Bombshell Report Convinced State Assembly Speaker of ‘Widespread Fraud’ in 2020 Presidential Election

Joe Biden won the state of Wisconsin in the November 2020 presidential election by 20,682 votes.

But, in a private meeting that investigators held March 16 with the statehouse speaker, evidence was presented that showed otherwise.

The evidence is said to be so overwhelming that even the very moderate GOP State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is now convinced that the election was stolen.

Problem is, Vos still believes there’s nothing he or the state legislature can do to reverse the fraudulent outcome.

Jefferson Davis, spokesman for the ad-hoc committee Wisconsin Election Integrity, was present in the closed-door meeting Wednesday, March 16, and dropped the bombshell news Thursday night first and exclusively with Brannon Howse Live, which appears on Lindell TV, and Brannon had been working on the story behind the scenes before breaking the news to the nation on his national, nightly TV broadcast. 

You can watch the full one hour here:…

Davis said the committee now has the receipts that prove the “widespread fraud” that was declared last week by the special investigator, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, actually occurred.

Gableman, an independent investigator appointed by lawmakers, recommended the legislature decertify the Wisconsin vote after conducting a nine-month investigation and filing a 125-page report.

“We met with the speaker. He was very gracious. He was very engaged. He gave us almost an extra hour of time to meet with him, with no press, no media, no recording devices,” Davis said. “We brought in our team of experts from all over America. They dropped what they were doing, got on the quickest flight they could, we picked them up. We sat them down, we prepped and we had the meeting yesterday (Wednesday).”

Those experts are primarily with the election-integrity organization True the Vote and include Dr. Douglas Frank, who was also on the program with Howse Thursday night.

Davis said the evidence will be shared publicly on March 24. He said the presentation will rock the state’s establishment with irrefutable proof of rampant election fraud using cellphone and video evidence.

“And what we shared with the speaker, we shared with him what will come to Wisconsin on Thursday, March 24, is what they had – video footage in Wisconsin and cellphone ping data that match and marry the ballot harvesting mules, because they weren’t smart enough to leave their cellphones at home when they were ordered by the Democrats to go and stuff the ballot drop boxes (paid for by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg).”

He said True the Vote has “spent gobs of money” buying between 27 and 37 terabytes of cellphone data.

“And that’s just for one state, Wisconsin,” Davis said. “That’s massive.”

What most Americans don’t understand is that cellphones act as tracking devices. Everywhere you go with your phone, you leave traces of data called “pings,” that lock you in at that exact location. This data is available for purchase by government or private entities.

Howse asked if there is also video evidence in hand, similar to what has been gathered in Georgia, that will support the cellphone-ping locations.

Davis said he believes True the Vote is in possession of video evidence.

“I don’t want to over promise but it’s my understanding that the mules, meaning the ballot harvester mules, cannot deny that it’s them, based on the cellphone ping data, the video footage and possible facial recognition (scans).”

Davis said whistleblowers in Wisconsin have come forward and they’re saying five things:

“This is who told me to do it, this is who gave me the fake ballots, marking the ballots, this is who gave me the envelopes and forged the signature, this is who gave me the address of the voter, this is where they told me to go, with my cellphone ping and my video footage, and this is where they told me to go and collect my money.

“I said yesterday, after Dr. Frank testified, that if you think Joe Biden won the state of Wisconsin by 20,000 votes, then I’m the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. That did not happen.”

Mike Lindell said that when this same story of widespread fraud broke in Georgia, the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger assured everyone, “‘Oh I’ll take care of this,’ and that’s where it sits.”

Lindell said Raffensperger and Attorney General Chris Carr, both Republicans, will stonewall every investigation until after the 2022 election, assuring that Georgians will vote on the same corruptible voting machines and possibly under the same corrupt rules using Covid as the excuse.

It’s the same modus operandi in Wisconsin among that state’s most powerful Republican politicians.

Wisconsin GOP State Senator Kathy Bernier went on CBS “60 Minutes” just this week, to declare once again that the 2020 election was “clean and fair” in Wisconsin.

CBS, a cog in the deep-state media machine, assured its dwindling audience on Sunday night that “widespread fraud is virtually impossible in Wisconsin,” using the RINO voice of Bernier to try to put a semblance of credibility on that claim while offering no evidence or facts in support of the claim.

Why do establishment Republicans need to continue to make a public display of affirmation for the Democrats’ mantra about the 2020 election being pristine? If everything was as clean as they say, wouldn’t it be self-evident? Wouldn’t the facts speak for themselves?

These are questions that Lindell has been asking for months.

Lindell said Bernier, the state senator from Chippewa Falls, “is one of the most corrupt women I’ve ever heard of in my life,” and proved it by her 60 Minutes appearance in which she ran interference for Joe Biden’s fraudulent election.

“She goes on 60 minutes and says anyone who talks about election crime, it’s just a big charade,” Lindell said. “Well, Kathy, it’s not a charade, you’re going to go down in history as a traitor. We hope Robin Vos goes down as a hero.”

He said Vos told him that until Wisconsin gets a Republican governor “our hands are tied” and it’s impossible for the legislature to decertify the 2020 election results.

“Well Robin, you’re wrong, you can decertify tomorrow if you want,” Lindell said.

