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Posted: 03/26/12

Monumental Confusion

A Review of Kirk Cameron's Documentary: Monumental


By Vince and Lori Williams

Authors of Falsified: The Danger of False Conversions


"My premise as I start out this film is to approach this subject not as an actor or as a politician or not even as a Christian but to approach it as a father." (emphasis ours) This is how Kirk Cameron defined his documentary in a recent interview to a secular radio host and this is exactly what the film delivered having just watched it at the live screening.


Before we even get into the review, it needs to be noted one of the most shocking parts of the live event was a very welcomed live feed from Glenn Beck on the set of GBTV studio. On the pre-show before Monumental starts, Kirk talks to the audience of viewers and introduces Beck as "one of our biggest supporters of the film and a friend." Beck then comes on the screen very excited to be partaking in this live event and says, "I am honored to be called your friend", and then goes on to say, "You were in Left Behind while I was reading it." He goes on to address the audience with statements on the topic of how God is giving us an alarm, and if you don't have freedom you can't be who you are.


Beck states "He (talking about God) is telling us to do these things."  Beck also says, "There's no way out", then goes on to say that God has really confirmed to him "why would I be telling you to gather if I'm a God that wants to torture you. He is a loving God. We have to return to Him." Kirk then says, "We are ready to answer the call" and graciously thanks Glenn and pleasantries are exchanged.


Kirk then introduces some others involved with the film, in particular of note was his conversation with his current pastor Rex Holt of Conejo Church,

They have a conversation together talking about this being a spiritual journey and Holt speaks about John Robinson the pastor to the Puritans that were on this voyage.


The film opens up with the trailer many of us have seen with Cameron blasting away at how the world is supposedly going to hell in a hand basket and we have to somehow stop it from spiraling downward before we hand it off to the next generation.


The film is portrayed with Kirk's narration back and forth of what he is learning along the way as he goes from point to point along the pilgrim's escape route from England.

The portrayal of what the pilgrims were trying to accomplish according to the film is quite extraordinary. If what the film says of their journey is true, they were seeking to accomplish the goal of living out what the Bible teaches. They were printing Bibles in English to get the Gospel out…. this is where we hoped the film would lead; however it takes a different path.


It diverts from the pilgrims simply trying to get out from under King James's rule and tyranny to, "we as Americans now have to reclaim what they did in order to regain liberty and freedom." That is where it starts getting really messy. The film brings you to where Kirk and Marshall Foster meet up and Kirk is asking, how do we get back to that, I wish they would of left us a recipe. Foster is quick to tell him they did leave one, and its just over the hill they happen to be standing on.


The Monument then flashes on the screen and its magnitude is highlighted by aerial shots and larger than life footage of this granite statue. Kirk is awe of what he sees and what Foster then delivers to him in exposition of the parts of the monument. We are not told how Foster knows all of this information; he just starts explaining all the symbols of it.


Here is the following of how he broke down the description of the monument:

--Faith: She is pointing to God because her faith is in the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ. She has the Geneva Bible and the pages are opened up because that meant they were reading it. The star is for wisdom, how to live, and without faith it all falls apart.


--Morality: Internal morality, the woman has no eyes, she's looking internal to the heart first, and then external. She has the scroll of Revelation in her right hand and the Ten Commandments in the left. (Again he is not telling us how he knows that is what she is holding, you can't see that from the film that it's inscribed with those verbiages on it). You have to change hearts and minds first. The side statues give meaning of Evangelism, the writing down of the Gospel because "He came to set us free" he states.  Law meant civil law, if you want order then you must have the Law-the principles of God are related into civil law, and the mercy that He's having.


---Justice: She's holding scales of justice and in terms of equity there should be equality.


--Mercy: It's built upon the idea that He offers us mercy and grace.

He sums that up by saying you have to have morality, a moral system of law and one that shows grace to people. You have a freedom and a civility and how you can educate your children.


From there he goes to the Education statue saying she is educating her children and sitting in victory. It's how to carry on truth to kids and through their youth.


The one thing we did agree with, if its in fact true that the statue represents all of that on education was Foster's comment that, it is the parent's responsibility to do this (educate) their children because their worldview was different from the government. He said it was our responsibility to teach our children, not the government's because they will not learn the proper things if left up to them.


---Wisdom: In the left hand it's pointing to the Ten Commandments and an open Bible. This man is older and wiser, he is teaching the children how the world works from a biblical perspective and passing on liberty. Again, we are never told how Foster knows all of this; he just starts interpreting all of these symbols.


