Attorney Says He Was Offered Money to Spread False Information About Trump : September 21, 2022

A whistleblower comes forward with evidence that he was offered money
to post false statements on social media about President Trump and his supporters.
One of Philadelphia’s most notorious drag show performers suddenly collapses
and dies of a heart attack during an on-stage act.
A major airline company is getting ready to roll out electric planes, as the green
propaganda blitz continues to run wild.
And should the U.S. Department of Agriculture be allowed to label GMO foods
with only a QR Code? A federal court has weighed in with a verdict.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
TikTok influencer and attorney Preston Moore has gone public with a video saying
that he was offered $400 to spread false information about former President
Donald Trump related to the January 6 investigation.
Preston disclosed in a September 16 post to TikTok:
“I was just offered $400 to make an anti-Donald Trump propaganda post related to
the January 6 investigation that is completely not true. I should start out this video
by saying I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. So that should give a little bit of
context to where I’m coming from.”
It’s important to spell out who this man is.
Preston Moore is an attorney in the firm’s Personal Injury and Products Liability
Section. He works on cases involving serious injuries and bad products. He earned
his Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School and is currently working in Beasley
Allen’s Atlanta office.
According to Moore, he received an email from somebody with the Good Info
He explained:
“I’m going to refer to this person as Jane. Jane sent me a message letting me know
she represented the Good Info Foundation and that she was willing to offer a paid

collaboration to discuss some topics related to January 6. I said, sure, why not? I’ll
learn some more. Jane says the Good Info Foundation will give me $400 to make a
post on my page and then share it on Instagram.”
Here he is further explaining how the Good Info Foundation went about soliciting
him to become a propagandist for hire.
Wow. That is a stunning reveal by a non-Trumper who also happens to be an
attorney, and he was openly solicited to post false information against a group of
Americans. Someone should be filing suit against this foundation for racketeering,
fraud by wire, and anything else that a good attorney could come up with, to make
them pay damages for their fraudulent claims about being a promoter of “good


According to an investigator for the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office,
Valencia Prime, the 25-year-old transgender drag queen from
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, suddenly collapsed and died while performing on
stage as part of a drag show on September 12, as reported by the celebrity media
outlet TMZ.
TMZ said that a Philadelphia Police Department representative told them that a
call was received at around 11:15pm on Monday. The call was from the Tabu
Lounge & Sports Bar in Philly informing the police of an individual collapsing.
That same person was pronounced dead just before midnight. 
Valencia Prime’s cause of death was reported by TMZ to be cardiovascular
disease, diabetes and obesity, although no official post-mortem result has been
given yet and it’s preposterous for a media outlet to unilaterally declare that a
25-year-old would die of a heart attack without any scientific evidence, no
autopsy and no toxicology report. A video recorded live during Valencia’s
performance and subsequent collapse was circulating on social media but is too
graphic to show here. This person’s performances were often borderline

The Philadelphia media is eulogizing the drag queen as someone who “made an
impact with her performances, and her life,” as reported ABC Channel 6 in
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar posted a message on its Twitter profile that referred
to Valencia Prime as a “bright and rising star.”
Meanwhile, in the same week that we learned of the drag queen’s death, a 10-
year-old Indiana boy collapsed September 13 and died of a heart attack after
playing football and a 17-year-old Tennessee boy collapsed after finishing a
cross country race on September 10. Doctors said they were “baffled” as to
why they found two large blood clots in the 17-year-old boy’s body after he
suffered a heart attack.


Air Canada announced last week it has ordered 30 plug-in electric planes from a
Swedish electric aircraft startup company, Heart Aerospace. The planes have a
range of less than 250 miles per charge.
Air Canada will be acquiring 30 ES-30 electric-hybrid regional aircraft, which will
have the capacity for up to 30 passengers to travel between 124 and 248 miles, the
company said in a press release on Thursday.
Air Canada stated in the release:
“The revolutionary regional aircraft, expected to enter service in 2028, will
generate zero emissions flying on battery power and yield significant operational
savings and benefits. Under the agreement, Air Canada has also acquired a $5
million equity stake in Heart Aerospace.”
As noted by Breitbart News, the claim of “zero emissions” from electric vehicles
is a myth when emissions related to the production of batteries are taken into
account, as well as the generation of electric power to charge the vehicles.

