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Worldview Weekend

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Religious Trojan Horse Gift Set

Memphis, Tennessee Worldview Weekend

To equip Christians to understand the times in light of Biblical truth and how God would have us respond.
Location Name: 
Covenant Baptist Church
Location Address: 
3170 S. Houston Levee Road
Collierville, TN 38017
United States
Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 5:00pm to 8:30pm
No admission fee but you must register and print out a ticket.

Recommended for ages 10 to 110. We have had capacity crowds all over the country!

The Greatest Evidence We Are Living in the Last Days


Syria, Egypt, and Libya are becoming even more radical. Dr. DeYoung explains where and how these nations are mentioned in the Bible as coming against Israel. The Bible says Russia and Persia will come against Israel. Until 1936, Persia included the three countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and Iran either has them or is on the verge of having nuclear weapons and Afghanistan is turning more radical. The Anti-Christ will take the credit when God intervenes and protects Israel when Russia and Persia come against Israel.


The Anti-Christ will then set himself up as god in the Temple in Jerusalem. For this to occur, the temple must be rebuilt. The priests have been trained, the robes have been made, the instruments have been created, and now the red heifer has been obtained from a breeder in Mississippi so that sacrifices might be possible. The Anti-Christ will also establish a one-world global economy based out of Babylon in Iraq. Babylon is being rebuilt and Iraq has a record amount of oil and is building an advanced communication system.


Many of the things predicted in the Bible are coming into focus and the antichrist is soon to rise on the world scene. Who on the world scene today is helping to lay the foundation for the Anti-Christ and a one-world religion as predicted in Revelation 17 as the women that rides the Beast?


Dr. Jimmy DeYoung lived in Jerusalem for 18 years. His reports on the Middle East are on more than 1500 stations weekly & he is seen on the John Ankerberg television program numerous times per year. Dr. DeYoung will help us understand world events in light of the Bible. What wars are going to erupt in the Middle East & how will they impact America & the word? Does the Bible speak of the Muslim nations that are uniting & becoming more radical in their hatred of Israel? How close are the Jews to rebuilding the temple? What role if any will America play in the last days? What does the Bible say about the coming one-world government & economy & are we seeing their formation even now? How should these world events encourage and challenge Christians in the defense & proclamation of the gospel?

Religious Trojan Horse Exposed

In this presentation Brannon will play numerous video clips that will reveal how our bitterest philosophical enemies have made it past the gatekeepers of both mainstream and evangelical Christian thought, and anti-Christian worldviews have assembled within the walls of our churches. As a result, hostile forces wreak havoc in the minds and hearts of believers who are caught unaware. After playing video clips that will shock you, Brannon will explain from the Word of God why the presented philosophies of men are false and not according to Christ. Brannon will answer such questions as:

Why it is false to teach that Satan can stop the prayers of believers from reaching God?
Why is it unbiblical to teach that man can bind Satan?
Why is a false spiritual revival so dangerous?
Why are we seeing an increase in counterfeit signs and wonders?
Why are we seeing the increase in false prophets, false apostles and false teachers?
What is real spiritual warfare according to 2 Corinthians 10:3-5?
What does it mean when the Word of God instructs Christians to submit to God and resist the devil?
How and why has Shamanism and mysticism become main stream within evangelicalism?
How do false teachers attract a crowd, gain credibility, and then undermine the gospel?
Why are false teachers being publically embraced by leading political, religious, and pro-family leaders and what is the impact of this on Christians and unbelievers?
Are “conservatives” helping to build the false church as described in Revelation 17 as the women that rides the beast?
Why is God not using unbelievers and false teachers to spark a Biblical spiritual awakening in America?
Why are Christians not to build God’s Kingdom on earth here and now?
Can theology be set aside by people of faith as they work to reclaim the country?
What is Satan’s number one strategy for building his doomed kingdom?
What specific Bible verses instruct Christians on how to respond to these issues? 
Ezekiel: A Revelation of the Four Major Trends for the End Times

Dr. DeYoung lived in Jerusalem for the last 18 years. A study of Bible Prophecy will reveal the Four Major Trends of God's Prophetic plan for the future. These four trends can all be found in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, one of the greatest ancient Jewish Prophets. These four trends are very evident in today's world and give solid evidence at how close we are to the fulfillment of God's Plan for what seems to be the "near future".

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