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Posted: 04/03/12

Why Is The Heartland Of America Being Ripped To Shreds By Gigantic Tornadoes That Are Becoming More Frequent And More Powerful?


What in the world is going on in the heartland of America? Spring has barely even begun and we are seeing communities all over America being ripped to shreds by gigantic tornadoes. A lot of meteorologists claimed that the nightmarish tornado season of 2011 was an "anomaly", but 2012 is shaping up to be just as bad or even worse. These tornado outbreaks just seem to keep getting more frequent and more powerful. For example, several "supercell" tornadoes ripped across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area on Tuesday. People all over America were absolutely horrified as they watched footage of these tornadoes toss around tractor trailers as if they were toy trucks. Personally, I have never seen a tractor trailer tossed 100 feet into the sky before. This is not normal. CBS 11 meteorologist Larry Mowry told his viewers that one of these torandoes was "as serious of a tornado we've seen in years". So why is this happening? Why is the heartland of America being ripped to shreds by gigantic tornadoes that are becoming more frequent and more powerful?

Up to this point in 2012, at least 57 people have been killed by tornadoes across the country. Thousands more have been injured and countless homes have been reduced to splinters. In fact, there have been a couple of small towns that have been essentially wiped off the map by giant tornadoes.

What we are witnessing is not normal. Prior to the horrific tornadoes that we saw on Tuesday, there had been 326 tornadoes in the United States so far in 2011. That is about twice as many as usual for this time of the year.

Overall, the United States only sees about 1,200 tornadoes for the entire year usually. The busiest time of the year for tornadoes is still a way off, and we are on pace for a truly historic year.

But it is not just the number of tornadoes that is the problem. Many of these tornadoes are immensely powerful. The following is how the local CBS affiliate described the damage done by the recent tornadoes in Texas....

Multiple tornadoes threw tractor-trailers in the air, ripped the roof off an elementary school, leveled houses and shut down airline traffic out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport as one of the worst storms in years hit North Texas Tuesday.

Baseball-sized hail punched holes through car roofs, and a Red Cross spokeswoman warned the breadth of the destruction may not be cleared until well into Wednesday. The mayors of Arlington and Lancaster declared a state of disaster following the storm strike.

There were even reports of massive "debris balls" in Dallas, Ellis, Johnson and Tarrant counties. These tornadoes picked up huge amounts of debris into the air that were just carried along by the storms. That must have been an absolutely horrifying sight to behold.

A lot of jaw-dropping footage from these tornadoes has already been posted on the Internet. For example, the following video shows tractor trailers being tossed about like rag dolls....

Have you ever seen anything like that before in your life?

I know that I haven't.

Look, one bad year can be dismissed as a coincidence.

But two historically bad years in a row?

Many would call that a trend.

Last year, America experienced one of the worst tornado seasons of all time. Many Americans will never, ever forget the devastation caused by the tornadoes of 2011.

For example, National Geographic reported that a gigantic F5 tornado that ripped through the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area had winds of up to 260 miles an hour. If you drive through Tuscaloosa today you can see that they are still trying to recover.

And Joplin, Missouri may never be the same again after what happened to that city last year. The gigantic tornado that ripped through Joplin was called by some the deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years.

That mammoth tornado ripped a path of destruction through Joplin that was more than a mile wide and more than 6 miles long. You can see some amazing before and after photographs of Joplin right here.

But people don't think about what happened to Joplin much anymore because there have been so many other horrific disasters since then.

Overall, 2011 was the worst year for natural disasters in U.S. history.

Many were hoping that there would be a return to normalcy in 2012.

Unfortunately, that simply is not happening.

In 2012, we have already seen one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever recorded in the month of March in all of American history. A couple of small towns in Indiana were virtually completely wiped out by that outbreak.

Sadly, what we have already seen in Indiana and Texas may just be the warm up act.

The truth is that usually May is the worst month for tornadoes in the United States.

So how bad are things going to get this year?

How many other communities across the nation are going to be absolutely ripped to shreds before tornado season is over this year?

In 2009, there were 1146 tornadoes in the United States.

In 2010, there were 1282 tornadoes in the United States.

In 2011, there were 1691 tornadoes in the United States.

In 2012, we are on pace to far exceed the total we saw in 2011.

So would could be causing all of this?

Do you think that you have a theory that explains these tornadoes?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below....


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Is our land defiled
Posted On: 04/20/12 07:11:54 AM Age 0, MI
When thinking about all the storms and destruction , Leviticus 18 comes to mind. It mentions that for certain sins the land becomes defiled and vomits out its inhabitants.

Is our land defiled
Posted On: 04/19/12 11:27:52 PM Age 0, MI
When thinking about all the storms and destruction , Leviticus 18 comes to mind. It mentions that for certain sins the land becomes defiled and vomits out its inhabitants.

crazy times
Posted On: 04/05/12 01:14:07 PM Age 0, KY
the bible sayes in the last days perlious times would come the word perlous in the greek means crazy or insane times, its not only in the weather conditions but in every part of our country, riots are every where in the world moral decay everwhere, and what realy concerns me its in our so called churches, you can hardly get the truth except for a precious few people who teach the truth of gods word, thank god we do have a few left who hold true to the word of god. but elijah of old thought he was the only one left but god reminded he had a very small remant left and its always been that way, so dont get weary in well doing because god wont forget your good works, keep looking up because the time of his return is at hand,

Why destruction in Middle America
Posted On: 04/04/12 01:43:00 PM Age 0, CA
Israel watched evacuation news in Hebron, Israel, as the U.S. watched large tornadoes in Dallas, south of Hebron, Texas Hebron, 21 miles southeast of Denton in southeast Denton County, and 21 miles north of Dallas, was founded in the vicinity of the old Bridges Settlement of 1843. It was named for the Biblical town of Hebron. Ehud Barak ordered Hebron evacuation This afternoon (Wednesday), the Israel Police evacuated the settlers who had inhabited the "Patriarch House" in Hebron. The evacuation was carried out on the orders of Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Defense Minister Barak said afterwards: "I will continue to act in order to maintain the rule of law and democracy while guaranteeing the authority of the State over its citizens." Defense Minster Barak added that "Any request to acquire the relevant buying permit or any other transactions will be dealt with professionally and impartially, as is the practice. However, we can not allow a situation where unlawful actions are taken to determine or dictate ad-hoc facts to the authorities."

Wrath of God
Posted On: 04/04/12 11:44:03 AM Age 0, TX
It is very obvious that God is angry at America right now, from the highest in leadership to the lowest citizen. Our treatment of Israel along with our evil social policies, combined with our overall wickedness as a population. There is no other explanation. The only solution is that we take our eyes off of politics, lusting after money and entertainment, searching for endless pleasure and get right with God. Bring the King James Bible back into the forefront of these United States, preach the TRUE gospel and try to get as many people saved through Jesus Christ as possible in these last days. Plain and simple.

Reason for Record Tornadoes
Posted On: 04/04/12 11:07:05 AM Age 0, TN
John Mcternan has documented the link between a counties treatment of Israel and natural disasters. President Obama talked about Israel giving up Jerusalem and going back to their pre-1967 land hours before Joplin was wiped off the map by a tornado. I believe there is every reason to believe President Obama will be treating Israel even worst after the election. See

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