California to Protect Child Molesters?

The state of California may seem like an anomaly to God-fearing and rational thinking people, but the anomalous trends of that state are quickly becoming the norm for New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon – and trailing close behind, Virginia. These states have passed laws modeled after California’s, which have been created by a militant LBGTQ community. Not only are these laws eroticizing and confusing our children, but they are labeling parents as “barriers” to the well-being of their own children. They go as far as treating confused pre-adolescents with life-altering hormonal treatments – without the knowledge or consent of their parents, while legally lying to parents!  In New Jersey the law dictates that if by some chance a parent finds out about the child’s gender dysfunction and the school’s support of it and indoctrination, the parent(s) is remanded to state approved counselors, which we will further discuss. (Also see Pastor Tim Thompson’s YouTube video “Perilous Times Have Begun,” where he video graphed a meeting with Cardea Services, who had been hired by California to implement their sexual policies.)

Unfortunately,  there is more. Take a look for yourself at California’s bill ( that protects pedophiles from registering as sex offenders if the offender is not more than 10 years older than the victim. It was argued that the bill was meant to protect gay sexual partners from becoming sex offenders under the law.  So, let’s get this straight (pardon the pun), homosexual pedophiles should be given a pass?  Think about it.  If you have a 10-year-old son who is seduced or raped by a 20-year-old man who claims the sex was consensual, California laws do not consider this a sex offence worthy of registration.

The New Jersey law (Senate Bill S1569 and transgender policy 5756), not only requires schools to protect (and I would argue encourage) gender confusion, but orders the schools to change school records to rename the child whatever name the child gives himself/herself, as well as indoctrinating the students to use a long list of pronouns to respect the child’s gender identity, which can vary to a degree that is mind-boggling.   All this is presented as anti-bulling laws, which many of us would agree is a “good” thing – but the bullying aspect of the law is nothing more than a curtain for the LGBTQ community to hide behind.

Right now you may be asking when they have time to teach academics.  Good question.  Perhaps the disgraceful worldwide academic ratings of costly American schools present a good insight to the answer of that question.  But I digress. All of this is to be done without the parent’s knowledge – parent’ who mistakenly think that their children are being taught to read and write.  And should the parent(s) discover and object to the situation, then the parent(s) are required to attend counseling sessions with state approved counselors.

So, what about the counselors?   In NJ, the state approved agency is IPG (Institute for Personal Growth).  (See: Their policy entitled: “Transgender Service” states: “We subscribe to the WPATH guidelines (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), which maintain that gender non-conformity is NOT a “mental illness” but a natural variation in human gender presentation, & that any attempts to “fix” gender-variant children by conforming them to traditional gender norms is harmful & unethical treatment.” If you follow their logic, it is right to administer hormonal treatment to a child to enhance gender change, but it is criminal to administer hormonal treatment to a child in an effort to “fix” their “gender-variant” confusion.  Further research into the pedophilia policy of IPG reveals that they believe and teach that pedophilia is a natural sexual preference – they equate it to it being natural for a man to be attracted to a woman, the same as it is natural for some to be attracted to children.

If you are a parent who has bought into the idea that their choice for their child’s education is limited or dependent on the government, then let me reiterate an analogy that I recently heard. Alex Newman stated that if your child was in a burning building, would you rush in and pull that child out!  Let me be clear:  if your child is in a government-run school, for the sake of Almighty God, rush in and pull him or her out!  If you don’t, you are as guilty of child abuse as the school system you subject them to.  And if you think “that’s not happening in my school” – think again.  It may not be as bad as California, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, or Illinois, but you can bet the ranch that it soon will be – and chances are, you won’t have a clue. Besides which, you should know that schools that refuse to implement these policies will not receive state monies. Also remember, schools have been instructed to lie to parents – and according to the law, once your child is in the school system, you no longer have the right to opt them out of objectionable courses as you once did.  Even if you did still have that right, the principles and precepts it preaches are embedded throughout the entire curriculum.

The good news is that you still have the right to pull your kids out of the school, and the better news is that there now exists a plethora of well-founded options.  Everything from homeschooling (which now has excellent support options), to co-ops, to online schools to church-based schools are now available for minimal costs. And if none of these options work for you – create one that does. When Adam ate the forbidden fruit that Eve gave him, he tried to blame it on Eve, telling God “the woman you gave me, she made me eat it.”  God didn’t hold him guiltless, and neither will He hold you guiltless if you abdicate your mandate from Him to raise up your child to the godless policies of government-run schools.

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