Davis cited the Gableman Report, on page 136, that says only the legislature, not the governor and not the courts, has the legal authority to decertify an election in Wisconsin.

Republicans hold a 61-38 majority in the state house and a 21-12 majority in the state senate.

“Justice Gableman said you do not need the concurrence of the governor. He added that in the case of irrefutable evidence of election fraud, Gableman believes the legislature could seat a new slate of electors.”

Democrats in Wisconsin, similar to what they did in Georgia, Pennsylvania and several other key battleground states, flooded the zone with 92,000 nursing-home voters. They also took advantage of early voting to use Zuckerberg-funded drop boxes that were totally unsupervised.

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has for over a year used words like “abnormalities, irregularities” and “tainted” to describe the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

But he always maintained there wasn’t enough fraud to change the outcome.

That changed after he sat down with the experts on March 16.

When confronted by a mob of Wisconsin journalists as he exited the meeting, he for the first time used the term “widespread election fraud.”


“Basically, they are trying to convince us that fraud occurred. I already believe there was fraud that occurred,” Vos said. “The challenge is we now need an attorney general and a governor who will fight with us to make sure that the election in 2022 and 2024 is fair. We don’t have the ability to unilaterally overturn the election.”

A reporter asked Vos point blank, “do you think there was widespread fraud or just a few instances?”

“Uh, I think there was widespread fraud,” Vos responded, shaking his head to add emphasis to his words. “And I think we are going to see more and more data come out as Justice Gableman continues his investigation, but it’s up to the people of Wisconsin to decide who they want to lead their state.”

He added that “the Democrats have still not admitted there were any issues with the 2020 election and every investigation has shown that there were many.”

“I think we should focus on the solution, which is a new governor, a new attorney general, the ability to have, as we move forward, solutions that can actually become law, as opposed to ideas which, again, are totally untested, never been done in the history of our country. We can’t have a legislature decertify an election.”

Howse said that statement was false.

“Article 2, Section 2 does allow the legislature to decertify,” Howse said.

Lindell said the legislators are the policemen designated by the Constitution as having sole authority over election laws.

“Here’s where we lose our country everybody. When he sits there, people like him, that go ‘oh we just need a new governor and a new attorney general.’ No, you have to understand the legislators are the policemen, they control the elections.”

Lindell added that, “When you have criminals leading your state, it’s no longer a party, it’s criminals that are in charge, and you think they’re going to let you win the 2020 election Robin, with the same status quo? You need to get rid of the machines, number one, decertify the election number two.”

Lindell said there are eight states where the majority of the fraud occurred and Wisconsin now tops his list with regard to the amount of evidence to suggest widespread fraud.

“I just moved them up to number one after hearing this,” Lindell said. “At least he (Vos) was able to utter the words, ‘widespread fraud.’”

Dr. Douglas Frank was also present in the private meeting March 16 with Vos.

“You notice Mike is trying to explain to Robin how his election is being stolen, and he doesn’t even understand,” Frank said. “So, my job in that private meeting was to teach him how his election was being stolen. I used the example: It doesn’t matter how many times you count the money in the register, what matters is how many of the bills are counterfeit. And he didn’t understand that. So, I showed him how, yes, the machines are controlling it, but, you have to stuff the ballots to match it, and that’s what we showed him, how they were doing that in the state. You know, I’m a teacher, so it’s wonderful to watch when your student is finally getting it.”

Constitutional attorney John Eastman was also present at the March 16 meeting. Dr. Frank described Eastman’s presentation to Vos as follows:

“He laid it out, the facts, and showed it so clearly that the Constitution of the United States very clearly says that if a state is holding a state election, they make their own state laws, but in federal issues, elections, especially in deciding federal electors like in a presidential election, the buck stops in one place and one place alone,” Frank said. “He read the statute right out of the Constitution, it’s extremely clear, the legislature has the authority, the buck stops there, to decide how those electors are determined. They have the authority to decertify tomorrow, if they have the political will. But they don’t have the political will.”

Former President Donald Trump also reacted to the news Thursday night in a post to his social media site.


“Speaker Robin Vos of the great state of Wisconsin just said there was ‘widespread fraud’ in the 2020 Presidential Election but that the State Legislature cannot do anything about it. Wrong! If you rob the diamonds from a jewelry store, if you get caught you have to give the diamonds back. Stealing votes should be the same way.”

Trump went on to say that Zuckerberg used $8.8 million to steal votes through ballot harvesting in nursing homes and elsewhere.

“Our country would not be in the mess it’s in if Republicans had the courage to act. We would be energy independent, no inflation, Ukraine desecration would not be happening, our economy would be strong, there would be no surrender in Afghanistan, and so much else. Speaker Vos should do the right thing and correct the crime of the century, immediately. It is my opinion that other states will be doing this. Wisconsin should lead the way.”

Howse said he was proud of the work his team has done in working with Lindell to produce several documentary films about the 2020 election heist, including the bombshell movie “Absolute Proof.”

“All of these people that have been mocking and making fun of us when we put out ‘Absolute Proof,’ they wouldn’t believe it,” Howse said in a follow-up interview after his Thursday night show.

He said he can’t help but feel vindicated.

“We have the cellphone pings, we have the car license plates and we have the video footage,” he explained.

“Now, it’s all going to be right there in front of their faces.”


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