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Do not look to Washington to solve the Problem of Illegal Aliens

From the desk of Daniel D. New

Do not look to Washington to solve
the Problem of Illegal Aliens

Let us not be excited, one way or the other, about any solution to any problem that comes out of the District of Columbia, much less the U.S. Senate, because they have ignored this, and virtually all other, problems for decades.  They only bestir themselves to start seeking legislation on issues that concern The People in election years, and when they do, their solutions are generally worse than the problem they claim to be addressing.  (The fact is, the real problem they are addressing is called "re-election".  That is their only job, in their opinion.  Getting re-elected.)

Let's face it, anything the Senate puts out is usually going to be Marxist in nature, and that is a fact.  The Founding Fathers intended that august body  to be the "more conservative" branch of the legislature.  Well, the sad fact is that they are.  Unfortunately.  They are trying to conserve the Marxist Revolution of FDR, who was their hero when they were in college.  And the younger ones are preserving the communist campus movement of the 60's.  They operate in such a left-leaning atmosphere that we are better off when they do not operate at all.  The bumper sticker was right -- "Pray for Gridlock!"

There is NO solution that will come out of Congress that will be anything but worsen the existing problem, but we can anticipate that the situation will now be wrapped up in duct tape intertwined with barbed wire and red tape. 

If we had a national will to change the problem of illegal aliens, we would aim our national efforts at figuring out what draws the BAD wetbacks.  (There are some very good wetbacks as well.  And don't even think about responding to me with some PC claptrap about insults.  That's what they call themselves, it's descriptive, and it is not prejudiced.  Some of my best friends are/were wetbacks.)  And what is it that draws them?  In a word, WELFARE, in all its forms.  "Entitlements".  In the process of catering to our own riff-raff in the USA, in order to buy their votes, we have created a magnet that attracts the riff-raff of the world.  That should surprise no one.

Those who come to work hard, behave themselves, and support the family back home are NOT the problem, and have never been.  Racists to the contrary.

The way to get the unwanted group of sponges to go home is to

  • turn off the valves of government benefits;
  • every time an illegal alien is in a traffic accident or commits a crime, including littering or failure to indicate a turn in traffic, arrest them, and when the dust settles, and their time is spent if jail (if necessary), give them a not-for-free ride to their own country (after they pay it off, either with cash, or at $5 a day in jail);
  • arrest and prosecute those who apply for welfare who are here illegally; (you don't have to overwhelm your system.  Just pick up one a day.  The rest will quit coming in to the welfare office.  Duh!)
  • build a data-base on all who are caught, and promise them five years in prison if they are ever caught in this country again;
  • amend the Constitution to say, "If you got here illegally, your kids born here are also illegals, and can NEVER become citizens of this country."  Criminal fugitives don't have rights. 
These are common sense solutions, not some expensive boondoggle involving lots of red tape and lots more troops on our borders.  (As far as the troops, they are probably needed, for the potential terrorists these days.  It's a pity that they will spend their time chasing Mexicans through the prickly pear instead.  More likely, they will chase off the Minutemen and other citizen patrols.)

Now I'm telling you that those things would solve the illegal immigration problem.  Not "address it", but solve it.  They would deport themselves.  As soon as Uncle Pedro gets arrested, and the family has to bankrupt itself to pay $500 for his bus ride to Matamoros, where he will be told, "The next time we catch you in this country, you will spend five years at hard labor, (unless we can prove you are involved with a gang, in which case you will get 20 years mandatory)," thefamily will start putting their affairs in order, and commence deporting themselves. 

The hard-working laborers, such as brick layers and landscapers and mechanics, will remain underground, just like they are now.  They will rarely drive, they won't commit crimes, etc.  They will work hard, keep their noses clean, stay very far away from all government offices, earn their money and send it to their families (and may God bless them for that!  It's THEIR money when they earn it!).  In this way, the first generation illegal immigrant problem would be reduced by 98%.

The second and third generation immigrant problem is a little more tricky.  I'll address that one after the nation adopts my plan and solves the more pressing one. 

But we don't have the national will to do those things, including the interest and will to elect candidates who would enforce those things.

Therefore, it won't happen.

Therefore, you are wasting your time telling me and all your friends that the Senate bill is worse than I think.

No, the Senate bill is not worse than I think.  That would be impossible.

This nation has been turned upside down in two generations, and most of the ills we face today were created by government, while none have been solved by government.

What I've not even gotten around to discussing is the salutary effect that ending welfare would have on the rest of the sponges in the USA.  I doubt that any of them would starve, because most of them have at least one friend or family member who works for a living, and I doubt their friends will let them starve.  If they don't, then they need to think about going to church again, and seeing if they can't find some Christian Charity there.  If they can't handle that, they can ask their favorite bleeding heart organization to set up soup lines for them.  But, just for the sake of the argument, if some were to starve, let's face it.  America would be a better place to live once they are gone and off the dole.  Why, that would improve the gene pool and the economy in one blow!

With all its problems, the America that I grew up in was a great place to live.  I miss it.  But I owe the coming American Empire absolutely nothing. 

(C) 2006 Daniel D. New
 (Permission to reprint this article in its entirety is hereby granted. --DN)

(C) Daniel D. New,   Permission to copy, with credits, is hereby granted.