Biden Pressuring Egypt's President El-Sisi to Release 16 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

The Biden regime is pressuring Egypt to free 16 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, threatening to cut off $130 million in U.S. counter-terrorism aid to the country if the terrorists aren't freed.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been a thorn in the side of the Egyptian government since it was founded in 1928 by a young schoolteacher, Hasan al-Banna. In its first 20 years it gained about half a million members with hundreds of branches worldwide, including the United States, where it operates through various front groups.

"If you think Osama bin Laden is a bad guy this is much worse than bin Laden," said Egyptian Usama Dakdok in a Nov. 5 interview with Brannon Howse Live. Dakdok was born and raised in Egypt but has lived in the United States for over 20 years.

The Biden administration is threatening to withhold $130 million in security and counter-terrorism assistance to the Egyptian government unless 16 unnamed prisoners, among who may include an anti-Semitic jihadist cleric named Salas Hasan, get released from Egyptian prisons.

"They don't want to destroy Egypt but only to make it weak. But if the Muslim Brotherhood rises up with help from Obama it will go to war with Israel anyway," Dakdok said.

Dakdok said Biden is plain and simply "Obama's third term, doing what Obama wished for us to do," which is for Egypt to promote terror and death in the Middle East.

"So we're supposed to send them $130 million so we have safety and don't have terrorism in the world, but you don't get the money unless you release the terrorists," Dakdok said. "You know how stupid that is?"

The Muslim Brotherhood started CAIR {Council for American Islamic Relations] in the 1990s and is the main force behind most of the Islamic organizations in America, including the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America and Muslim American Society. The top man at al Qaida, Ayman Al Zawahiri, came out of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Obama made a covenant with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and told them he would help them take over the country. He did to our president exactly what Biden is doing right now, rise up Muslim Brotherhood to take over the country. This is the second attempt to destroy Egypt."

Dakdok said the first goal for the Muslim Brotherhood, should they gain control of Egypt, is to go to war against Israel.

"The whole dreams they have, that's what they really want to accomplish, is fulfilling the prophecies of Muhammad, that the day of judgment will not come until the Muslims kill the last Jew," he said, quoting a verse from the Quran that says "even the rock and the tree will cry out, 'oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.'"

So this is the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"And, sadly, Mr. Obama did that to the Muslims of Egypt, because it gives them [Muslim Brotherhood] power to take over the country. And thank God, because the Egyptians did not fall into this trap, and they were able to get rid of [Brotherhood member] Mohammed Morsi, who actually died with a heart attack in court before he would have been hanged by a rope anyway, and this is the second attempt of the Democrats of America to empower the Muslim Brotherhood to come back to power in Egypt."

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is not supportive of the Brotherhood.

"The biggest mistake of Mr. Trump was he did not listen to the advice of our president, El-Sisi, when he told Trump he needed to acknowledge the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. El-Sisi told him this. I know why did didn't do it, his hands were tied and he would have been impeached for the third time by the RHINOs in his own party."

CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS and almost all of the other major Islamic groups in America are supported by the Brotherhood terrorist organization.

"So we cannot let this president do the same thing which Obama did," Dakdok said.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is trying to expose the Biden administration's diplomatic treachery.

Cruz, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made his comments in connection with the administration's nomination of Barbara Leaf as Assistant Secretary of State of Near Eastern Affairs. Cruz sent a questionnaire to Leaf regarding the administration's plans to make Egyptian aid contingent upon the release of the 16 Brotherhood members. He said Leaf responded with "a thousand words and not a single name."

"We do have some public hints about the sort of people that the White House and certain congressional Democrats may be trying to coerce our Egyptian allies into releasing," Cruz said in a Senate floor speech last week.

Some of the names Cruz seeks lay buried deep in a Senate appropriations report. Some of the prisoners whose release the Biden regime seeks include Ola al-Qaradawi, Hosam Khalaf, Salah Soltan, Abdelrahman Tarek and Mohamed El-Baqer.

"Unnamed Democrats say these names are people the United States should champion," Cruz said. "Who are they?"

