A California Bill to Allow Children as Young as 12-Years-Old to be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent: Worldview Report For May 17, 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

I’m Brannon Howse.

A California bill to allow children as young as 12-years-old to be vaccinated without parental consent passed the state senate on Thursday.

Senate Bill 866, according to the Gateway Pundit, would allow kids to get any vaccine without their parents’ knowledge, including the COVID-19 jabs that are still being given out under emergency use authorization, meaning they are experimental.

Authored by Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener, the bill passed with a 21-7 vote.

According to CBS News, “if it becomes law, California would allow the youngest age group of any state to be vaccinated without parental permission.”

The state already allows minors to get vaccinated without parental consent if the injection is for a sexually transmitted disease.

Wiener issued the following statement:

“Teens should be able to protect themselves from deadly viruses, with or without parental approval. So many teens aren’t getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and other deadly viruses because their parents are victims of anti-vaccine misinformation, are neglecting their kids, or simply don’t have time to get their kids vaccinated. We shouldn’t allow misinformation – or parental neglect – to prevent teens from getting the vaccines they need to stay healthy and participate in their communities.”

This is another case of Democrats and globalists accusing their political opponents of exactly what THEY are guilty of, putting out misinformation about these gene-therapy injections being “safe and effective,” despite reams of evidence to the contrary, then accusing anyone who points to the real science as being guilty of misinforming the public.

The truth is simple. These so-called vaccines have killed more people than all other vaccines combined since the U.S. began tracking such information in the early 1990s.

Alabama, South Carolina, Oregon, and Rhode Island already allow teenagers to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent.

According to the CBS report, the cities of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. allow children age 11 and up to consent to their own COVID-19 vaccines, and in San Francisco, the age is 12 and older.

According to the California Globe, Senator Melissa Melendez gave a hard hitting floor speech Thursday during the debate, focusing on the government encroachment into parental rights.

Melendez also posted comments to Twitter, making excellent points that should have been obvious.





Four seniors at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado may not be able to graduate alongside their fellow cadets because they have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, reports the Daily Mail.

Those seniors, also called 'firsties', face being fired from the military, getting a letter of reprimand - and could be on the hook to repay the government about $200,000 for their tuition, The Gazette reports. 

They had all applied for religious exemptions to refuse the vaccine, according to the Gazette, but like most members of our military, their applications were denied.

Now, spokesman Lt. Col. Brian Maguire said they can either get the vaccine prior to the academy's graduation in two weeks - or they can “elect to voluntarily resign. Otherwise, they will face consequences for disobeying a lawful order.”

Thus far, the Air Force Academy is the only military academy that is barring its seniors from graduation due to their vaccination status.

The decision to let them graduate will likely be decided in the court system, where multiple service members who have been discharged for refusing to get the gene therapy injections are suing the federal government.


It only took 180 minutes from when the mass shooting in Buffalo occurred to when Democrats started exploiting it politically.

The bodies of the victims were not even cold after police were alerted to a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday, when Democratic politicians took to Twitter to call for gun control legislation, according to the Daily Caller.

“Two mass shootings in 24 hours, in Milwaukee and Buffalo — the latter killing ten people. I’m heartbroken. And I’m angry. Angry that the GOP continues to block even the most basic gun safety measures. We can stop this. We can save lives. Republicans just refuse to. Cowards,” said Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California in a Twitter post.



Buffalo Police Department announced on their Twitter account at 3:26 p.m. that they had responded to the scene at Tops Friendly Market grocery store located at 1275 Jefferson Ave and apprehended the suspected shooter. Schiff’s post was published just over two hours later.

Within minutes, Schiff was joined by an army of other Democrats posting to Twitter with their fake outrage.

 Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal of Washington posted:

“I’m horrified and heartbroken to hear this news from Buffalo today. Gun violence has devastated yet another one of our communities. When will enough be enough? Mass shootings are an epidemic in this country we must end now.”

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts stated in a Twitter post:

“It is so far beyond time for Congress to act and save lives.”

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg declared “thoughts and prayers will not be enough.”

Let’s be clear, this was a crazed killer who would not have been stopped by any law. The state of New York already has plenty of laws involving the buying, selling and possession of firearms.


Even the liberal Washington Post is stating the obvious now about the war in Ukraine.

The success of Ukraine in defending against the Russian invasion has led Western leaders to expand the mission to, as Lloyd Austin has said, degrade the Russian army to a point where it can no longer undertake such military operations.

But this also comes with huge risk, as the Post finally pointed out to its readers.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Yet its success in doing so appears to be prompting Western leaders to expand their goals for the war in ways that may carry extraordinary, underappreciated risk. The earlier hope was that a robust Ukrainian defense would ensure the country’s right to exist as a sovereign and independent state while minimizing the loss of territory in the south and east. But now, many political and military leaders are laying out much loftier goals, backed by an unprecedented infusion of military aid. …Yet crippling Russia’s military or expelling Russia from Ukraine are significantly more dangerous aims than preventing the further loss of Ukrainian territory or, through limited offensive operations, gaining some of it back. Unfortunately, if Russian President Vladimir Putin begins to think that his back is against the wall, he may lash out by directly confronting NATO, intensifying the conventional war in the east, or even using nuclear weapons.”

