Dennis Montgomery Deserves The Greatest Respect From The Whole Nation

Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 9th, 2020

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Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020


Brannon Howse: Welcome back. I want to clarify something, Gen. McInerney.  You said you just became aware of this last week, but what you're referring to is not the Hammer.  You've known about the Hammer a long time.  What was it you became aware of last week?

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  I became aware that they were going to use it in the election.  I knew that they'd use it in the Russian hoax issues when I reported it in March of 2017, but that kind of drifted off my radar screen.  And then Mary let me know Sunday that they were going to use it, and then they talked about Scorecard, which I think Alan can discuss more in detail, but that they were going to use this and take the votes in the election.

It's just a cyberwarfare campaign, purely and simply.  They couldn't have won without it.  So they resurrected it, and that's what we're faced with today in alerting the system, 'cause the system didn't catch it.  Homeland Security did not catch this.  Dennis Montgomery caught this.  So that's very important.  Dennis is a world-class American statesman and deserves the greatest respect from the whole nation for what he has done.  Now we've just got to take it and implement it.

Brannon Howse:  And get it to the White House, get Dennis, as we've said, folks, in a room with the software with a team with what he needs to do what he needs because he wrote the software.  Again, it supposedly has a secret log that preserves a record of those who accessed it illegally, harvested files, and whatnot, according to him.

Again, that's why we need to be calling the White House and asking them to take Mr.  Montgomery, put him in a secure location with a team and resources and computer and software that he built available to him to do what he needs to do to do this post-analysis and provide the data.  Again, the number for the White House, 202-456-1414.  You're just simply asking the president to bring Dennis Montgomery onto the radar to do what we have been describing he needs to do.  202-456-1414.

Of course the left is gonna drag him through the mud and make up stories about him.  That's what they do.  We all know what that's about, so just ignore that, folks.

All right, Alan, explain if you would, please.  The general did a great job of doing that last night, but I want to hear you explain it, if you would.  The Hammer and the Scorecard, explain what these two things are and how they work together.

Mary Fanning:  Sure.  So like you explained earlier, Dennis Montgomery designed and built the Hammer after 9/11 to protect the country by doing what our government is supposed to do, which is to spy on our foreign adversaries and spy on terrorists around the world.

Now to do that, the Hammer is a supercomputer system.  It runs on racks and racks of computer servers that fill an entire room and has incredible amounts of processing power.  What it does is it can monitor phone calls, e-mail, chat, financial and banking transactions, etc.  But on this platform you have various applications that have different tasks such as monitoring cell phones.

But the Scorecard is a separate application designed to influence elections.  It was never supposed to be used against the American people, but unfortunately that's what's happened.

Brannon Howse:  And you mentioned accessing various things.  I see in this report here Mary describes how they can access bank accounts.  Did you see in the news – and, folks, it's out there in the general public if you want to go look it up – over $2 million that went missing, and it may be more than that over the course of time?

But I saw a report where $2 million, Alan, went missing from a GOP bank account in Wisconsin when they needed that money for the campaign.  Wow, look at that.  That money that they need for their ground game was stolen, gone.  Are you aware of that?

Alan Jones:  I am aware of that report.  I don't have further information on how that happened.

Brannon Howse:  But the Hammer and this kind of software could certainly avail themselves, according to the report by Mary, to those kind of things.  Whether it was used there or not, we don't know, I guess.  But this is the kind of thing it could do, correct?

Alan Jones:  Absolutely, yes.  It was able to look at massive numbers of bank accounts, look at Wall Street, all of that.

Mary Fanning:  Could I interject for a minute just to correct the record?

Brannon Howse:  Yes.

Mary Fanning:  Alan and I are coauthors.  We write all of our papers together, and we wrote the book together, The Hammer is the Key to the Coup.

Brannon Howse:  Yes, you did.  Both of your names are here.  I'm sorry.  Both of them wrote it.  You go to our website,, you'll see a bunch of their articles they wrote and link back to their site, and they both wrote those together.  I apologize.

Mary, can you tell us why you titled it, The Hammer is the Key to the Coup?

Mary Fanning:  Those are the words that Adm. Lyons used to Gen. McInerney when Gen. McInerney visited Adm. Lyons his last time in the hospital the day before he died.  Adm. Lyons said to his old friend, Gen. McInerney, "The Hammer is the key to the coup."  He was exactly right, and Gen. McInerney has been exactly right.

And the second part of the title is a quote from Pres. Donald Trump.  This is the crime of the century.

Brannon Howse:  Obviously, Gen. McInerney, Pres. Trump must have known something was coming because on June 22 he tweeted out that there would be lots and lots of illegal, fraudulent ballots, including foreign interference.  What do you think about that tweet?

