Bill Gates Buys One of Europe’s Largest Beer Brewing Companies


  • Corporate America is going gaga over artificial intelligence. 
  • Coca Cola goes all in with A.I. and chatbots, announcing it will depend increasingly on non-human technology to market its products and even run the company’s operations. And the Atlanta based beverage company is not alone. 
  • Bill Gates buys one of Europe’s largest beer brewing companies.
  • New data out of Scotland shows Pfizer lied and schemed its way through the clinical trials for its Covid vaccine, hiding adverse events from the final results.
  • And a Republican congressman introduces a bill that would stop the Federal Reserve from issuing an official digital cryptocurrency.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Financial Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Financial Report.

The Bide administration has appointed a member of the Trilateral Commission to head up the World Bank.

In fact, as Patrick Wood reports in a new article at Technocracy.News, Biden is stacking his administration with current or former members of the Trilateral Commission.

  • Antony Blinken – Secretary of State
  • Susan Rice – Domestic Policy Advisor
  • Eric Schmidt – Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • John Podesta – Green New Deal spending tsar
  • Ajay Banga – President of the World Bank

When the Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by globalist banker David Rockefeller and globalist professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Wood reports that the two men successfully engineered a takeover of the Carter Administration in order to control the economic engine of the world: The United States.

Since that time, six out of nine appointed World Bank presidents have been members of the Trilateral Commission. Nine out of 12 U.S. trade representatives have also members.

Now, Biden has used his presidential appointment power to pick Ajay Banga as the latest president of the World Bank. According to the White House press release:

“Ajay Banga currently serves as Vice Chairman at General Atlantic. Previously, he was President and CEO of Mastercard, leading the company through a strategic, technological and cultural transformation.  Over the course of his career, Ajay has become a global leader in technology, data, financial services and innovating for inclusion. He is Honorary Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce, serving as Chairman from 2020-2022. He is also Chairman of Exor and Independent Director at Temasek. He became an advisor to General Atlantic’s climate-focused fund, BeyondNetZero, at its inception in 2021. He previously served on the Boards of the American Red Cross, Kraft Foods and Dow Inc. Ajay has worked closely with Vice President Harris as the Co-Chair of the Partnership for Central America. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, a founding trustee of the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum, a former member of the National Committee on United States-China Relations, and Chairman Emeritus of the American India Foundation.

Wood says that Banga is the perfect pick to usher in a new global financial system. He is a cybersecurity expert and former head of Mastercard.

Born into a Sikh family, Banga was born, raised, educated and employed in India, ultimately climbing to the top of Mastercard.

Wood concludes his article by writing, “For anyone who thinks that the Trilateral Commission has no influence in today’s world, or indeed, is still calling all the plays, they are ignorant of history and the depth of entanglement that remains to this day. In fact, the Commission still controls all economic policy within the White House and they are intent on driving the world into and through the Great Reset into Technocracy.”


Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has become the first consumer goods company to publicly announce its intention to use OpenAI’s artificial-intelligence technology, called ChatGPT, for marketing and consumer experiences — and potentially other ways. 

Generative A.I. is a series of artificial intelligence algorithms that can be used to quickly create conversational text, images, voice-overs and other content that appears as if it’s from a real human being when in fact it is computer generated.

Coca-Cola will team up with OpenAI and Bain & Company to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E platforms to craft personalized ad copy, images, and messaging, the companies announced in a press release. 

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said they see opportunities to enhance marketing with the rapidly-emerging A.I. technology and they’re also exploring ways to improve business operations and capabilities through the use of artificial intelligence. That’s code for replacing human beings in the office with computer bots.


Another example of how corporate America is lining up to embrace the digital transformation of artificial intelligence, ESG scores and transhumanism is the iconic cosmetics and beauty firm L’Oréal.

According to a company press release:

“L’Oréal made significant strides in digital innovation over the last year, such as leveraging inclusive, science-backed beauty and entering new selling and consumer engagement opportunities on TikTok and the metaverse, all while tapping artificial intelligence and data.”

The release then asks the reader to: “Learn how the company is preparing for the future of beauty with a strategy focused on digital transformation.”

