"Christians for Biblical Equality" On Why Jesus Did Not Come as A Female

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Below are quotes from a tape from CBE which is an attack on Jesus. If you are a <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Christian, you will want to either cry as you read or throw up from a sick stomach! You will be thankful for the pure, undefiled Truth and the humility of the Holy Spirit. This is not an "easy read". This is as evil as evil can be, comparing the sufferings of "the daughter of Eve", as they call themselves (women-- sinful, egotistical, "spoiled-brat" women!), to Jesus on the cross. I have 23 pages from this cassette tape from CBE, and it is documentation of one attack right after another on Jesus, my Savior. This is a vile attack against God, His people, and His Word.Hey, I have an idea! Why doesn't CBE do a workshop on the feminine metaphors in Revelation 17 and 18 since they love the "feminine metaphors" so much? Be sure, you won't hear of them holding a workshop on Revelation. That book is about the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in all of His glory. Satan hates that book! CBE is the spirit of Satan at work, and this "goddess spirit" leaves out the verses "she" does not like, such as Revelation 17:5, referring to the "Mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth."See also Jeremiah 7:18. My God is not a female! Those who pray to the "queen of heaven" spite God the Bible says.----------------------------------------------------"Sophia Wisdom of God or Goddess of Wisdom"(tape # ACF290)By T.J. Ostrander(This audio cassette is found via the CBE web site under "Recordings" sold for $5)"Wisdom belongs to God and WE FIND A NUMBER OF PARALLELS BETWEEN CHRIST AND SOPHIA.""LIKE CHRIST, WISDOM ORIGINATES WITH GOD AND WAS WITH HIM FROM THE BEGINNING…SHE HAS A SAVING FUNCTION IN THE WORLD…SHE IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SPIRIT…SHE IS EVEN THE AGENT OF JUDGMENT.""WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHRIST AND WISDOM? LET ME START BY SAYING THAT WHEN CHRIST CAME INTO THE WORLD, IT WAS A PRETTY RADICALLY UNIQUE EVENT. HE IDENTIFIED HIMSELF WITH GOD ALMIGHTY…HE CLAIMED TO BRING SALVATION TO HUMANITY…THESE WERE RADICAL CLAIMS THAT THE FIRST CHRISTIANS DIDN'T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH SO THEY DREW FROM THE LITERATURE AVAILABLE TO THEM. ""THEY IDENTIFIED CHRIST WITH THE SON OF MAN, WITH THE SON OF GOD, WITH THE SUFFERING SERVANT, WITH THE WORD AND WITH WISDOM, ALL IMAGES THAT THEY DREW FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT AND FROM OTHER IMAGES THAT THEY HAD ACCESSIBLE TO THEM.""Paul refers to Christ as the power and wisdom of God in 1 Cor. 1:24. He also says that Christ became to us wisdom from God in Prov. 1:30. In doing so, Paul is attributing qualities to Christ including pre-existence and involvement in creation, BECAUSE THESE ARE THINGS THAT HAD BEEN SAID ABOUT WISDOM. PAUL IS SEEING JESUS AS AN INTERMEDIARY FIGURE BETWEEN HUMANS AND GOD AND A REDEEMER FIGURE, AND SO HE IS DRAWING ON THE LANGUAGE THAT WAS AVAILABLE TO HIM.""SO, THE NEW TESTAMENT WRITERS SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW FOR LANGUAGE AND IMAGES THAT THEY COULD USE TO DESCRIBE JESUS. THEY RANSACKED THE VOCABULARY THAT WAS AVAILABLE TO THEM IN ORDER TO EXPRESS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS VERY UNIQUE EVENT.""THE FACT THAT WISOM IS FEMININE IS AGAIN SIGNIFICANT FOR CHIRSTOLOGY, FOR THE NEW TESTAMENT IN CHRIST WHO EMBODIES WISDOM. WE SEE THE EMBODIMENT OF MASCULINE AND FEMININE ATTRIBUTES. HE WAS NOT JUST THE PERFECT MAN BUT THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING. HE IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY…WISDOM WAS AN INSTRUMENT OF CREATION, BUT BY CHRIST ALL THINGS WERE CREATED. CHRIST EMBODIES WISDOM BUT GOES BEYOND WISDOM. WISDOM IS NOT GOD. CHRIST IS GOD.""In analysis of the contemporary interest in Sophia,...um, toward the beginning of this workshop I said that a lot of women have decided that THE PATRIARCHAL UNDERSTANDING OF GOD IS IDOLATROUS AND BLASPHEMOUS. That, uh, men have made God in their own image…"(CBE speaker on why Jesus came as a Man instead of a female):"...'A woman could not represent the humiliated, BECAUSE SHE HERSELF IS ALREADY WHERE THESE PEOPLE ARE.' Vicarious representation involves the voluntary renunciation of power and privileges. The LANGUAGE USED FOR GOD AND CHRIST IN SCRIPTURE POINT TO AN IRONIC REVERSAL OF POWER INCLUDING MASCULINE POWER. A SUFFERING FEMALE ON THE CROSS WOULD NOT CHALLENGE THE POWERS OF THIS WORLD. SHE WOULD JUST BE ONE MORE VICTIM."------------------------Here is another verse these people hate, that you will never hear them quote: "But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God." (2 Peter 1:20-21)
For the love of the Lamb,

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