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  Well, I think he had been getting a lot of intelligence of that.  But, you see, one of the things that we're seeing every day are the different ways that they were committing voter corruption and getting false votes.  You've got the voting machines, which Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, they're associated with.  You had the voting machine in Michigan, which there were 5,400 or 5,500 votes that were falsely given to Biden versus Pres. Trump.  Then you see about Frazier, the boxer, and dead people, and you see about stuffed ballots, the whole panoply of ways to take votes.

But they're onesies and twosies.  Hammer and Scorecard takes thousands of them.  Like 138,000 show up at Michigan at 0400 in the morning on the 4th of November.  As I've said before, in military terms this is the main attack, or we call it the Schwerpunkt, in which the main thrust is coming.

But I think the president, getting back on point, was talking about all of these other ways that votes have been changed in the past in history.  Never have we seen such a massive – although it was used before in Florida in the Obama/Biden campaign, the previous one, but not to the mass scale that we have seen.

Let's put your hat on as a common citizen and do a sniff test.  A person that does not have one press conference for a year while he's running.  He stays in the basement most of the time.  He never comes out.  He can't finish a sentence.  And he beats a man that has been a master in the last week of closing a campaign.  Now there's no way that can happen in the normal patterns of behavior.

But you now have to take and get facts that at 0400 in Michigan 138,000 votes showed up, all Biden, and they were actually changed from the Trump camp.  Those specifics are what we now need for affidavits to go to judges.  And what worries me a little bit is they're tending to get lost in some of the other what I call tactical deception, the other ways of changing and influencing votes.  They aren't the real ones.

Brannon Howse:  So what you're saying is the Trump team needs to really focus in on this.

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  Correct.

Brannon Howse:  They need to stop swatting at flies and go for the big, real issue.

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  Bullseye, you've got it spot on.

Brannon Howse:  All right, folks, that's our job.  Tell these guys.  Call, tweet, text, use Twitter.  Tweet at 'em.  Facebook at 'em.  Tell 'em, "Listen to Gen. McInerney.  Quit swatting at the little stories.  Concentrate on the big story."

Again, the big story can likely really be fleshed out if Dennis Montgomery can get access to this software that he built and get the team around him in a secure location to do what he needs to do and do the audit that we're wanting to see happen.  So that's what again we're asking the White House to do.  202-456-1414 is the number of the White House.

Alan, a lot of Americans, for so many years, we trusted that there were guys watching, and there were agencies that were watching.  Apparently the Department of Homeland Security wasn't watching.

But then there's the FBI.  But we've learned we can't really trust the FBI, and in fact your report shows with Mary that Robert Mueller, who was picked to be the special prosecutor, he was picked because apparently it was him and his FBI that supplied the computers for this CIA software to be moved onto FBI software and then be used, which is a violation of the CIA's charter.  Mueller, do you think he knew this?

Alan Jones:  Absolutely.  I think that he's up to his neck in this.  He absolutely had to know about this.  Remember, he's been in the FBI since after 9/11.  This was designed to protect America after 9/11.  So he logically would have been involved in the program.  We also know that James Baker, who was the general counsel, knew about it.

Mary Fanning:  But even more so, it was the fact that Robert Mueller raided Dennis Montgomery's home and had him –

Brannon Howse:  What?

Mary Fanning:  Robert Mueller, or Mueller if you prefer, raided Dennis Montgomery's home.  He had Dennis Montgomery in handcuffs tied to a tree.  He flew him to a bad jail in LA, where they wouldn't put him in because when they fingerprinted him, he's not allowed to go into jail, all right?

Mueller went into court with Montgomery.  He was trying to get back the hard drives, the evidence of what they were doing.

Brannon Howse:  Oh, I bet.

Mary Fanning:  The judge –

Brannon Howse:  Hold right there, hold right there.  Oh my, we'll be right back.  Don't go away.

All right, we will be joined by Mary and Alan tomorrow on the Club K Car, Phil Haney, and other issues.  So we have a lot more we're still progressing toward, including Uranium One and why this is so dangerous.  There are so many levels to this, but there's a lot more to cover tomorrow.

Mary, please finish your story.  Just to remind the audience here, the FBI Director Mueller, these computers were set up to take the CIA software that Montgomery had built, put 'em onto the FBI computers, which again of course is a real problem because that software was written exclusively for the CIA.

Their charter, which is to be used outside the US, not in the US, now is being put onto FBI computers so Obama, Clapper, Brennan, these guys can apparently surveil Americans, churches, synagogues, businesspeople, and of course elected officials and judges, even at the Supreme Court.

And you say that they arrested at some point Montgomery.  Why was he arrested?

Mary Fanning:  Well, let me step back for a second.  It was not built for the CIA.

Brannon Howse:  It wasn't?

Mary Fanning:  This was built for the Department of Defense and the PIA.

Brannon Howse:  Really?  Okay.

Mary Fanning:  Yes.  This was built to keep America safe.  This was built to keep America safe after 9/11.  Now when it was being directed, the computers were provided by Robert Mueller's FBI.  At one point, he wanted all the evidence in hand himself because of the things he had started doing.