Michael Rousseau, president and chief executive officer of Air Canada, said, “Air
Canada has taken a leadership position in the industry to address climate change.”
In other words, Air Canada is implementing the United Nations Agenda 2030
Sustainable Development ideology coming down from the U.N. and the World
Economic Forum.
Rousseau bragged about being at the forefront of this globalist movement:
“The introduction into our fleet of the ES-30 electric regional aircraft from Heart
Aerospace will be a step forward to our goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
Already, Air Canada is supporting the development of new technologies, such as
sustainable aviation fuels and carbon capture, to address climate change.”
The electric planes will be powered by lithium-ion batteries, and will be equipped
with reserve-hybrid generators. It is expected to take 30 to 50 minutes to charge the


In a rare nod to common sense, a federal court has ruled in favor of plaintiffs who
brought a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Secretary Tom
Vilsack, claiming that QR codes are not a legally sufficient method of labeling
GMOs in foods.
The website Sustainable Pulse reports that the U.S. District Court for the Northern
District of California has held that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s decision
to allow genetically engineered (GMO) foods to only be labeled with a QR code
was unlawful and that the USDA must instead add additional disclosure options to
those foods under USDA’s National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.
The court sent back to the agency the QR code portions of the 2018 Trump
administration rules for GMO labeling that went into effect on January 1, 2022,
which hindered consumer access with burdensome electronic or digital disclosures.
This is a victory for all Americans, said Meredith Stevenson, an attorney for the
Center for Food Safety, adding: “Today’s decision marks a key step toward ending
the food industry’s deceptive and discriminatory GMO food labeling practices,
which have kept consumers in the dark by concealing what’s in their products.”


The Federalist has a bombshell article exposing the dirty dealings of the
Michigan Department of Education. This story is not for the faint of heart.
A new program from the Michigan DOE advocates for gender “fluidity” starting at
the elementary school level and encourages educators to “facilitate the sexual
transition of minors without parental consent.”
After obtaining videos and internal documentation from the state’s training
program, which first took place in 2020 and was repackaged for public school
employees for the 2021–2022 school year, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute
Christopher Rufo reported that the “training program mimics the basic narrative of
academic queer theory: the presenters claim that the West has created a false
notion that ‘gender is binary’ in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities.”
In response, Rufo reported the department encourages teachers to adopt the
principle of “intersectionality,” a key tenet of critical race theory, in order to
“dismantle systems of oppression,” which are replicated through the culture and
institutions of education.
The first step to dismantling these systems, according to the presenters, is to
“disrupt the gender binary.”
In one video, self-described “Black, masculine-identified, cisgendered lesbian baby
boomer” trainer Amorie Robinson describes the vast array of gender “terminology
out there for [educators] to learn,” such as “gender fluid,” “gender queer,” or
“gender non-conforming.”
When asked in a separate clip by a teacher who wanted to know “how to respond
to a student in her classroom who claims to have ‘she/he/they/them’ pronouns,”
Robinson replied by telling the instructor to “go with what the kid says” because
“they’re the best experts on their lives. They’re the best experts on their own
identities and their own bodies. You may have to sit with some discomfort


This next story comes to us via a Substack post from the Vigilant Fox.
Governments across the globe have made it very difficult to get access to reliable
data on the experimental mRNA Covid injections. But for a brief time in Canada,
the province of British Columbia did its job.
According to their data, between March 20 and April 16, 2022, 63% of all people
infected with COVID-19 had received a booster shot. And 73% percent of all
people dying with/from COVID had received a booster.
You then look up the percentage of Canadians who had a booster shot at the time
and discover that it was only 47%.
That means the boosted demographic was 34% MORE LIKELY to contract
COVID and 55% MORE LIKELY to die with/from Covid than those who received
two shots, one shot, or no shots at all.
They then updated their website with numbers from May through July, and the
number of boosted people infected with Covid jumped to 76%.
But on July 28, in a very “non-suspicious” fashion, the data disappeared from their
website without any explanation. End of data. Poof. Gone.


Twitter has reportedly failed to adequately police underage pornography across its
social network, posing the risk of a federal investigation that could cost the
company billions of dollars in fines, The New York Post has reported.
The social media site — which is in the middle of a court battle with Elon Musk to
enforce an agreement to sell him the company for $44 billion — may have broken
a so-called consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission when the company
reportedly found in an internal study this year that it doesn’t adequately stop
underage users from viewing and uploading porn, two former FTC officials told
The Post.
Twitter executives reportedly found in an internal study the company lacked
adequate controls to prevent underage users from both accessing and uploading
pornography, according to an August 30th story in the Verge, which cited an

internal Twitter team’s findings. Unlike other major social media companies,
Twitter allows porn on its site.
The internal researchers reportedly said the site also is unable to consistently detect
banned content such as child porn, revenge porn and non-consensual photos once
it’s uploaded to the site. 