Cruz said one of the prisoners, Salah Soltan, is a known Muslim Brotherhood propagandist, a preacher of hate and antisemitism.

"This is someone who goes on TV over and over again and preaches the most vicious sort of violence against Jews. Why are Senate Democrats trying to release vicious anti-Semites?" Cruz said. "Why are they suggesting in the appropriations language the U.S. should be fighting to release that anti-Semite and hate preacher? We don't know, because Senate Democrats aren't defending that position and the administration refuses to answer."

Who are some of the others on the list?

"You have Mohamed El-Baqer. He was a Salafist youth activist, he was part of the revolutionary youth who started the revolution [in Egypt], and he's been implicated in security violations," Cruz said.

"How about Ola al-Qaradawi, she is the daughter of Josef al-Qaradawi, who is one of the major voices for jihad inside the Muslim Brotherhood," Cruz said. "The paper trail on her is deliberately opaque on both sides."

"And yet these names mysteriously appeared in a Senate appropriations report," Cruz said. "When I asked Ms. Leaf about it she provided a thousand words and not a single name."

Actually the names on that list are not secrets to Congress. They have been provided to Congress in a classified form.

"We can read the names," Cruz said. "You know what we are not allowed to do? Tell anyone what the names are."

"Why is it those names are classified?" Cruz asked. "They're classified because President Biden and Vice President Harris don't want the American people to know who it is they are trying to release.

"There's no reasonable justification for those names to remain classified. They're extorting our friends and allies in Egypt to get 16 people released from jail, and they refuse to tell us who," Cruz continued.

"The American people have the right to know if the Biden administration is trying to pressure our allies to release Muslim Brotherhood extremists," Cruz said. "If the Biden-Harris administration is trying to get our allies to release anti-Semites and, if they are, to hear a justification for why. But Ms. Leaf instead simply defies the Senate and refuses to answer."

Dakdok said it's not just Jews these 16 Brotherhood members hate.

"If you are an atheist, an agnostic, an American, if you are non-Muslim, they hate you. The true Muslim believers who practice the teaching of Islam, where Allah said, hate the Jews, hate the Christians, kill anyone who will not submit to Islam. This is who they [the Muslim Brotherhood] are," he said.

Obama is essentially serving his third term, working through Biden, Dakdok said.

"He [Obama] refused to give Egypt money unless they let the Muslim Brotherhood take over the country."

Dakdok urges his home country to stand up to Obama and Biden.

"Don't take any pressure. The $130 million is not that much anyway," he said. "Close the Suez Canal, do not let any American ships through. Stop, literally stop the Americans from coming near the Suez Canal and Biden will kiss his hands and feet and give him not $130 million, maybe $1 billion and $130 million."

He said Egypt does not need to bend to Washington's dictates.

"We have power in Egypt. Egypt doesn’t need to be pressured from any wicked evil like Obama-Biden and destroy the country by freeing the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. It's the same as when Obama freed the prisoners in Gitmo, for years, and some of them were Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and now they are twisting the arm of El-Sisi and the government of Egypt to force him to free these criminal Muslim jihadists who will do one thing and one thing only, destroy Egypt again."

Dakdok speculated that it was Sen. Elizabeth Warren who secretly inserted the language in question into the appropriations report. She has had Muslim Brotherhood operatives working on her campaign for years, he said.

If the 16 prisoners do get released, they will spread jihad to America and to nations allied with the U.S., Howse said.

"And while they are trying to free the jihadi terrorists from prison in Egypt they are throwing patriotic Americans in jail without bail and denying them due process. Everything is flipped upside down," Howse said. "Now the jihadi terrorist is good, the American patriot is bad. This is an unconstitutional, tyrannical, Marxist, pervert you have in the White House...They are unlawful."

If the liberals wake up and realize who is behind the machine of the Democrat party, they would never vote Democrat again, said Dakdok.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil," he said. "If they can close the last church in America, they will close it. They will build the biggest mosque [in its place], if given the chance, and they will bring terrorists here and call them freedom fighters, as John McCain did.

"Wake up America."

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