The Biden Regime Plans to Spend Millions on Drug Vending Machines: September 9, 2022

INTRO: We have an eye-opening report tonight about China’s involvement in the American market for aborted baby body parts.

Also, another major Western country decides that Covid vaccines are too risky to be given to children and teens.

Meanwhile, new data emerges on the shocking toll these vaccines are taking on working-age adults.

Also tonight, we take a look at the impact of the green-energy movement in Italy, where utility bills have now skyrocketed by 500 percent and businesses are resorting to candles their light.

And the Biden administration is ready to spend $3.6 million to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky – pot pipes, syringes for shooting up deadly drugs, condoms; it’s all part of the package in what they call “harm reduction kiosks.”

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

We lead off tonight with new revelations  about communist China’s involvement in the black market for aborted baby body parts.

In a report posted by Natural News, Mitchell Gerber, an investigative journalist who specializes in the Chinese Communist Party’s black market for human organs, told Jeff Dornik of “The Breakdown” that he has uncovered strong evidence of collusion between Planned Parenthood and the CCP.

In essence, the CCP is buying organs and tissues from Planned Parenthood and using them to develop bioweapons.

Gerber told The Breakdown:

“The director of the Chinese Communist Party’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, Li Bin, announced that he would contribute $528 million to Planned Parenthood in exchange for the continued donation of human tissue samples.”

Since forging that partnership, Gerber says the CCP has become the largest repository of human DNA from U.S. persons in history.

Even more concerning, he says human DNA is being used by the Chinese communists to develop biological weapons.

This is treason, Gerber said, adding:

“And our own government is colluding with the CCP with biological weapons, and that’s a whole other story, but yes they’re using these organs to make massive amounts of money, and they’re doing it deliberately to take over the world.”

The article notes that Americans have been voluntarily sending their DNA to the CCP under the guise of figuring out their families’ ancestry.

Companies like 23andMe collect samples and purportedly use them to map out someone’s family tree. In reality, those samples often get sold and make their way into the CCP’s vast DNA repository.

Not only bioweapons but also artificial intelligence systems are produced from these samples, Dornik says. And our own government is complicit in the deception. That’s why Gerber used the word treason to describe what is taking place.


The U.K. has become the latest nation to ban COVID-19 vaccinations for most children. Health regulators banned the vaccines for ages 5 to 11 while qualifying that those 12 to 15 should also not get the vaccine unless they are plagued by serious underlying health conditions.

This follows Denmark’s decision to ban the injections for children under the age of 18, and Uruguay’s decision to ban them for kids 13 and under.

British health officials decided the shots are too risky given the data now pouring in from the United States, which has approved the experimental mRNA shots under emergency use for kids as young as six months old.

In one survey reported by the CDC of more than 4,200 American children, more than 20 percent experienced side effects that made it impossible for the kids to perform normal life functions the day after receiving the second shot.


Meanwhile, the data coming in from life insurance companies continues to show that the shots are not safe for adults, either.

Conservative News Daily reports that death claims for working-age adults under group life insurance policies spiked well beyond expected levels last summer and fall, according to data from 20 of the top 21 life insurance companies in the United States.

Death claims for adults aged 35 to 44 were 100 percent higher than expected in July, August, and September 2021, according to a report by the Society of Actuaries, which analyzed 2.3 million death claims submitted to life insurance firms.

The report looked at death claims filed under group life insurance policies during the 24 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, from April 2020 to March 2022. The researchers used data from the three years before the pandemic to set a baseline for the expected deaths.

The data shows that for people 34 and younger, the number of excess non-COVID deaths was higher than those related to COVID.

During the third quarter of last year, deaths in the 25 to 34 age bracket were 78 percent above the expected level and, for people aged 45 to 54, 80 percent higher than expected. Excess mortality was 53 percent above the baseline for adults aged 55 to 64.

The Society of Actuaries asked all 20 of the participating life insurance companies how they determine the cause of death for the purpose of recording claims. Of the 18 that responded, 17 said they list COVID-19 as the cause of death if it’s listed anywhere on the death certificate, while eight said they go further and communicate with relatives and the medical examiner and look at other sources to try to determine the true cause of death.


The Counter Signal reports that stores in Italy are turning off their lights and opting for candles amid a massive increase in energy bills. 

Some reports peg the energy hikes at a 500% increase. Amid the price spike, some stores also removed food items that require cold storage because it costs too much to power refrigerators.


