The Biden Regime Gives The OK to Ignore State Abortion Bans

INTRO: A medical doctor and U.S. Army veteran is blowing the whistle on the
origins of Covid-19, which he says is a bioweapon that resulted from a joint
venture between the Chinese communists and the U.S. government with key
support from the CIA.
We have a heart wrenching testimony from an 18-year-old woman who was sent
down the path of transitioning from female to male when she was 13 years old.
You won’t want to miss her story.
The Biden administration has given the OK for the U.S. Postal Service to ignore
state abortion bans and send abortion drugs through the mail in all 50 states.
Katie Hobbs’ first order of business as Governor of Arizona is to tear down the
makeshift wall that had been slowing down the influx of illegals into that state.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
Dr. Andrew Huff is the former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, an Army
veteran, and the author of a forthcoming book from Simon & Schuster called, “The
Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History.”  Dr. Huff
reported to Dr. Peter Daszak at EcoHealth, the notorious doctor who sent funding
dollars to the Wuhan research labs.
In September Dr. Huff sent a report on the origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus to the
U.S. Senate and Congress.
Dr. Huff provided proof that the COVID virus that killed millions and resulted in a
global economic shutdown and untold physical and psychological damage to
billions was created in a Chinese laboratory, and there’s no escaping the fact that
the Wuhan laboratory was making use of funding and expertise from the United
Dr. Huff submitted the letter and evidence under penalty of perjury.
On Tuesday, January 3, Dr. Huff joined Elizabeth MacDonald on The Evening
Edit on FOX Business Network. During their discussion Dr. Huff dropped a
bombshell on the shadowy character of Dr. Peter Daszak, who was clearly in

possession of U.S. taxpayer funding through his politically connected friend, Dr.
Anthony Fauci.
Huff stated:
“This was actually a failed intelligence operation. We were actually trading China
advanced biotechnology for access to and to collect intelligence on their
bioweapons laboratory. I believe. I can’t prove that but a number of agencies that I
discuss in the book, including Dr. Peter Daszak telling me he worked with the
Elizabeth MacDonald asked point blank: “So Dr. Peter Daszak is working with the
CIA? Is that what you just said?”
Dr. Huff’s response?
“Correct. He approached me and asked me should he work with them. And then in
the next two months he inferred he was working with them… In the next two
months he told me the relationship or the work with them was received.”
So now we have testimony that the CIA is not only engaged in censorship of
Americans but in the creation of bioweapons labs overseas. This is a rogue agency.
It needs to be defunded and dissolved. In fact, President Harry Truman, who
reluctantly signed off on the creation of the CIA in the late 1940s, came out 14
years later after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and said he’d
regretted that decision because the CIA had already gone rogue at that point. He
said it was morphing into an American Gestapo. His worst nightmare had been
realized. Nobody listened.


Conservative author Dr. Jordan Peterson sat down recently with an 18 -year-old
de-transitioner named Chloe Cole.
Chloe was indoctrinated, affirmed, and set on an irreparable path toward
transgenderism at the age of 15.
Now she finds herself abandoned by the LGBTQ community and the doctors that
led her over the edge. Chloe Cole is a resident of the Central Valley of California.
She started her transition at age 12. She was encouraged to take puberty blockers
and testosterone at 13 and was the victim of a double mastectomy at 15. She is now
a strong advocate against gender ideology.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:17)
That is heartbreaking. And it’s happening all over this country. Kids, too young to
understand anything and driven by feelings, being taken advantage of by corrupt
adults. This has to stop.


The Biden administration has given the OK for the U.S. Postal Service to ignore
state abortion bans and send abortion drugs through the mail in all 50 states.
Biden’s Justice Department is essentially telling the Postal Service to ignore the
Dobbs decision in which the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and
then to ignore all state legislative and court actions that were allowed by Dobbs to
take effect in the individual states.
The Hill reports the DOJ issued the legal opinion to the U.S. Postal Service and
independent mail services Tuesday in response to several recent Biden
administration decisions that allow abortion drugs to be sold through the mail or at
a pharmacy. Previously, the abortion drug mifepristone could only be dispensed by
abortion facilities, medical offices and hospitals under the supervision of a licensed
medical professional.
In the legal opinion, and that’s all it is, an opinion, the Biden administration
lawyers asserted that sending abortion drugs through the mail is OK as long as the
sender does not know if they will be used illegally, according to the report.
Talk about hunting loopholes. This crosses over into inventing a loophole out of
thin air.
The Office of Legal Counsel chief Christopher Schroeder wrote for the DOJ:
“There are manifold ways in which recipients in every state may use these drugs,
including to produce an abortion, without violating state law. Therefore, the mere
mailing of such drugs to a particular jurisdiction is an insufficient basis for
concluding that the sender intends them to be used unlawfully.”