He sent in special agents to arrest Dennis Montgomery.  They raided his home, just like you saw with Roger Stone, just like you saw with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe.  Bill Binney, they walked into his house, raided his him home, and put a gun to his head while he was in the shower.

This is all under Robert Mueller.  What they did then was, as I said, they tied him to a tree.  They then flew him to a bad jail.  Then it got before a judge, Judge Magistrate Cooke, and Magistrate Cook, as she was going through the court case, she first said that they had falsified their search warrant.

The information that they were seeking as they raided his home and took everything, Magistrate Cooke said, and then Judge Pro agreed when it was on appeal, that they raided his home, that they took this material, that they falsified documents to raid his home.  Magistrate Cooke told the special agents if they didn't come up with the truth immediately and talk to their boss, Robert Mueller, she was putting those special agents in prison.

And so Magistrate Cooke demand that Mueller's FBI give all of the material back to Dennis Montgomery.  That's what Robert Mueller was doing.  He wanted this information back in hand because it was evidence of the things that had been happening, and he didn't want that evidence anywhere else.  And so he lied on documents and they lied in a court proceeding, and the judge was furious.

Brannon Howse:  And what was the original charge for arresting Montgomery?

Mary Fanning:  Oh, they said they were coming to get materials that belonged to them, which they didn't.  But the entire case was such a fiasco, and they still tried to put out information that he lost this case.  That's nonsense.  That's just more propaganda from the Mockingbird media with the intelligence community who didn't want to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Brannon Howse:  I just want to make sure we clarify.  Now Montgomery worked for the CIA, though, correct?

Mary Fanning:  Montgomery was working for the Department of Defense, and this was put in place – as military intelligence has repeatedly said, this was a tool to keep America safe and to help protect our troops on the battlefield.  Then when John Brennan and James Clapper came into power on February 3, 2009, they illegally commandeered a foreign surveillance tool, and they turned it against America, as Montgomery says, for the purpose of blackmail and leverage.

But beyond that, understand they stole the keys to the kingdom.  They now have the ability to blackmail anyone, threaten people, go into their bank accounts, go into their lawyers' offices.  Understand, have you ever seen anything like what you saw with Mueller and team raiding Donald Trump's one-time lawyer's office and taking the legal documents?  That is just illegal.

Brannon Howse:  Okay, but the confusion comes because Montgomery is often referred to a CIA whistleblower, correct?

Mary Fanning:  Because then he began working for John Brennan, who was CIA.  And so then when Brennan stopped looking – remember, he has no charter to spy on America.  So while he's supposed to be keeping America safe and instead he's turning the surveillance system against Americans, where he has no charter, that's when Montgomery became a whistleblower.  When he saw him surveilling churches and temples and abortion clinics and psychiatric facilities, then he became a whistleblower.  This was no longer a tool to protect America, it was to turn it into a Soviet America.

Brannon Howse:  General, do we have to believe that one reason they were surveilling and taking things at the corporate level and I guess I don't know what kind of intellectual property they're taking, but whatever they're taking from corporate America, and not to mention the government, would we have to believe this is being sold to America's enemies?

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  That is a course of action.  I don't know that, but that is clearly a course of action.

Brannon Howse:  Alan, I want you to just mention anything, report whatever you think needs to be reported to the American public.  We've got a few minutes left.  What do you want to say to them?  What do you want to tell them?

Alan Jones:  Well, I think that we need to realize this isn't just an election issue.  This is an existential issue for the survival of the republic, and it's also a national defense issue.  If you had people within the Obama administration using a system to spy on defense contractors, the question is what did they do with it?  We know, for example, that Joe Biden was in deals through Hunter with Chinese spies.  So this is very, very serious.

Brannon Howse:  In fact, I think it's quoted in your book by Dennis Montgomery, "No one is safe.  Choose freedom or an America where freedom is just a distant memory."  Right, Mary?

Mary Fanning:  That is exactly correct.

Brannon Howse:  Again, a point of action.  General, what is our point of action?  What do you want these people in these 53 stations, some of them 50,000- or 100,000-watt stations, what do you want them to do, General?

Gen. Thomas McInerney:  Get Pres. Trump behind Hammer and Scorecard, and bring the true facts out to the American public and what happened during the election on 3 November.  It was stolen from him.

Brannon Howse:  The number of the White House, 202-456-1414.  The book by Mary and Alan Jones is called The Hammer is the Key to the Coup.  It's the political crime of the century.  You'll find it on Amazon.  You can download it on Kindle.  Read it right away.

There's a lot more to go through.  We'll get into some of this related to Uranium One.  We'll get into China.  We'll get into Phil Haney.  We'll get into Club K Car.  We'll get into more parts that could very easily and quickly be turned over.  We're gonna get into what is a massive national security threat that is ramping up if this character Biden becomes president.

Gen. McInerney, Alan, Mary, thank you all for being with us.  Take care.

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Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020

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