These are exactly the risks some of us have been warning about since the beginning of this war. It’s astonishing that our government leaders might need to be reminded of Putin’s nuclear arsenal by the likes of the Washington Post. They are, in short, playing with fire by escalating this war.



A Muslim teacher in Britain has been charged with sexually assaulting four teenage schoolgirls.

According to Great Britain News, Muhammad Taimoor, who is employed at a school in Birmingham, is also accused of four counts of causing or inciting child sexual exploitation, sexual activity while in a position of trust, and two counts of sex trafficking within the UK.

West Midlands Police told Great Britain News that two of the alleged victims are aged 15, with the other two being 14 and 16.

It is alleged some of the assaults happened on the school campus while Taimoor was at work.

Taimoor is also accused of driving the girls around in his car with the intention of sexually assaulting them, the British news outlet reports.

The 28-year-old was arrested on May 9 and released on bail, but was arrested again in the early hours of Saturday morning at his home in Birmingham.

Police said trained officers are supporting students at the school and are working with partners to ensure safeguarding is in place while the investigation continues.

Taimoor is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The trafficking of young British girls by Muslim migrants has long been a problem in the U.K.


The same globalist cabal that tried to ruin Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is now trying to take down Madison Cawthorn, the young conservative congressman from North Carolina, according to a new report in Revolver News.

Revolver accuses the globalists of employing East German Stasi tactics against the few true America-first conservatives in Congress.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“For more than a year, America’s ruling regime has been desperate to drive Congressman Matt Gaetz off TV, out of Congress, and out of Washington. They have failed in humiliating fashion, and America is better for it. Gaetz has continued to distinguish himself as one of the Republican Party’s genuine anti-war leaders, and one of the most effective critics of President Biden’s calamitous immigration ‘policies.’”



Then there was this exchange between Gaetz and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.



Revolver writes:

“Unsurprisingly, the same leadership class that gave us Iraq and Afghanistan are unable to adjust their strategy or learn from their mistakes. Having failed to destroy Matt Gaetz, America’s failing elites are trying instead to destroy another Republican rising star: Madison Cawthorn. And they are using the same sinister, East German-style tactics to take him out.”

Revolver explains how it was done:

“In the later decades of the Cold War, Communist governments were loathe to simply arrest and execute dissidents as they had during the Stalinist era. So instead, their goal was to discredit and personally destroy the opposition. …The purpose wasn’t to win an election. After all, like most radical left governments so often do, East Germany rigged its elections. Instead, the purpose was to personally annihilate a designated enemy, to destroy their career, their reputation, their friendships, their family, even their sanity. The end goal was to render the target utterly incapable of effective dissent or resistance to the regime.”



The caravans of illegal immigrants continue to pour across the border unimpeded, often right in front of the boarder agents who are supposed to be working to prevent such crossings.

We have some video footage from just this past weekend that will make your blood boil.

Take a look.




If there ever was any question about where former Vice President Mike Pence stood within the GOP, he’s laid that to rest.

Pence stands with the establishment wing, the RINOs.

As if to prove his loyalty to that crowd, Pence is headed to Georgia to campaign with Governor Brian Kemp on May 23, which is the eve of the primary in Georgia.



Kemp is facing fierce opposition from within his own party with two Republicans, David Perdue and Kandiss Taylor, trying to knock him off.

The beef against Kemp is that he did absolutely nothing to try to stop Stacey Abrams from stealing the presidential election for Joe Biden in 2020. Whether it was before the election, when Kemp agreed to a consent decree practically hand-written by Abrams setting new rules for the election, or afterwards, when he refused to call the state legislature back into session to investigate what happened, he was all in for Joe Biden.

Kemp worked against True the Vote in their investigation of ballot traffickers in Georgia during the 2020 election.

So Pence deciding to back Kemp speaks volumes about what he really felt about Trump and his America-first agenda.


You may have noticed that ever since  a GOP Trafalgar poll showed Kathy Barnette in a close second place (23.2%), surging ahead of David McCormick (21.6%) and right on the heels of Dr. Mehmet Oz (24.5%), the folks at Fox News have launched an all-out smear campaign against Barnette.

A new article by The Conservative Treehouse breaks down the race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, calling Dave McCormick the choice of Wall Street country club elites while Oz and McCormick are splitting the MAGA vote.

The article states that, “Kathy Barnette is the alternative favorite in the race for the MAGA base who just cannot bring themselves to support Oz. Barnette is the outsider and carries a fierce independent streak that appeals to frustrated voters who have had enough of the nonsense.”