--Liberty Man…the big climax and focus of the documentary and one that Kirk is fascinated with. Liberty Man is the fruit of it all. That is what he represents. Foster says the Liberty Man is "the result of obeying the matrix of liberty," (the matrix of liberty being the rest of the monument.) He has defeated tyranny and is holding it down.


The summation of all this description from Foster in referring to Kirk's desperate desire for an answer to all of it…"This is that recipe."

So Kirk now has his answers of how to reclaim America and his children's future…. by following the mandates of this Monument.


He then wants to know if our founding fathers were as on target with Christianity as our forefathers were.

He heads to Texas where he states, "home of David Barton, the leading expert" on the topic.

Barton and Cameron have an exchange around Barton's elaborate collection of supposedly historical documents. Barton states that Congress and the founding fathers printed the first English Bible, so if they were so atheistic, agnostic, deistic, then why would they want the Bible in schools.

Simply put to Barton…they would, that is why they were getting it out there. Kirk says after seeing all of this, "the founding fathers did not ditch the faith." Barton says there are many out there that are deliberately and denying the truth of the founding fathers. They are repeating it ignorantly when they say that the founding fathers weren't Christians. He takes a great time showing Cameron the book, The Godless Constitution, and uses one page from the bibliography as his basis of how people do not document their sources when they say the founding fathers weren't Christians. 


How does it all end? Kirk tells us in his own words, "The solution to the crisis? It's not to blame, the responsibility to secure freedom for my family is in my hands. Join me we will secure a Monumental future for our children."


We walked away from this gospel-less film, done by a guy that is known as an evangelist for the Christian faith, with utter confusion and one big looming question…why did Kirk not go to the scriptures to seek out his Monumental question?


The answers are there. We will not reclaim America, but rather Jesus Christ will restore creation when He returns. That is a much better solution than what we as humans or monuments could come up with. His word is Truth!





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By Vince and Lori Williams

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A disciple of Christ
Posted On: 10/17/12 02:54:48 PM Age 0, CA
So many points of view folks but as one non-believer pointed out, we spend too much time tearing on another down instead of building one another up. From our pulpits to each household we have the unique ability through gospel community. What if church wasn't a place u go 2 but who u are? What if a few neighbors lived out with u in the everyday rhythms of life? you'd share meals, watch each others kids, party together, serve neighbors, restore what's broken in ur community, talk about Jesus a lot & see people begin 2 follow Him. It wud be messy & it wud be glorious. Immanuel, God is with us.

Posted On: 07/23/12 04:23:58 PM Age 0, MI
this movie inspired me to look for the truth. if we dont know where this country came from how can we begin to teach our children about what God has establish here in america. this movie was not for alone those who are believers but unbelievers. when I was in the world the last thing I wanted to here was a scripture. i was more influence by christian who just talk to me. kirk touch on a subject that everybody wants to talk about believer or not. he knew that america in his heart that something does not add up. so what he did was sought out the answer where everyone can comprehend it and seek for the answers and know it came down to that God establish america. that is the point of the movie and the keys He gave us throught His word that will substain us. as a nation we stand under God. i dont think as kirk family in faith of Jesus Christ we shouldnt mock or murmur about it but encourage unbelievers to seek the truth and praying for the body of Christ to be in unity. knowing God is our father and as a nation it is by Him we are made and His purpose we live. God bless you all in the name of our messiah Jesus Christ and be establish in His shalom amen.

total confusion
Posted On: 03/29/12 05:07:59 PM Age 0, IN
This "documentary" was an incredible piece of fiction. Kirk jumps from one flawed assumption to another and most of the time, you can't even follow his train of thought, they are all over the place. Ignoring HUGE portions of the pilgrims story/journey seemed to be the theme of this film. the film also takes liberties regarding the other settlements, so much so, it makes you feel that indeed, the strong unyielding beliefs of the puritans were common throughout that time (except for their relationship with the church of england). All in all, this film made me realize, I have very little in common with Kirk expect faith in our seperate beliefs. And what was the deal with glen beck???? he's a morman? Seriously, I share the same view of Mormans that most of you do, and be honest with yourself. a man finding buried plates in NY starts a group, moves to a midwest town and kills everyone in that town, then plants roots in the promised land (Utah...another reason I'm not morman). You and I feel thats a cult that has formed into a religion, much like christianity in its early days i suppose. Anyway, this film will probably do well within the evangelical realm but will be completely schredded with people wanting to see a compelling documentary. Honestly, I feel this film, unjustly, will do more harm to the credibility of christian organizations than good.

