion has been used in catastrophic ways historically" will include an attack on the conservative, religious convictions of Judge Roberts or his Republican and Christian supporters, let me suggest that she first evaluate the atheistic religious worldview of her own party and its love affair with evolution, abortion, and euthanasia. If she does her history homework and remains consistent with the facts she finds there, the California senator will, speaking of shoes, vote to let John Roberts fill the big ones left by  William Rehnquist who evidently understood the connection between Nazis and humanism and missed the constitutional right to abortion that too many other justices discovered in 1973.To order Brannon's new book, One Nation Under Man? The Worldview War Between Christians and the Secular Left, click here:

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