In June, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said the country weaned itself down to 25% percent of Russian gas from 40% the year before, the Express reports. 

Still, three-quarters of Italy’s power consumption is imported. And Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom has been increasing prices.

Some bars and restaurants have even been putting their energy bills on display for customers, according to Express. 

Citizens in Naples, Terni, Assisi, Bastia, Spoleto and several other cities across Italy are publicly burning their utility bills in protest of the high energy costs.

In videos, protesters are burning their bills, saying, “We don’t pay! Now that’s enough!”


A similar consumers’ pushback movement has begun in the U.K., called Don’t Pay U.K.

How long before this same sad scenario starts playing out here in the United States, where Joe Biden is closing off federal lands to drilling, shutting down pipelines, and incentivizing “green” energy that is less reliable and more expensive to produce? It’s already reached a point where one in six Americans are behind on their utility bills and 3.8 million renters are facing evictions because they can’t afford the dramatic hike in rental rates, up to 50 percent higher than a year ago in many U.S. cities.


The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Biden administration is set to spend $3.6 million to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky—an effort the Biden administration says will reduce the stigma of being a drug user.

The project from the National Institutes of Health was launched in August and will study the effectiveness of "harm reduction kiosks" in rural Appalachia that contain "injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies."

The vending machines allow drug users to obtain items such as syringes without interacting with a health professional, in hopes of eliminating the stigma that comes with visiting an in-person harm reduction facility, according to the health agency.

The White House referenced the project in an August 31 press release on its actions taken “to address addiction and the overdose epidemic.”

The administration has adopted a wide range of harm reduction policies, which aim to make illicit drug use safer and more acceptable “rather than eliminate it,” the Free Beacon reports.

The Free Beacon in February reported that the Department of Health and Human Services was set to fund the distribution of crack pipes with a $30 million harm reduction grant. The administration backed off the funding plans amid public backlash, and the New York Times reported that the uproar over plans to fund crack pipes derailed Biden's drug policy agenda.

But the White House remains committed to adopting controversial harm reduction policies.

The New York Times reported in July that Biden's drug czar Dr. Rahul Gupta put his support behind legalized injection sites, which allow users to legally inject drugs with supervision from health professionals.

A new study, which was conducted by the University of Kentucky, appears to be the first effort by the federal government to deploy harm-reduction vending machines.

These machines have been popularized in CanadaAustralia, and other countries. A few U.S. states, including New YorkRhode IslandOhio, and Nevada, have deployed the machines in recent years, according to the Free Beacon’s report. The machines sometimes include smoking kits, which in many cases include crack pipes.

The University of Kentucky declined to comment, directing the Free Beacon‘s inquiry to the NIH. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, which heads the project at the NIH, told the Free Beacon that along with drug paraphernalia, the vending machines will include "food kits, water, socks and gloves, feminine hygiene products, wound care, and resources/guides.”


A Christian teacher at a school in Ireland has been sent to jail for contempt of court for failing to follow a court order after he refused to use a student's preferred pronouns.

According to The Washington Examiner, Enoch Burke was suspended from his teaching job at Wilson's Hospital School by an order from the High Court after refusing to address a student using “they” pronouns, citing religious beliefs, according to RTE.

Burke was arrested Monday, September 5th, at the school after ignoring the suspension and appearing on campus. The teacher told the court it was “insanity” that he was being jailed over his sincerely held religious beliefs.


Just before being hauled off to prison, Burke told the court:

“It is insanity that I will be led from this courtroom to a place of incarceration, but I will not give up my Christian beliefs.”

Burke told the court he only wants to teach without violating his beliefs.

“I am a teacher and I don’t want to go to prison. I want to be in my classroom today. That’s where I was this morning when I was arrested. Transgenderism is against my Christian belief. It is contrary to the scriptures, contrary to the ethos of the Church of Ireland and of my school.”


The Sun reports that RUSSIA says its 16,000 mph hypersonic ‘Satan-2’ missile, which can fit 12 nuclear warheads and could destroy the U.K. with a single launch, will go into service within a year.

The Kremlin will also significantly increase the number of test launches of its nuke-tipped rockets in 2022, amid concerns that tensions with its neighbor, Ukraine, could spark World War III.

The head of Moscow’s strategic missile forces, Col-Gen Sergey Karakayev vowed to replace Russia’s existing hypersonic gliding unit by the time the West finds an “antidote” to it.

