Worldview Weekend
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Worldviews 101

What are the six main worldviews that rule the world? Why is the Biblical worldview the only true and consistent and superior code of ethics, principles, and way by which to live?

Biblically Refuting Word of Faith False Teaching

Justin Peters uses numerous Scriptures to destroy the false teaching of the Word of Faith. Watch video clips of leading Word of Faith teachers proclaiming their false teaching and then listen as Justin Peters reveals why they follow a false Christ and fa

Religious Trojan Horse of False Teaching

A religious trojan horse has made its way into evangelicalism. In this calls Brannon reveals the agenda of the false prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation to the dominion theology of the religious right, to the communitarianism of Rick Warren and his

Grave Influence: 21 Radicals & Their Worldviews Ruling Your World

This class will help you see the world and events rocking the globe as a big picture. You'll recognize the lies that have been cleverly packaged to conceal the destructive worldview agenda of 21 radicals that rule America from the grave.

Creation Vs. Evolution

Ken Ham, Dr. Ron Carlson and Brannon Howse reveal why Biblical Christianity and science are compatible while Darwinian evolution is not consistent with the known laws of the universe.

Confronting The Spiritual Confusion

Freemasonry, trips to heaven, Christian Yoga, open theism, and New Age beliefs have become accepted by many within evangelicalism. How are Biblical Christians supposed to confront this spiritual confusion?