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"The Bible says that children were to be stoned to death."

"The Bible says that children were to be stoned to death."
-Ray Comfort

This refers not to a young child but to a youth who was a continual drunkard and was persistently rebellious, stubborn, gluttonous, and disobedient (which describes many contemporary teenagers). If a son consistently refused to abide by his parents' authority, the men of the city were to enforce swift capital punishment.

However, there is no record in Scripture of even one rebellious youth in Israel
being put to death by stoning. The Law of Moses was read to all of Israel, so no doubt all children were made aware of this law's terrifying threat before they reached their teenage years. (That it was an effective deterrent shows God's wisdom in setting such a harsh penalty.) In contrast, each year in the U.S. thousands of youths die through drunk driving, violence, alcohol poisoning, drug abuse, etc., as a tragic result of their rebellious lifestyles.

That same merciless Law of Moses will judge all of humanity on the Day of Judgment. However, Jesus took our capital punishment upon Himself so that we could leave the courtroom without suffering the consequences of our sins. All that God requires of us is that we repent of our stubborn, rebellious, and disobedient lifestyle and trust in the Savior before the great stone of God's Law falls on us and grinds us "to powder" (see Luke 20:18).


Astounding Arrogance -Ray Comfort

"To those who doubted that I was a 'True Christian' -- your arrogance is astounding. To those who questioned why I ceased to be a 'True Christian' -- I ate of the tree of knowledge. That is, I received an education, learnt to question, think for myself, and research. Knowledge is the enemy of superstition (and rule by authority), which is why it is roundly condemned in dogma and doctrine."

Here comes some "astounding arrogance." You obviously don't know the biblical definition of a "Christian." A Christian is someone who "knows the Lord" (see
John 17:3). When you were in the Church, did you know Him? If you are a professing atheist, you will be forced to say, "I thought I knew Him." So you didn't. You just thought you did. You were deceived (it's very common). You had a false conversion (see Mark 1:1-20). Another word for a false convert is a "hypocrite" (a pretender). The churches are full of them, and many who finally leave it gravitate to atheist groups, where they feel cheated by what they think is Christianity. In truth, they cheated themselves by failing to truly repent and come to know the Lord. You were right. You were simply superstitious. You didn't think for yourself (very unwise). Judas was a false convert. He had no idea who Jesus was, and managed to fake it for three and a half years. How long did you last?