The German Association of Towns and Municipalities is warning about a grid-
down catastrophe that doomsday preppers have long been worried about: blackouts
and ensuing widespread civil unrest.
Because of European leaders’ knee-jerk sanctions against Russia, at the same time
they are rushing to implement green energy policies, the European people will
have to pay insanely high energy costs and live under the constant threat of
blackouts, especially during the cold winter months, reports Natural News.
One German district (name unpronounceable) hired a private consultant to
simulate and analyze the direst threats in the event of an extended blackout this
winter. The simulation predicts that 400 deaths are inevitable inside the district in
just the first 96 hours, according to Natural News. If temperatures drop, the deaths
will be much higher, especially for the elderly.
The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services warn that “this
crisis will cost some providers their existence because the burdens from rising
energy costs, general inflation and the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers can
no longer be borne.” The association added that retirement communities and
nursing homes will be “threatened to an unprecedented extent.”
In the first 24 hours of a German blackout, substations would fail and water tanks
would run dry, causing an entirely new set of problems. Livestock would die.
Looting and arson would contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages
within the first day. In just two days, most cell phones would be inoperable. People
would panic. District fire inspector Christian Rossel is warning Germans to prepare
immediately by getting a 14-day supply of food and drinking water.
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, soaring natural-gas prices in
the U.S. are expected to make it more expensive for Americans to light and heat
homes this winter as well. Prices have doubled in recent months.


Polio, once nearly eradicated, is making a comeback in New York City and
possibly in other places across the nation. A state of emergency has been declared
by Governor Kathy Hochul as scientists warn that this is a vaccine-derived version
of the deadly disease.
Now, conservative journalist J.D. Rucker reports that data points are emerging in
Western media, albeit slowly, that point to Bill Gates.
Rucker writes:
“This has been well known in places like India where the World Health
Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have worked hard to get
the live oral polio vaccine administered to as many people as possible. The results:
Nearly half a million children have become paralyzed since 2000.”
One might wonder how this could possibly be allowed to continue in India, Africa,
and other developing regions. The answer is infuriating, says Rucker, adding:
“They’ve gotten away with it because they renamed the disease. Seriously. The
massive number of adverse reactions are being blamed on ‘non-polio acute flaccid
paralysis’, which honest scientists and doctors admit is just a rebranding of a new
and more deadly strain of polio that emerged from the vaccines.”
Now, it’s here in the United States despite the fact that the Gates vaccine was
outlawed here over two decades ago. Has it been quietly reintroduced to spark the
next round of Pandemic Panic Theater? Rucker believes there’s a good chance that
it has. Stay tuned as we learn more about this developing story.


Mike Lindell is ready for a legal fight and he’s bringing it to the FBI’s doorstep.
After being cornered by the FBI and having his cell phone confiscated, Lindell
announced in an interview with yours truly that he will be suing the FBI and the
federal government. He met with attorneys including Alan Dershowitz to discuss
the raid and capture of his cell phone while returning from a hunting trip last week.
Together, they determined that the FBI’s actions clearly violated Mike Lindell’s
1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights.
The First Amendment protects freedom of speech; spoken and written. It also
protects religious beliefs and people’s right to petition the government. However,
people might not be as familiar with the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. All
are on the line with the FBI raid, according to Dershowitz.


Time now for our Worldview Report Nightly Commentary.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is set to once again extend the
Covid-19 public health emergency beyond its deadline of Oct. 13. 
If renewed on the deadline of Oct. 13, the next deadline would be Jan. 11, 2023,
reports Becker's Hospital Review.
This would be the 11th renewal of the emergency status since its declaration in
January 2020 by former and current HHS secretaries Alex Azar and Xavier
Becerra, under presidents Trump and Biden, respectively.
Hospitals have advocated for the extension, according to Becker’s.
The renewal would occur as HHS plans to shift costs of Covid-19 vaccines and
treatments to the commercial market, a process beginning this fall that is expected
to take months. 
In July, the Federation of American Hospitals, which represents investor-owned or
managed hospitals, urged HHS "in the strongest terms possible" to renew PHE
through 2023.
This despite the fact that there is no Covid emergency and making the case for a
Covid emergency would be laughable if ever aired in a public debate between
knowledgeable medical practitioners.
Governments love emergencies and crises. Why? Because it is during declared
emergencies that they accumulate new powers that would normally not be tolerated
or obeyed. And as we’ve seen with 9/11 and now Covid, once they gain possession
of these new extra-constitutional powers, they never give them up.
This should be a lesson to every American. Dictatorships are formed on the backs
of emergencies. That’s the modus operandi for every authoritarian regime the
world over. They take over during times of fear and uncertainty and they never
relent. It’s no coincidence that we see the Biden regime going after its enemies,
silencing free speech, ignoring Supreme Court decisions, demanding conformity to
a type of one-party rule, all in the wake of the Covid “emergency.”
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. From
everyone at the Worldview Report team, good night, and God bless. And may God
save America.

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