Demand For Emergency Food Setting Records in the U.S. But We Just Received Huge Shipment in Our Warehouse

The emergency food supply chain is getting tight again but we received a huge shipment of freeze dried food on Friday. The nation-wide demand for emergency food is setting all time records. Only because we are a long time distributor are we able to obtain the shipments we have. However, you should order NOW while we have it on hand. We literally shipped out an enclosed trailer worth yesterday to those that have ordered from us at 

We have another huge shipment coming in to us in the next 10 days. Mountain House has been around since 1969 and has a 25 year shelf life. We have made some of the freeze dried food for family and friends and they ate it not knowing it was freeze dried food. This is the choice of many in the U.S. Navy SEALS. I have enough for my family for about a year. 

We highly recommend you have an emergency supply on hand even if it is a few days or few weeks worth of food and they went back for more. Don't wait, order now! Ordering from us is a win/win. We are offering you a service and your purchase helps to support the ongoing work and growth of WVW Broadcast Network. If you prefer to order over the phone you can call Melissa at 901-825-0652. Thank you. 

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