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By Jan Markell
I echo the sentiment of Daniel Pipes, Islamic expert, who says that what is going on in Europe now may be a turning point in European history. They have reached the end of an era. The end began when they threw God out twenty years ago, gave up their Christian roots, and established a cradle-to-grave welfare system that lures immigrants, particularly from the Islamic world. They chose to have lax borders like America, and they did not ask the newcomers to accept the local culture. The jihadists--and that is what they are--know Western Europe is ripe for the plucking and have chosen to strike now and take various countries by force.
Do not buy into the story that these are "disillusioned youth." They have sophisticated bomb factories and there is evidence of heavy weapons. Call it what it is: A European jihad or an intifadeh being carried out by self-proclaimed terrorists who have a worldwide agenda. It isn't unemployment that causes the rioters to shout, "Allah Akbar" as they torch cars and buildings. They are seeking the establishment of Eurabia. They intend to conquer. In some places they chant, "This land belongs to us. This land belongs to Allah."
Postings on some Muslim web logs indicate that the riots are NOT spontaneous outpourings of rage, but carefully planned endeavors. One web log read, "The cops are petrified of us--everything must burn. You don't think we're really going to stop now?  It will continue non-stop. The French won't do anything and soon we will be in the majority here."
This is not a riot. This is an attempt at another French Revolution. This is a new Islamic front in the war on terror. As Gary Bauer says, "Why did anyone in Washington think the French government would ever find the courage to stand with us in Iraq when it is not clear they are prepared to defend Paris?"
They are also targeting the "people of the book"--Jews and Christians, though the burning of churches and synagogues is vastly underreported. Investigators are finding that the mobs controlling many of the streets in France are a coalition of drug gangs, hoodlums, and Islamic extremists united by their hatred of Western civilization.
One has to hope and pray that America is taking notes.
Jesus said that at the time of the end nation would rise against nation (Matt. 24:7-8). The Greek word for "nation" is "ethnos" meaning ethnic war. We have seen these extensively in modern times and Europe is now enduring one. The Bible also characterizes the last days as "perilous times" (II Tim. 3).
Could any of this be a judgment on France? Many French Jews fled to Israel months ago as life for them in France became unbearable. To wear a Star of David was a risk. It is bitterly anti-Semitic and President Chirac believes the key to world peace is a Palestinian state. However, the violence is now spreading to other countries but all of them make up a part of the European Union, a member of the "Quartet" pressuring Israel to give up parts of her God-given land.
Some say Europe died in Auschwitz. Six million Jews were killed and replaced, eventually, with twenty million Muslims. They have received financial aid yet they plan the destruction of their host countries.  A prospering Jewish culture has been replaced by a fanatical hatred.  The Jewish culture was determined to live because life is holy. It was replaced by a culture that celebrates death.
What a mistake Europe made. Now they pay for it.

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