This comes as images purport to show heavy weaponry suspected to be enroute to a military field camp near the village of Klintsy, some 28 miles from the Ukrainian border.

Vladimir Putin has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the border in recent months.

The hypersonic missile can deliver between 10 and 15 warheads that weigh up to 10 tons to any point in the world flying over both the North and South Poles, says the Kremlin.


Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter this week and mocked California Governor Gavin Newsom after he announced that California is in a “Flex alert.”

In a September 6 tweet, Newsom declared, “CALIFORNIA: We’re now in a Flex Alert.”


“What does that mean? We all need to conserve as much energy as possible during this record-breaking heatwave,” Newsom explained.

Newsom then instructed residents, “Here’s what to do until 9 pm tonight: – Set thermostats to 78 – Turn off unnecessary lights – Avoid using large appliances.”

The next day, on September 7, Greene mocked Newsom’s directive in a tweet where she said, “This is America’s future under Democrats’ green energy scams.”


“The America Last Democrats are purposely destroying fossil fuel industries that actually produce plenty of energy and keep the lights & AC on,” Greene insisted.

Greene added, “While China burns more coal and buys more oil to increase energy output.”


We reported last night on the killing of an investigative journalist in Las Vegas named Jeff German.

German was stabbed to death outside his home by an unknown assailant over the Labor Day weekend.

On Wednesday, September 7, local law enforcement served search warrants in connection with German’s murder.


Police officers on Wednesday were spotted at the home of Robert Telles, a county official that Jeff German had been reporting on recently.

Telles, a Democrat, lost his re-election bid in June’s primary after Jeff German exposed the hostile work environment in the Democrat official’s office.

German had also recently filed a public records request on emails and text messages between Telles and others in his office, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Telles reportedly had an “inappropriate relationship” with a subordinate staffer.

Telles has denied the accusations.

Democrats, history shows, will not hesitate to resort to violence when they don’t get their way, or when they fear their corruption is about to be exposed.


Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse blog has written a piece about the pending derivatives crisis about to engulf Western Europe.

He writes:

“This thing in Europe is rapidly becoming rather serious. Vladimir Putin’s decision to end the flow of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has caused an enormous derivatives crisis to erupt in Europe, and it is going to take a giant mountain of money to fix it.  Some are already referring to this as a ‘Lehman Brothers moment’ for the European financial system, and authorities all over the EU are really starting to freak out. We haven’t seen anything like this since 2008, and if the Europeans are not able to contain the damage, we could soon see a tsunami of financial panic sweep across the entire globe.”

Snyder further reports that it is being reported that energy trading in Europe “is being strained by margin calls of at least $1.5 trillion, putting pressure on governments to provide more liquidity buffers, according to Norway’s Equinor ASA.”

Aside from fanning inflation, the biggest energy crisis in decades is sucking up capital to guarantee trades amid wild price swings. That’s pushing European Union officials to intervene to prevent energy markets from stalling, while governments across the region are stepping in to backstop struggling utilities. Finland has warned of a “Lehman Brothers” moment, with power companies facing sudden cash shortages.

This financial crisis will no doubt exacerbate the already brewing energy crisis in Europe as we head into the winter months. Stay tuned for updates as we keep you posted on this alarming situation.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The Gulf Cooperation Council which represents Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE among others, has demanded that Netflix remove content that violated “Islamic and societal values,” which Saudi state media implied would include LGBTQ content.

While the General Commission for Audiovisual Media, a Saudi-based media watchdog for the Gulf Cooperation Council, did not specify the nature of the content in question, it mentioned that some was targeted at children and that failure to comply would result in legal action, Reuters reported.

The Saudi state-run TV outlet, discussing the announcement, accused Netflix of “promoting homosexuality by focusing excessively on homosexuals,” the BBC reported.


Obviously, that was in Arabic, not English, but you get the idea. Some countries are standing up to the debauched, American-based entertainment industry that has been for years pumping out filth designed to corrupt young minds. This type of smut is not what America should be known for, but as long as there’s no regulation of such content here in the United States, companies like Netflix will continue to export it to the world. And it’s even more embarrassing that it took a coalition of Islamic nations to stand up and say no, we will not subject our youth to this corruption.

That’s our commentary for tonight, and that brings us to the close of our Worldview Report. Thanks for joining us and for sharing this newscast with your friends and family members. Good night and God bless, and may God save America.

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