Schroeder argued that sending abortion drugs to pro-life states is not illegal
because every state allows abortions in cases when the mother’s life is at risk and
some allow abortions in cases of rape, incest and other limited circumstances.
Here’s more from the report:
Even if a state prohibits a “pregnant person” from ingesting mifepristone or
misoprostol for the purpose of inducing an abortion, that person is free to travel to
another state where it is not prohibited. Someone sending a woman these drugs is
unlikely to know where she will use them, Schroeder wrote, so it does not violate
the law.
The legal opinion also applies to independent mail services such as UPS and
FedEx, according to the report.
Pro-life leaders quickly criticized the Biden administration’s actions as dangerous
and political, saying more women’s and babies’ lives will be put at risk.
Chelsey Youman, national legislative advisor with Human Coalition Action,
responded Wednesday with a statement that reads:
“Ideologues in this administration are putting abortion above the health and safety
of women by seeking to expand access to the abortion pill however possible. It’s
completely indefensible.”
Others accused the Biden administration of ignoring growing safety concerns as a
favor to the billion-dollar abortion industry, which heavily backed Biden’s
SBA Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser said:
“The Biden administration has once again proved that it values abortion industry
profits over women’s safety and unborn children’s lives. Abortion activists want to
turn every post office and pharmacy into an abortion business … even while
studies show emergency rooms are being flooded with women suffering from
serious, life-threatening complications caused by abortion drugs.”


Another young journalist, perfectly healthy, has died unexpectedly.
Irish Times contributor Brian Hutton died suddenly on Saturday, December 31. He
was 46.

The Irish Times reported the story on January 1.
Hutton was deputy news editor of the Press Association news agency for more than
a decade and was based in its Dublin office until 2017. He wrote extensively for
The Irish Times as a freelance journalist over the past five years and was also a
founding co-director of independent radio production company Old Yard
He died on Saturday after becoming “unwell,” according to the Irish Times report.
There was no mention as to whether he had been injected with the toxic,
experimental Covid vaccine.
The former Ireland editor Deric Henderson paid tribute to Hutton, describing him
as “hugely gifted,” adding that “He went about his business quietly, free of drama
or any fuss, and never failed to meet a deadline, no matter how tight.”


Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has paid $2.8 million in compensation for
injuries incurred as a result of the experimental Covid-19 injections in Canada.
There were a total of 1,299 claims submitted to the Vaccine Injury Support
Program between June 2021 and December 1 of 2022.
To be eligible for compensation, Canadians must have sustained severe and
permanent damage related to a vaccine approved by Health Canada and given in
Canada after December 8, 2020.
So far, Health Canada has approved 50 claims of serious and permanent injuries
caused by vaccines.
According to the Vaccine Injury Support Program, “These claims represent cases
where it has been determined by the Medical Review Board that there is a probable
link between the injury and the vaccine, and that the injury is serious and
Another 209 claims were deemed ineligible because they lacked the required
information or did not match the eligibility criteria.

The VISP reported that, of the remaining claims, 221 had been fully examined by
the program’s medical review board, 48 claims are awaiting medical review board
examination, and 662 claims are in the process of gathering medical records.


Colorado’s Democrat Governor, Jared Polis, back in 2019 signed legislation
making Colorado a sanctuary state for illegal migrants.
Now, after the migrants have proven a drain on the state’s ability to pay for pet
programs dear to the Democrats’ hearts, Polis is changing his tune.
Polis, in an act of brazen hypocrisy, announced Tuesday in a statement that
Colorado will begin shipping the incoming illegal aliens to other states.
The Colorado Democrat said it was a humane way to help them get to their desired
destination in the face of transportation cancellations. Polis attributed the
cancellations to bad weather and staffing shortages.
Polis said in his statement:
“In order to facilitate the safe and voluntary transit of people to their desired
destination, the state is working with culturally competent navigators to ensure that
each individual is voluntarily making their own travel decision.”
The Epoch Times further reported that the state of Colorado is organizing
transportation to send the illegal immigrants flooding into the state to other major
cities around the United States.
Announcing the move on January 3rd, Governor Polis’ office said in
a statement that Colorado had been “working tirelessly” to address the dramatic
influx of immigrants.
The state-organized transportation, the news release noted, will be voluntary and
coordinated with the help of “culturally competent navigators.”
Polis said, “No one should play politics with the lives of migrants who came here
to escape oppression, and in Colorado, we are honoring our values of treating
people with dignity and respect.”
Dignity and respect? These are people who have already disrespected our border

Polis’s statement was a nice way of saying, while we support open borders and
unfettered illegal immigration, we don’t want them in our cities and our state so
we’re going to pawn them off on other states and let them pay for their free ride.


