A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Lindell-TV’s 
96-hour Thanks-A-Thon at the WVW-TV Studios

When I pulled up to WVW Studios outside of Memphis, Tennessee, I noticed a stoutly built bald guy edging slowly out of his black SUV. Must be security, I thought, so I exited my car just as slowly, knowing he was checking me out as a first-time guest to the WVW Studios that serves as home base for WVW-TV and Mike Lindell's new Frankspeech.com and Lindell-TV.

I was right.

He approached me and asked for my name. He seemed to know who I was and we made small talk as he ushered me inside.

On most of the occasions when Lindell flies to Tennessee for studio appearances, it's not this busy. But this was the first-ever Thanks-A-Thon, a 96-hour TV marathon broadcast over Thanksgiving weekend in which Lindell thanked his supporters who helped save his company, MyPillow, when it was canceled by every major big-box store and online retailer.

The Thanks-A-Thon was also held to remind people that the challenge of defeating the cancel culture is far from over – the media continues to attack and cancel anyone who speaks out about the two biggest taboo topics—election fraud and the dubious safety record of Covid vaccines.

The friendly security guard was just the first of many encounters I would have over the next three days at the studio operated by the family of Brannon and Melissa Howse, who have been married for 31 years and make events like this go off without a hitch.

When I walked through the front door I was greeted by Brannon’s yellow lab Delta, that has become somewhat of a celebrity with Brannon’s audience. Delta can be seen daily lying on a MyPillow pet bed that Mike Lindell personally had shipped to Delta in March of 2020 after seeing her lying on a flat and substandard pet bed while filming in the studio. There are five cameras in the studio and one is pointed at Delta who can be seen lying on her MyPillow pet bed just to the right of Brannon as he sits at the news desk.

I was then greeted by a black mini-schnauzer and little white shih-tzu, followed by a warm greeting by Brannon and Melissa.

After a few introductions over lunch, I was shown to a room on the second floor with Lindell himself presiding over a planning session for an on-air analysis featuring myself and Cincinnati radio broadcaster Pete Santilli. I am no broadcast pro like Santilli, and I had all of five minutes to prepare myself mentally for a one-hour live broadcast. My nerves calmed after the first few minutes, thanks to Santilli's steady hand.

As fast-paced as the action was, this is not the biggest event this studio has hosted for Lindell.

The Howse family also produced several documentary movies about the 2020 presidential election, including Absolute Proof and Absolute Interference, which have been seen by millions of Americans and featured such top public figures as General Michael Flynn.

Melissa described Flynn as a gracious man not given to excessive words.

"He's a quiet man but very encouraging," she said. "He treats everyone like they're his friend. He remembers everyone's name. He thanked me repeatedly for the food; he is just a real gentleman."

Melissa said that while her husband makes his living in front of a camera, she likes to remain in the background dealing with the food and making sure everything looks good for the guests. The facility was beautifully decorated for Christmas. In her spare time, which is almost non-existent, Melissa Howse is the host of a YouTube series on home decor called Howse To House. She said it took almost ten years of Brannon pressuring her before she gave in and became the host of the show. Her only demand was that Brannon be her co-host so she could follow his lead.

"I hate the camera but I love to cook and decorate," she said.

Melissa's laid-back personality makes her the perfect host. It was Friday morning when I arrived and I learned that Melissa had already made numerous home-cooked meals starting on Tuesday when Mike Lindell and Brannon got down to long days of pre-production and planning.

“Cooking for Mike and Brannon is really easy because they both love meat and potato type meals.”

Melissa made sure the nearly 20 studio guests were served breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and that plenty of hot black coffee was available for Lindell. That in itself can be a challenge based on the volume of his coffee consumption.

Knowing that his wife had been cooking and hosting by herself for three days, Brannon told me he secured a mother and daughter team to arrive on Friday afternoon to assist Melissa in dinner preparations. On Friday many of the guests sat in the kitchen watching as delicious  fajitas were created down to the home-made soft tortilla shells. On Saturday night we were served home-made enchiladas, and on Sunday night Melissa catered in Tennessee BBQ, cole slaw, baked beans, and potato salad from a famous and historic local restaurant the Howse family calls one of their favorites in the mid south.

Melissa also handles customer service orders for her husband's books and donor relations for the non-profit WVW Foundation.

“Melissa and I have hosted over 300 conferences since we founded Worldview Weekends in February of 1993.” Brannon said. “So hosting 20 people is a breeze.” The husband and wife team seemed to be completely relaxed and used to the flurry of activity taking place on two floors. The studio is on the second floor and the first floor stays open for socializing pretty much around the clock. From the beautiful couches in front of a stone fireplace to the pool table in the center of the great room to the old farm table that was being used by guests and their laptops—the environment was inviting and hospitable.

Both Brannon Howse and Lindell are tireless workers. And the pace of segments being filmed from the news desk for Lindell-TV, a joint venture between Howse and Lindell that was birthed last year, can be frenetic.

Lindell stayed on the air during the Thanks-A-Thon until about 1:30 a.m. on the second night. Howse is almost always at his side, with his son Logan manning the control room, making sure the audio and video feed is working, and splicing in Skype interviews from experts like Dr. Peter McCullough, who called in from Texas on the second night of the Thanks-A-Thon to discuss the latest mutation of the Covid-19 virus.

Melissa said her son Logan is totally self-taught in the latest communications technology.

"He didn't realize how talented he was [with the technical side of the studio operation] until he started doing it," she said. "He's built the whole control room and he's continuously improving it.”

Brannon also trained his son in how to do post-editing. Without those skills, Melissa said the team would not have been able to get Absolute Proof filmed, edited and ready for public viewing all within less than a week.

The Thanks-A-Thon ended up being a huge success, with nearly 20 experts and support staff either flying or driving in to share their insights related to the 2020 election. By the end of the third day of filming, more than 7 million views had been logged and 175,000 people had sent emails to their state attorneys general asking them to sign on to Lindell's Supreme Court brief that documents the facts of the November 2020 election steal.

"I had a friend text me and ask what I was doing this weekend," said Mike Federer, who was there assisting his father, historian/author William Federer. "I told him we are at this really cool place where we drink coffee and play pool downstairs, and upstairs we have something akin to Tik Tok for adults, only much better. No dancing just talk.”

I don’t know of anywhere in America where you will find a company like WVW Studios that offers such high end production services, can produce live broadcast events, and offers the catering and amenities of a five star restaurant. But then again, I don’t know many couples like Brannon and Melissa Howse.


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