20-Year Plan to 'Mix and Match' Deadly Viruses Including HIV Created Today's Pandemic: How Dr. Fauci Helped Create the Catastrophe He is Now Profiting From

  • Fauci 'making money' off of killer vaccine bioweapon
  • The vaccine is the bioweapon.
  • Not only are Drs. Fauci, Baric and others the committing crimes against humanity but they are "greatly profiting from it," says whistleblower Karen Kingston
  • Kingston cites NIH website showing patents Fauci has for CGG or glycolprotein 120 found in HIV and "spliced into" SARS-COV2 or Covid-19

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, patent researcher and whistleblower, released a bombshell interview with Brannon Howse Oct. 28 in which she laid the blame for millions of illnesses and deaths squarely at the feet of one Dr. Anthony Fauci.

His culpability goes beyond recklessness in how he handled viral research to the point of being a willing culprit who is now actually profiting off of the pandemic of human suffering he helped create, said Kingston.

"Fauci not only lied to Congress about being part of gain-of-function research but he collaborated with the Chinese government through their hospitals and it appears the CCP and their military along with Dr. Ralph Baric and other NIAID members to create weaponized viruses," Kingston said. "He patented those viruses and then he ensured that they were part of not only the SARS-COV2 virus but also the vaccine."

"U.S. taxpayers paid Dr. Fauci to create a weaponized virus that he then patented and he is now infecting Americans with and now he is making money off of [the supposed treatment]," she added.

The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, blames Fauci and Dr. Ralph Baric for the current pandemic. The article said they worked to "mix and match" parts of multiple viruses from different species to create a super virus.

According to the article, Dr. Baric, a professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, was working in conjunction with Fort Detrick in 2006 to develop a mutation through mice that has the ability to cause severe infection in humans.

"I fact checked this and it's true," Kingston said. "This thing does produce new DNA material of severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS]."

"Viruses can be disguised as coming from nature," she noted.

Kingston cited a June 2021 article in The Wall Street Journal, The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak, that said gain-of-function research increases the lethality of coronaviruses and described how this process works.

When people think of a coronavirus they think of the common cold or flu. This is different, she said.

"They created a monster disease, a respiratory disease that can then cause auto-immune diseases, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and they did that by taking different viruses, not just from humans but from other species, and creating this monster virus, and then writing the genetic code to inject people with it," Kingston said.

This may be the crime of the century, hidden in plain sight.

"All the evidence is there to charge Fauci and Baric," Kingston said. "They actually developed a bioweapon, not vaccines."

The so-called "vaccine" may be better described as a delivery system for the bioweapon.

"Baric confessed that he's basically done this, that he has a patent for creating a synthetic viral code for a coronavirus that would create complementary DNA – and that's not a good thing, that's a retrovirus like an HIV – in the human body. And he patented it, and it's right here in this article, in an interview with an Italian media outlet in 2020," she said, pointing to the article.

In that article Baric boasted that it's possible to create a synthetic bioweapon without leaving a trace. No one will be able to figure out he did it. "He's boasting he can do this while convincing the world that it came from nature," Kingston said. "Really damning evidence."

Baric reportedly received more than $111 million in U.S. tax dollars to conduct this research, which he and Fauci have said is needed in order to "understand" how viruses work in the human population and prevent future pandemics. If that was in fact their real mission, did they succeed?

Instead, Kingston believes they had a different agenda: "to create this bioweapon to harm and cause illness and kill Americans."

It's important when mentioning HIV to know what it stands for. HIV stands for human immune-deficiency virus.

"People need to know that Fauci, going back to 2000, was weaponizing coronaviruses, working with Harvard and other universities and China," Kingston said. "They put in HIV, and they put in murine, which is a mouse leukemia. The whole point was to make a virus that would bind to the receptor cycle of the human body, and make it more infectious, more deadly, cause more diseases and more harm.

"And that's what he's been working on. The weaponized virus is the spike protein. Americans are injecting themselves with the synthetic code to produce the bioweapon which Fauci for over 20 years has been collaborating to make and now he's making money off of it through his patent on glycolprotein 120 from HIV, as well as his ownership stake in the patent for the Moderna NIH vaccine."

Glycolprotein 120 does not exist in nature but was part of a lab-manipulated virus.

She said the vaccines produce a chimeric, weaponized, deadly, transgenic, transspecies virus in human bodies.

Glycolprotein 120 is the HIV pathogen that severely curtails the human immune system.

"I know it's appalling to people but," Kingston said. "But this is the reality of our world right now, and what they're doing is completing their plan. They've been creating inter-species animals and sea life and plants for decades and they've been doing research on humans and human embryos in these labs for years. And now their next step is to bring in upon the global population, which is, we're in their next step right now."

A Journal of Virology article from October 2004 shows how far back this goes, citing a study to create a virus that's transmittable, via respiratory infection, through aerosol transmission.

"What they did is they incorporated the HIV, which causes immune deficiency syndrome, as well as another form of virus from monkeys and then a form of mice leukemia."

chimera or chimeric virus is a virus that contains genetic material derived from two or more distinct viruses. Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus which is why there have been cases where chimeric viruses have been considered for use as a bioweapon.[See Marc Collett, "Impact of Synthetic Genomics on the Threat of Bioterrorism with Viral Agents." Working Papers for Synthetic Genomics: Risks and Benefits for Science and Society: 83–103.]

An article at NIH.gov: Retroviruses pseudotyped with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike protein efficiently infect cells expressing angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, by Michael j. Moore, Tatyana Dorfman, et al., shows they were able to optimize the genetic code by putting in a certain protein found in HIV.

"That's why HIV when people are infected it ends up in your blood, it ends up in your semen, it ends up in different parts of your body," Kingston said.  "The article says they tested it on human embryonic kidney cells. It shows they spliced in HIV."

HIV compromises the body's immune system.

"So that was spliced in. Anyone who works in the industry knew this came from a lab. The deception and cover up of this was intentional by our government and the media," Kingston said.

"If anyone reported the facts, it had to not only be quashed. The truth had to be mocked and ridiculed and chastised so nobody would want to be associated with the truth.

"They learned behavioral insights of the masses through consultation with the Organization of Economic and Cooperative Development "and then working with our U.S. government and Harvard and Duke University they found out that Americans are most concerned with what their neighbors are doing and what their neighbors think about what they're doing," Kingston said. "Americans are not concerned about what God thinks about them. They're more concerned about what, you know, the Joneses think.

"And that's how we ended up in this situation."

Senator Roger Marshall, R-KA, a medical doctor, and Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, also a medical doctor, want the Department of Justice to move forward with charges against Fauci, something that's unlikely to happen given the current political manipulation of that agency.

Fauci is not going to get away with this or any of his other crimes against humanity, Howse said, which includes grisly experiments on beagle puppies howling in pain, experiments using aborted baby scalps grafted onto humanized rodents at University of Pittsburgh, and experimenting on orphan children. "He will pay for this in eternity."

"Is there really any more personification of evil in the world today than Dr. Fauci?" Howse said. "You are on the road to hell and you can't get off that road. The Bible says people like him have their consciences seared and God will give people like him over to their own depraved minds."

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