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Posted: 04/02/12

Obama Leaks Israel's Attack Plan?

Last week Mark Perry-a writer with a long anti-Israeli pedigree-published a much-talked-about article in Foreign Policy. It claimed Azerbaijan had granted Israel use of some airbases for an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities-thereby helping Israel solve problems of refueling its planes and making an attack much more feasible.

Azerbaijan is a small, mostly Shiite Muslim country on Iran's northern border. It has long been concerned about Iran's treatment of the ethnic Azeri population living there. Azerbaijan is also one of the few Muslim countries having close economic and strategic ties with Israel.

Perry claimed his inside information came from U.S. sources, particularly "four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers." He quoted one intelligence officer as saying: "We're watching what Iran does closely. But we're now watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we're not happy about it."

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Israel did not share info with US
Posted On: 04/05/12 12:38:21 AM Age 0, CA
I'm sure the Israeli government did not share this information with US counterparts. It is likely US intelligence picked this up. Obama's blaming Israel for gas prices - what is next, blood libel?

Israel's Attack Plans Leaked?
Posted On: 04/04/12 10:32:11 AM Age 0, KS
Hopefully, Israel will no longer share their secrets with the leader of any other country.

Israel's Attack Plans Leaked?
Posted On: 04/04/12 10:31:29 AM Age 0, KS
I'm surprised that Israel's attack plans were confided to a leader of a country who refused to share agreed-upon defense information with Israel 30 years ago. Hopefully, they'll no longer trust anyone to keep their secrets, not even the United States leadership.

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