The Fox News media assault on Barnette smacks of Karl Rove tactics, the article states.

“Seeing Mehmet Oz struggling to get support, and seeing a rise in the polling for Kathy Barnette, Fox News Sean Hannity started to attack Barnette on Wednesday with a full-throated ridiculing of her campaign. Hannity labels Barnette as an ‘unelectable extremist’ with a history of controversial statements, positions and tweets.  After a 10-minute nasty attack segment, Sean Hannity then invites the previously scheduled Mehmet Oz to pile on. The total Wednesday attack program lasted almost 30-minutes on prime-time television.”

And it didn’t stop there.

On Thursday night, Fox News’s Shannon Bream announced David McCormick would appear the next day, Friday, on a Special Reports segment for a promotional interview. 

“This makes sense because McCormick would be the corporate Fox News favorite Republican in the mold of Marco Rubio,” Conservative Treehouse noted.


In our commentary tonight we take a critical look at the left-wing organization known as Ruth Sent Us.

Daniel Greenfield has an article up at Front Page magazine that takes a deep dive into this organization and we’d like to share his investigative findings.

The Supreme Court justices have faced harassment and intimidation for weeks now by a pro-abortion group calling itself Ruth Sent Us, which posted a map to their private residences. This was a dog whistle for leftist thugs to threaten and harass the justices.

Justice Alito and his family, who wrote the draft opinion on abortion that had been leaked, have had to go into hiding at an undisclosed location.

Greenfield asks the question everyone in the media should be asking, if they were legitimate journalists.

He writes:

“Had conservative protests outside the homes of Sotomayor and Kagan led one of them to go into hiding, the FBI would already be on the case and the media would be calling it an insurrection and a threat to democracy, but it’s not political terrorism when leftists do it. So you can be confident that none of the leftists threatening Supreme Court justices will themselves face justice. And if a single one of them is arrested, they will immediately have the best lawyers and a media press campaign claiming that free speech is being silenced.”

Greenfield goes on to describe the bigoted anti-Christian harassment of people at Christian churches, where the Ruth Sent Us group has invaded their private worship services.

On Sunday, May 15, a shooting occurred at a Presbyterian church in Laguna Woods, California, where one parishioner was killed and four critically wounded. The incitement of violence against Christians is reaching a fevered pitch.

Greenfield writes:

“While over the past two years, Big Tech companies have suspended or deplatformed conservative groups over the encouragement of political protests, including against lockdowns, Twitter has no problem with leftists encouraging the harassment of houses of worship.”

Yet, despite the harassment of justices and incitement against churches, Ruth Sent Us retains all of its social media accounts. As Greenfield notes, neither Facebook, TikTok nor Twitter have deplatformed the hate group. And there is no FBI investigation.

Who is behind Ruth Sent Us?

Greenfield answers that question, too.

Ruth Sent Us is meant to appear grassroots, he says, but in reality, it’s the same globalist billionaires who support every other destructive group that are behind this organization.

Greenfield continues to peel back the layers and expose the radical roots of Ruth Sent Us, writing:

“In reality, it’s interlinked with a much larger network of leftist organizations. The site was registered by Sam Spiegel, the director of digital media at an anti-Trump PAC known as Unseat, whose email contact is listed as Vigil for Democracy. Unseat and Vigil for Democracy also appear to share a post office box in Palo Alto, California. Vigil for Democracy, another anti-Trump group, had organized previous Supreme Court rallies.

Ruth Sent Us promotes activism through something called Strike for Choice which its Twitter account describes as "one of the national strikes under the Vigil for Democracy umbrella."

The protest fundraising is being conducted through Open Collective, a leftist financial sponsor, which had previously partnered with the Digital Infrastructure Fund backed by $605,000 from the Ford Foundation, $50,000 from leftist Persian billionaire Pierre Omidyar, and $100,000 from George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

There you have it. Ruth Sent Us is not grassroots. It is funded by the globalist establishment that supports the World Economic Forum corporate agenda to turn America into a technocratic corporate surveillance state.

That’s our program tonight; thanks for watching. We’ll be back tomorrow night with another edition of the Worldview Report. Good night and God bless.


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Your Tax Deductible Support at www.wvwfoundation.com Helps Us Cover Our Huge Streaming Bill So You and Millions of Americans Can Watch Our TV Shows For Free. Many organizations put all their shows behind a pay-wall immediately but we make our shows available for all to watch as a public and educational service of WVW-TV and WVW Foundation. You can also use our mailing address to send your tax deductible support: WVW Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027


Get your free, no obligation packet on precious metals by texting or calling Wes Petes with Swiss America at 602-558-8585


Click here and visit www.wvwtvstore.com to order emergency, freeze-dried food that will last 25 years.


Please go to www.Mypillow.com and use the promo code WVW to save up to 66% off and Mike Lindell will give a generous percentage back to WVW-TV to support our free broadcasts. Sincerely Brannon Howse WVW Broadcast Network

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