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Atheist's Proof that God Doesn't Exist

Atheist's Proof that God Doesn't Exist

"Ray, the nice thing about modem science is that it's testable, demonstrable and repeatable. If someone makes a claim in a peer reviewed scientific journal about which I am skeptical, I can recreate the experiment. If my results differ from the published results, the paper can go under review and the claim is retracted if found to be false, misleading or fraudulent. In short, I don't have to 'believe' anything - scientists can actually test and demonstrate their theories!" Zach

The frustrating thing about atheists (and those who believe the theory of evolution to be true), is that they hide behind the shirts of true science, when there is nothing scientific about the idea of Darwinian evolution. Science is testable, and scientists who use the scientific method come to a place where they believe their hypothesis.

However, they don't know anything to be 100% true because their conclusion may change as more information is discovered and believed.

The theory of evolution, however, cannot be tested. If you believe otherwise, please present how the scientific method has proven Darwinian evolution to be true, and how because of it you "don't have to believe anything." In truth, you have faith (trust) in what you have read or what your professor has told you, and his beliefs are based on the same weak and shaky premise.

Look at this comment from a typical atheist who believes evolution:

"On occasion, after feeding my dog I might lazily leave an empty can of dog food on my kitchen counter for 2-3 days. The amino acids in what's left in the can form organisms by way of maggots and flies. Anyone with half a brain can understand that this type of process is what led to the existence of life on Earth. Chemistry made it happen, not god's magic wand."

Magical maggots are his proof that a Creator doesn't exist. It doesn't occur to him that a fly flew in when he wasn't looking at the empty can, and laid eggs.

The tragedy for those that believe in evolution is that they automatically discount the Genesis account of creation, which holds up perfectly under the light of honest scientific scrutiny. It informs us that God is the initial Cause of all things. He created male and female and caused every animal to bring forth after its own kind.

The theory of evolution has no explanation for the initial Cause (it is a case of "evolution-did-it" with the help of invisible sky-daddy of Father Time), nor does it have an explanation for why 1.4 million different kinds of animals, birds, fish, and insects have male and female.

All they have are a few dry bones they believe to be old, and bacteria that evolves into bacteria. And so the evolution believer refuses the offer of forgiveness of sins and everlasting life, based on non-existent evidence.

Unlike the idea of evolution, Christianity can be tested. Simply read the Sermon on the Mount-which tells us among other things that God considers lust to be adultery (see Matthew 5:27-28), and that leaves all of us in big trouble on Judgment Day, heading for Hell.

But God is rich in mercy and provided the Savior--Jesus of Nazareth, who suffered, died, and rose again-taking our punishment upon Himself and purchasing eternal salvation for sinners. Repent and trust Him and you will pass from death into life, and know the truth--and the truth will make you free (see John 8:31-32). There's the proof.