The company’s overall approach leans on a “multipolar geographical” strategy, said company CEO Nicolas Hieronimus during a recent call with investors — one that touches every area of the enterprise. He added that:

The multi-pronged approach means recognizing what the future holds: “an AI- and tech-led era with the highest expectations in terms of sustainability, purpose, and cultural diversity.”

According to, he pointed to recent advances in beauty science at the company such as an augmented reality platform developed for those with limited hand and arm mobility. 

L’Oréal has also tapped AI to gather large-scale consumer data to better understand skin and aging, using the technology to develop “next-level diagnosis services for personalized recommendations to drive loyalty and satisfaction.”

When you read comments like this from American CEOs, one can easily see where the corporate leadership is going, straight into transhumanism.


A new financial disclosure report reveals that Bill Gates dropped nearly $1 billion to acquire a nearly 4 percent stake in Dutch drinks giant Heineken Holding last week in spite of the billionaire Microsoft founder’s previous admission that he was “not a big beer drinker.” 

A filing by the Netherlands’ Financial Markets Authority said the shares were purchased on February 17. Heineken Holding owns a controlling stake in brewer Heineken NV. Gates purchased the shares from Mexico’s FEMSA, which is selling out of the brewing company.

A separate filing from the same day showed that FEMSA sold all 18 million shares it held in Heineken Holding. Shortly after, Gates purchased 10.8 million shares, worth $940 million at current market prices.

Gates has previously confessed to not being a “big beer drinker” in a 2018 “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Reddit.

Some of Gates’ previous purchases have raised eyebrows, such as his recent purchases of large swaths of farmland across the United States.  

In July of last year, Gates spent $13.5 million on a purchase of farmland in North Dakota, which earned opposition and a legal challenge, but was ultimately approved

As of 2021, his largest holdings in the U.S. included 69,071 acres in Louisiana, 47,927 acres in Arkansas, 25,750 acres in Arizona, 20,588 acres in Nebraska and 16,097 in Washington state.


Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review has a new report out that confirms the research conclusion of Naomi Wolf and her team regarding the trial data of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

According to new provisional data from the Scottish government, Horowitz reports there were 7,314 deaths registered in January 2023, an increase of 17.7% compared to the average of 6,212. 

For the second week of January, there were more deaths in Scotland than ever before, including during the peak of the pandemic. Concurrently, there were 4,159 births registered in January 2023, a decrease of 6.8% compared to the average of 4,463. In other words, between a dearth of births and a plethora of deaths, there were roughly 1,400 fewer souls, the equivalent of roughly 86,000 in the United States. 

This is long after COVID and Horowitz asks the big question: “Why is there zero concern? What on earth will it take to pull these death shots from the market?”

Horowitz cites an article in German-based Die Welt newspaper that revealed last week in a long expose’ what many of us have long known. 

He states that all those sudden deaths, heart attacks, and strokes we’ve been reporting over the past two years were indeed observed during the Pfizer clinical trial that supposedly showed the shots to be 100% safe and effective. 

The company simply covered up the severe adverse events by kicking those participants out of the trial and/or suggesting without evidence that the deaths had nothing to do with the experiment, Horowitz writes.

He recalls to our attention that the CDC announced a few weeks ago that it had finally studied a potential association between the COVID shots and strokes. Well, it turns out the agency had the opportunity to study it already in 2020 before a single human being outside the trial was injected. “Patient no. 11621327” was more than a mere number. He was a human being found dead from a stroke in his apartment just three days after the second dose. Typically, with a new product in trial, any death – even one not so sudden – makes the product suspect until it is proven innocent. Yet in this case, Pfizer simply dismissed the death as not related to the vaccine, just as the company did with Patient #11521497, who died 20 days later from cardiac arrest.

The article also provides more details on the Buenos Aires trial site, the largest one in the world, in which attorney Augusto Roux was severely injured with pericarditis and liver damage. Instead of being recorded as a severe adverse event, he was marked as having had COVID (even though he tested negative) and was summarily removed from the trial. 

So much for “thoroughly and rigorously tested” and “safe and effective.” This was straight up fraud by Pfizer with the full support of the U.S. government.