The Epoch Times reports that Arizona, under new Democrat governor Katie
Hobbs, has already started to dismantle its makeshift border wall made of shipping
containers that was the brainchild of former Republican Governor Doug Ducey.
The makeshift wall was the target of a Biden administration lawsuit and Hobbs
wasted no time tearing it down.
Footage taken on January 3 showed construction machinery removing a line of
shipping containers placed along the U.S.–Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona. This
coincided with the very day Hobbs was sworn in as governor, laughing her way
through the oath of office ceremony.
It must be said that Ducey is no hero in this story. He caved at the first sign of
confrontation with the Biden Justice Department.
In mid-December Ducey agreed to dismantle the wall for which he had once been
an ardent advocate, according to the Epoch Times article. Ducey ordered
disassembly of the makeshift barrier as one of his final acts in office.
He said earlier that the container wall was always meant to be a temporary
construction intended to help stem the tide of illegal border crossings until a
permanent solution could be found. Well, no permanent solution was found, so
why did you make the order to take down the wall on your final days in office,
Governor Ducey?
Illegal immigration has soared under President Joe Biden’s watch, with
unauthorized crossings hitting 2.8 million in fiscal year 2022, according
to Customs and Border Protection data.
That figure broke the previous record by over 1 million and was more than twice
the highest level notched during the tenure of former President Donald Trump.
While Arizona is dismantling its makeshift border barrier, a similar one is now
going up in Texas, whose Republican governor has, like Ducey, been frustrated by
the surge in illegal crossings.

In a bid to bolster border security, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called in the
National Guard to run razor wire barriers in high-traffic areas and recently said
shipping containers were being used to plug more holes.


In early December, U.S. political prisoner Ryan Samsel called The Gateway Pundit
to tell them he had lost his phone privileges for six months.  He told them the
prison staff was outraged that The Gateway Pundit exposed his horribly abusive
story to the American public.
Ryan, who has not even had his case tried in court and has sat in prison for nearly
two years, has on more than one occasion since he was arrested back in January
2021 been hogtied to a chair for hours and severely beaten by prison guards, the
Gateway Pundit reports. Ryan was then reportedly denied medical treatment for his
injuries as well as his pre-existing health issues, which include precancerous
Ryan lost vision in one eye after one of his prison beatings.
The prison staff told Ryan in December that he would lose his privileges for
speaking out and communicating with The Gateway Pundit.
The Gateway Pundit on January 4 published a letter from Ryan Samsel’s wife to
the American public. In it, she relays the details of a brutal assault of her husband
by a Captain English at the D.C. gulag.
She writes, “In support of my husband I am asking to please help Ryan. This is
something that cannot go silent. The abuse needs to stop. Enough is enough.”

This next story would be funny if it weren’t so sad.
According to Rep.-elect Robert Garcia’s office, he was the “first immigrant and
LGBTQ mayor” in the history of Long Beach, California, and he will be the first
member of Congress to identify that way.
But it gets worse. A lot worse.

Garcia has chosen to be sworn into office with his hand, not on the Bible or even
some other reputed holy book. Garcia will be the first member of Congress to
swear his oath over four items that include, drum roll please…, a comic book.
Also chosen for his oath swearing was a copy of the Constitution, a picture of his
deceased parents and a copy of his citizenship papers.
The Western Journal had this to say:
“Kudos on the Constitution — it’s nice to see that there are still a few Democrats
out there who know it exists — and for the citizenship certificate as well. And the
picture of his parents is fully understandable. But Superman? Come on, dude. At
least pick a hero who actually existed.”
It's very telling as to the state of our country when a congressman can swear his
oath of office over that many things and still rule out the Word of God and Holy

Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
Kamala Harris was on hand to swear in John Fetterman. What more could be said
about what is wrong with Washington DC than this?
Does this look like a man who’s up to the task of being a U.S. Senator?
Disturbing, to say the least.
Joe Hoft at the Gateway Pundit reminded us that Jesse Waters had said before the
election that Fetterman was the worst candidate in U.S. history. That he looked
lost. That he had no ability to communicate.
But we learned from the 2022 midterms that it no longer matters how bad of a
candidate the Democrats put up. They now have the infrastructure in place to offset

any inherent weakness their candidates may have. All that matters is that they will
be a reliable vote for the Marxist dictatorship they envision for this country.
Fetterman is that man, in spades. Katie Hobbs, who we featured yesterday laughing
during her swearing in ceremony, is the female version of Fetterman. We will see
more Democrat candidates like this in the years ahead unless we finally get a
handle on the mockery that Democrats and RINO Republicans have made of our
elections process.
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. We hope you came away
with information of value, and if so, that you will help us spread the news about
this broadcast among your friends and family. You can also support us financially,
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Until next time, God bless, and may God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take

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