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Posted: 06/25/12

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Posted On: 06/28/12 04:26:59 PM Age 0, NJ
I don't think my feedback went through - too long for one thing. In a nutshell I think Satan is having a ball with all the apologists and they need to sit down together and thoroughly examine the evidence on the Founding Fathers and the Harbinger (together) and realize that they are brothers and sisters. Rabbi Cahn has made his point and needs to stop and give everyone time to think and decide what they think. God is not the God of confusion.

Confusion, confusion
Posted On: 06/28/12 04:21:24 PM Age 0, NJ
First of all, there is nothing but confusion going on and it is setting Christian against Christian and poor Rabbi Cahn, who wrote a NOVEL, is so desperate to get his point across that he thinks he is talking to a believer when he talks to Glenn Beck who is probably sitting there saying to himself "here's a useful idiot" AND wondering where it all fits into the Book of Mormon!! And how he can use it politically. Satan is having a field day!! He tried to divide everybody on the Patriotism and Founding Fathers issue (and is still working on that one) so for a one-two punch here comes the Harbinger. Before it goes any further, I think everyone (Christian apologists) involved should agree to sit down together privately in the presence of the Lord and try to come to an agreement not to let the devil have his way with them and turn them all against each other. There are FACTS to be examined on both issues and they deserve CAREFUL, UNEMOTIONAL examination. No doubt there will be disagreement to a degree, but we cannot allow those disagreements get to the point where we are all tearing each others throats out with the world watching.

Standing FIrm
Posted On: 06/28/12 10:42:43 AM Age 0, CT
"..what harmony has Christ with Belial..? . (2 Cor.6:15).. What about the Mormon religion do "Christians" NOT understand??????

Denying Jesus
Posted On: 06/27/12 08:13:39 PM Age 0, SD
I watched this part, and then pt 2, of Jonathan Cahn on Glenn Beck. The standout was the missing component, namely Jesus Christ. Here's a harbinger for you -- the last world-wide rebellion will be governed by an anti-christ leader of an anti-christ system. Anti-Jesus. Get it? All this talk of God with a distinct denial, be it boldly or subtly, of the fact that we can only come to him through Jesus -- and I mean Jesus as clearly defined in the inspired Word of God -- is of the last rebellion. All these great intentions -- humility, generosity, faith, love, hope, peace, justice, et al -- unless these things are of Jesus the Christ, they are of the other.

I was concerned this could happen
Posted On: 06/27/12 04:42:14 PM Age 0, MN
This is something that I become more and more concerned whenever I see conservative christians publish books, or give speeches that gain a lot of media attention and ring true to a popular constintuency. As soon as I heard Glenn rave about the book on his radio program, I began to worry about this very thing happening.

Another reason why we need Worldview Weekend
Posted On: 06/27/12 11:43:02 AM Age 0, MS
Wow! I love a good mystery...and my subjective self takes over. This clip was so profound (did they even mention the book is fiction?). Thank you, Brannon. I am so blessed to have reconnected with Worldview Weekend sometime last fall. I wanted so much to believe that Glenn Beck was good for the country, but I always reminded myself that "he's Mormon." You are the only one who dared to name names and draw the line in the sand to help us discern truth from fiction. God bless you.

America replacement Israel
Posted On: 06/27/12 11:38:14 AM Age 0, NC
I have been reading a book recently called Future Israel (Barry Horner). It is a refutation of replacement theology. It is ironic that a Messianic Jew and a Mormon get together and assume that America is the replacement Israel. It makes all the same mistakes of transferring the Mosaic covenant promises and curses to America as replacement theologians do to the church. Both men also rely on experience to prove the truth of their claims, instead of the propositional truth of scripture. I know Mormons think America is the new promised land and Jesus will set up his new kingdom in Missouri, but what is the messianic jew thinking? As John Macarthur said in your interview, It is dangerous to link with people of suspect doctrine to win America back to a moral government.

Harbinger Feedback
Posted On: 06/27/12 11:08:55 AM Age 0, OH
Brannon, The book is probably a good fiction read -- Isaiah 9:10-11 is the Judgment that fell on'Israel --- USA is NOT mentioned in Bible Prophecy. It is a DANGEROUS prophetic book. Keep up the good work Brannon -- I really enjoyed your interview w/Dr John MacArthur- I have studied a long time with Dr John - he has made the difference in my Christian walk. God Bless, For the Glory of our Savior, Deb French (Lancaster, Ohio)

Christ said to be discerning
Posted On: 06/27/12 07:31:32 AM Age 0, IN
This Harbinger has some fascinating parallels that need to be tested or discerned from all of scripture. Yes, these parallel statements were made. However, what is the application of the "scriptures in context" today? America is not ancient Israel anymore than any other terrorist site in any other nation from 2001 could be somewhat relevant. This Isaiah text is ONLY applicable to Israel since they are in covenant with God, America nor is any other worldwide gentile nation "in covenant" with God in this text. Therefore, the ONLY significance to these historical facts and parallel is that we are an arrogant nation that has dismissed the God of Israel and His scriptures. Romans chapter one is the scriptural text that is most relevant for this gentile American nation today, but no one is writing nor selling a book about these very relevant and frightening coincidences. This book is just another "new item" to talk about just like the Mars Hill greek philosophers of Acts 17 used to do. Discernment of the scriptures is our mandate for today, not musing about historical coincidences that fascinate our sinful minds, much like our first ancestors that mused about a forbidden fruit. We all know where that got us too.

Time will tell
Posted On: 06/27/12 02:12:37 AM Age 0, MS
I appreciate that you question things and dont readily accept everything being proclaimed out there and expose a lot of false stuff. Granted, Beck is a mormon but just because Cain was on Becks show dosnt automatically make Cain wrong. I think the true test of whether Cain is right or wrong will be time. Let me explain. The next thing we see unfold after Isaiah 9:10 is the Lord rasing up adversaries against Israel and spurs the enimies on: The Armeneans on the east and Philistines on the west. Then in the very next chapter after Israel had not repented and turned back to God, the Lord raised up a bigger beast against Israel: Assyria." The rod of My anger And the staff in whose hand is my indignation. I send it against a Godless nation"...God called Israel a "Godless" nation". Likewise, for the most part the US is Godless also. If Cain is correct we will at some point see God raise up adversaries against the US from the east and and russia?. A rod of His anger and staff of His indignation and commission it against the people of His fury.

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