Billionaire financier and investor Thomas H. Lee was found dead, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Manhattan office Thursday morning, police sources told the New York Post.

Officers responded to a 911 call at 767 Fifth Ave. — where Thomas H. Lee Capital LLC is located on the sixth floor — around 11:10 a.m., the sources said.

EMTs pronounced the 78-year-old businessman dead at the scene.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will determine the official cause of death.

“The family is extremely saddened by Tom’s death. While the world knew him as one of the pioneers in the private equity business and a successful businessman, we knew him as a devoted husband, father, grandfather, sibling, friend and philanthropist who always put others’ needs before his own,” Lee family friend and spokesperson Michael Sitrick said in a statement.

Lee is credited with being one of the first financiers to purchase companies with money borrowed against the business being bought — what is now called a leveraged buyout.

The Harvard graduate founded Thomas H. Lee Partners L.P. in 1974, serving as the chairman and CEO of the company and its predecessors.

In 1992, the private equity pioneer bought Snapple and sold it two years later for $1.7 billion, making 32 times his money.

Lee was a long-time friend of the Clintons, according to an article in the Daily Mail, which described him as a fixture in the New York City social scene. The Mail ran photos of Lee at various elitist events where he was posing with the likes of former NBC anchor Matt Lauer and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others.

At the time of his death, Lee’s net worth was estimated at $2 billion, according to Forbes.


Many prominent people have paid visits to East Palestine, Ohio, this past week, where people are suffering greatly from the chemical explosion that contaminated the town, made people and pets sick, and threatens to destroy the water and soil for years to come.

Donald Trump visited the town on Wednesday, February 22, and Rudy Giuliani was there Wednesday and Thursday.

But there has been precious little support shown by corporate America. 

America’s biggest companies may not have stepped up to the plate to help the folks in East Palestine but some smaller companies are.

One example is Goya Foods, whose leadership has been known to be America First in their outlook. 


The company had donated hundreds of ready-to-serve meals to the people of East Palestine the previous week.


The massive group healthcare company Kaiser Permanente is being sued by a teenager who had been “transitioned” by the company from female to male.

Chloe Cole, a de-transitioned 18-year-old woman, announced the first official lawsuit in the U.S. against the hospital and affiliated medical group that facilitated her medical transition as a minor. 

The Center for American Liberty, along with a team of attorneys led by the Dhillon Law Group, have filed a lawsuit against the Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, alleging medical negligence in providing chemical and surgical sex-change interventions to Chloe Cole when she was a minor between the ages of 13-16.

Harmeet Dhillon, attorney and CEO of the Center for American Liberty, stated in a press release:

“Chloe’s family sought medical treatment for her at Kaiser. Her physicians and other medical professionals violated the first norm of the profession, the Hippocratic Oath, when, instead of caring for her and providing medically competent diagnoses and treatment, they permanently disfigured her for profit.”

Dhillon further stated that:

“What happened to Chloe at Kaiser should never happen to any child in America, and the Center for American Liberty is committed to protecting children like Chloe.”

Despite receiving a Notice of Intent to Sue on November 9, 2022, the defendants neglected to respond for over 90 days, which left Cole with “no choice but to seek justice from a court of law,” the press release states. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants coerced Cole into pursuing irreversible chemical and surgical interventions between the ages of 13 and 16 while “concealing less invasive treatments and by lying to her about her condition.”

A press conference was held February 23 in front of Kaiser Gender Pathways Clinic in Oakland, California — the same clinic where Cole received part of her treatment as a minor. Cole, alongside Dhillon, gave an impassioned speech accusing Kaiser of “victimizing thousands of children” with “Mengele-style experiments.”

She said, “I was 15 when you cut into my body, ripped out my breasts and stitched me back up like I was your rag doll. You are on the wrong side of history and will always be remembered as child butchers.”

She added that:

“Once I announced my intention to seek justice, I have not stopped receiving call after call, email after email, of parents and patients that have been harmed by these same practices, some of them even were butchered in the same building I was.”


