The Bizarre New World of Mark Zuckerburg's 'Metaverse' Seeks to 'Blur the Lines' of Reality with Online Fantasy

Welcome to the 'metaverse': A strange new world where the same billionaire globalist elites who destroyed the lives of millions using a pandemic as their main battering ram, will  now try to entice them into a fake reality created by AI and computer algorithms.

Facebook announced this week it is changing its name to "Meta" and while that might sound like just another corporate rebranding, it's anything but, says Patrick Wood, an expert on technocracy and transhumanism.

The name change is central to CEO Mark Zuckerburg's plans to push a very specific agenda that entices Facebook users into a new transhumanist reality, says Wood, editor-in-chief of Technocracy News and Trends and author of several books on the topic.

Wood appeared in an Oct. 28 interview with Brannon Howse Live on the WVW Broadcast Network and lifted the veil on a mysterious new world called the "metaverse," which will soon take over the internet.

"It's just kind of unfolding now," he said. "There's not been much discussion of it until now outside of the gaming community."

For those unfamiliar with the digital advances in virtual reality, and what is now called "enhanced reality," Wood recommends the 2018 movie Ready Player One to get a taste of what it will be like.

"It's a science fiction movie where a guy puts on these goggles, he lives in a dystopian world, and all of a sudden he's immersed into this new world," Wood explained. "And it's an artificial world but he can travel through it, do things, hug people, love people, shoot guns, do all that kind of stuff in this virtual world."

"A lot of people are likening the metaverse to that movie," Wood said.

Big Tech and billionaire globalist elites like Zuckerburg believe they can make your reality better than the actual reality of living in the gloomy new world created by the same elites in the form of the Great Reset.

"Mark Zuckerburg is leading the pack right now. He's not the only one; there are other companies that are deeply invested in this already," Wood said. "But Zuckerburg is doubling down, tripling down, quadrupling down, to make the metaverse his thing for the future. He's going to completely transform Facebook into a metaverse product."

This is where it's going to start entering the land of the bizarre. A land of make-believe where users will be able to "check out" of their current reality, or mix and match parts of their actual reality with a new reality of their own making.

"This is a stepping stone straight into the transhumanist meme, where people can live in an artificial world where they can interact just as easily as they can in the real world," Wood said. "I know that just sounds incredible, but they're talking about you creating an avatar for yourself that will be your online avatar. It will look like you, talk like you, and you will be able to go from one game to another, one virtual reality to another. And you will recognize one another in these different realities."

It's a blurring of the lines between your physical and your online identity.

Klaus Schwab anticipated this when he described in his 2017 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new digital economy that would fuel what he calls a fourth industrial revolution and a global reset. He said "The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusing of our physical, digital and biological identities," which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

These advances in technology, Schwab writes, are "even challenging ideas about what it means to be human."

"They're creating a new reality. It sounds weird but..." Wood said, pausing for the right words.

"As some have said, reality is the metaverse, the metaverse is reality. They're the same thing. It's just what location do you decide to spend your time in at the moment?"

People will also have the ability to spend money in the metaverse. Facebook is working on its own cryptocurrency.

"They're saying you could order a pizza in the metaverse and have it delivered physically to your house, or you could turn that around... it's really crazy," Wood said.

Facebook is working on a new high-end virtual reality headset, codenamed Cambria, which is designed for Facebook's metaverse. Facebook teased the device at its Connect conference on Thursday, Oct. 28, and plans to release it to market sometime next year.

According to an article in TechCrunch:

"Cambria will include capabilities that currently aren’t possible on other VR headsets. New sensors in the device will allow your virtual avatar to maintain eye contact and reflect your facial expressions. The company says that’s something that will allow people you’re interacting with virtually to get a better sense of how you’re feeling. Another focus of the headset will be mixed-reality experiences. With the help of new sensors and reconstruction algorithms, Facebook claims Cambria will have the capability to represent objects in the physical world with a sense of depth and perspective."

Could this be why Facebook has been using facial recognition software to collect data on its users for the last several years?

"Then you think about the Great Reset where they say you'll own nothing and love it, and then you have the universal basic income where people will be getting a government check and sitting home doing nothing," Howse noted.

Well, now they will be able to use that exponential increase in free time to engage in this new false reality.

Wood said developers have speculated that they believe the metaverse will be the place where all forms of entertainment and media eventually converge. This is where it will take place and be consumed. They also believe it's where online social groups will congregate.

Facebook will drive its more than 1 billion users into this new reality.

"The problem comes in when you won't be able to distinguish between your reality and their reality," Wood said.

For older people who may not understand, Howse said this is not about sitting in front of a gigantic computer screen. "This is about putting on a set of glasses and living and feeling as though you are actually in that world."

Wood described it as a "gateway into transhumanism," which is the elites' plan to create humanity 2.0, which they consider to be a "more perfect human," They will accomplish that, they believe, by merging man with machine and connecting him to the metaverse.

And at some point you won't have to wear goggles or glasses. A device will be implanted in the brain – this is where some experts believe the metaverse is ultimately heading.

"They now believe they can download someone's life experience, whether it's their soul or brain, wherever they can get enough data, load it into the metaverse where they can generate a person in the metaverse that will act independently of anybody outside the metaverse as if it were that person," Wood explained.

Wood said tech pioneer and futurist Ray Kurzweil "may well be able to achieve his dream of resurrecting his father, by taking all that information, creating an avatar for his father. His father can now act and interact and respond with people, inside the metaverse. He will never get out. But inside the metaverse he can be 'alive'."

Howse noted that this technology will also be adopted and used for evil by the porn industry as it further dehumanizes and perverts human sexuality.

"Oh yes," Wood said. "There will be no limits. Do anything. If it feels good, go ahead and do it."

Howse said the new virtual reality creations will also fit nicely with the plans to remove most of the world's workforce from their jobs and pay them a universal basic income to sit home and collect a government check. They will own nothing under the Great Reset but they will have lots of time on their hands.

"If you're not working and you're sitting at home getting a check, what are you going to do all day?" Howse said. "You will go anywhere around the world exploring and feeling as if you are really there."

You could visit any city in the world, go to a concert, a sports event, and meet up with your distant friends at these virtual locations.

"And you feel as if you're actually in the concert with the living star or even a dead star of the past," Howse said.

You can also do a blended reality, where parts of your living environment are there but someone from another country comes and visits you, Wood explained.

Howse said it's easy to see how the antichrist, as described in the book of Revelation, could use this new technology to promote himself.

"It says he will set up an image of himself in the temple of God and speak words of blasphemy against the one true God," Howse said.

"Yes, people should keep their eye on Facebook and the gaming companies," Wood said. "It's going to be huge. And trust me, there will be billions and billions poured into this technology over the next five years."

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