Moderna’s fourth-quarter profit tumbled 70% as COVID-19 vaccine sales fell and the drugmaker paid out a massive royalty payment to the U.S. government.

The U.S. government, co-patent holder for the Moderna experimental gene-therapy injections, was paid $400 million in royalties.

Rising research and development costs also weighed on Moderna as the vaccine developer looks to strengthen an income statement currently dominated by its Spikevax coronavirus preventive shots, according to a report by the corporate media outlet Associated Press.

Moderna said Thursday its cost of sales jumped nearly a billion dollars to $1.9 billion in the final quarter of 2022. That included a $400-million “catch-up” payment to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an arm of the U.S. government, for a new agreement on future royalty sales of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Moderna scientists and government researchers worked together to develop the deadly COVID-19 vaccine.

More than 270 million doses of the original vaccine and even more deadly boosters have been administered to people of all ages in the United States since regulators granted emergency authorization in late 2020. That number, 270 million, comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so we don’t know how reliable that is.


Over the years, manufacturers and even some medical providers have been promoting smartwatches and other activity/fitness trackers for health monitoring despite the fact that these devices expose wearers to high levels of biologically harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and wireless radiation.  In fact, there have been lawsuits filed as well as recalls due to wearables causing undesirable health issues. Government and medical agencies have warned about wireless exposure causing interference issues with medical devices and implants. Now a new study has revealed more reasons to be wary of wearable or implanted devices connected to the internet.  

According to the study, smartwatches and wearable devices like a Fitbit or Apple Watch could trigger a heart attack in vulnerable patients. Scientists with the University of Utah say these wearable gadgets can interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers, but that’s not all.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Benjamin Sanchez Terrones, a computer engineer at the University of Utah, said in a media release:

“This study raises a red flag. We have done this work in simulations and benchtop testing following Food and Drug Administration accepted guidelines, and these gadgets interfere with the correct functioning of the cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) we tested. These results call for future clinical studies evaluating the translation of our findings to patients with CIEDs and using these wearable devices.”

High-tech watches that record exercise levels for the health conscious are potentially dangerous for a small group of people, the team concludes. This group of devices also include at-home smart scales and smart rings that utilize a sensing technique called bioimpedance.

The team says their results apply to smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale. Simulations and lab tests suggest that they could cause unnecessary shocks to the heart.

The study concluded that more study is needed on the safety of these devices.


House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, Republican of Minnesota, introduced legislation on February 22nd to prevent the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, which he and other experts warns could result in government surveillance of every transaction conducted by every American.


Emmer, a staunch cryptocurrency advocate, wrote in a tweet:

“Today, I introduced the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act to halt efforts of unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC from stripping Americans of their right to financial privacy.”

He continued, “Any digital version of the dollar must uphold our American values of privacy, individual sovereignty, and free market competitiveness. Anything less opens the door to the development of a dangerous surveillance tool.”

Emmer said the bill would bar the Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC, prevent the Fed from using a CBDC for monetary policy purposes, and require the Fed’s CBDC projects to be transparent.

Patrick Wood, one of the nation’s preeminent voices against technocracy, said Emmer’s legislation is a welcome sign that some politicians are waking up to the burgeoning technocratic superstate that claims we will own nothing and be happy.

Wood commented: “Central Bank Digital Currencies are key to the implementation of a technocratic scientific dictatorship because it would create a central control point over all financial transactions. Finally, legislative pushback is emerging to stop the Federal Reserve from creating a digitized dollar.”

We join Wood and Emmer is condemning the Federal Reserve’s efforts to create a digital dollar. The Fed is a privately held financial institution that has no business capturing information on transactions carried out by ordinary Americans on a daily basis. The digital dollars will not only be digital but programmable, meaning they could be turned on or turned off, or programmed to expire if not used in a certain amount of time. 

The fact that it took this long for a single U.S. congressman to stand up against such a high-powered surveillance tool is extraordinary. That tells you how out of touch most of them are, even on the Republican side. We and others have been reporting on the dangers of digital currencies for years, so these congressmen have no excuses for their ignorance. Or is it just indifference?

Either way, they must be held accountable.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Financial Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast…

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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