I No Longer Stand Alone
Posted On: 03/29/12 11:41:23 AM Age 0, MS
For years (throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s) I felt as if I stood alone on this issue. Was I the only one who believed that God had not called the Church to reclaim the culture and save the nation, but rather simply to preach the gospel, save souls, and build the spiritual Kingdom of God? Was I the only one who saw no Biblical injunction for seeking political power and control as the mission of the Church? Was I the only one who was disturbed by the constant abuse and misapplication of 2 Chron. 7:14 to the Church, when obviously that promise was granted to national Israel? After all, the expression “My people” in that passage refers to Israel (a theocracy), whereas the Church is not a theocracy and does not even own any land! What land of the Church could therefore be healed? Was I the only one who could see that being “salt and light” as taught by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount had nothing to do with reclaiming the culture and that this buzz phrase was constantly used in violation of its true contextual meaning? Was I the only one who believed that what America needed was a real revival: a work of the sovereign God that is spiritual – not political and cultural – in nature? For revival we could indeed pray and preach, but not legislate! But over the last decade, and the last few years in particular, I have seen some of my disillusioned brothers & sisters return to the Scriptures for guidance – only to realize that they had not been operating on a Biblical value system. They had confused patriotism and conservatism for Biblical Christianity; yea, they had equated the two. But now they – like Brannon Howse – are speaking out firmly for a Biblical philosophy of ministry. This trend – combined with the wide reach of the internet – has shown me I am no longer standing alone. There are thousands of others who have not yet bowed the knee to Baal. This is an encouraging trend if it will continue to drive God’s true people today back to their knees and the Scriptures.

An example in Acts
Posted On: 03/29/12 01:12:35 AM Age 0, CA
This reminds me of a situation in Acts, where Paul and Silus were walking through the city, and a witch followed after them, calling out to bystanders, "Follow them, for they have the way of Salvation". What did Paul do? he turned and cast a demon out of her. why would he do that if what she was saying was true? he did it because, although she was telling the truth- the SOURCE was wrong! By allowing her to speak and ot addressing that source, Paul would hae been giving the witch credibility...people would hae thought, "Gee, she must be ok, because she's saying the same thing Paul and Sius are saying, soooo she must be ok also' Wrong, wrong, wrong! Notice, the scripture doesn't say whether th witch meant well or not- doesn't matter! A true Christian doesn't share the platform with a Pagan, no matter what the "good" cause is, because sharing and comproising the Truth lends credibiity to that false this case, it lends credibility to Mormonism. Remember, it only takes a few drops of black ink to discolor several gallons of crystal clear water.

Quick to condemn
Posted On: 03/28/12 08:53:18 PM Age 0, NC
While I am concerned about Kirks partnering with Glenn Beck in this effort, I think his intent may have been to help open the eyes of unbelievers to our country's heritage, which will cause them to eventually go to the Scriptures for answers. Do you criticize the original Chronicles of Narnia for not containing Scripture quotations? While there is only one Way Jesus- I believe God can use many tools/methods to lead people to Himself. And maybe Kirk will have a followup that incorporates the Scriptures.

Disturbed in Jersey
Posted On: 03/28/12 08:36:28 PM Age 0, NJ
Viewed the movie out of curiosity. I was shocked when he introduced Beck and mushed over him. The rally to unite all to support and promote the project was bothersome. At my theater the live feed cut off when Cameron was holding the sign board with the cities viewing the film for next week. Did I miss any thing else or is that the way the film ended ? A good portion of the crowd gave a standing ovation when the film itself ended before the live feed. I walked out the theater disturbed due to the crowds affirmation... 

I love it
Posted On: 03/28/12 08:25:57 PM Age 0, MI
Kirk Cameron is not evangelical enough. One reason why religion is so useless is that people who claim to believe in the same god spend a heck of a lot of time criticizing each other because they view things ever so slightly different. There is no monument, no god or no person who is going to save you. You have to make the world better all on your own.

Faitly pleased
Posted On: 03/28/12 08:02:22 PM Age 0, MA
I saw the film last night also. Thought it was pretty good. The message of the important of Morality and virtue in Sound Government was well displayed. Didn't like his intro...but thought the basics presented here were fine for most people.. The follow-Up presentations will be interesting... I'm always suspicious of Glenn Beck but a fan of David Barton. The comments above were well thought out, but for the majority of Citizens..this will put them on the right path Jim Eckland

Kirk Cameron
Posted On: 03/28/12 07:17:00 PM Age 0, TX
It is because of Christians who will not get involved in the affairs of this country that we are in the mess we are in. The enemy has convinced them that getting involved in politics is wrong. He has won. Thankfully a lot of Christians are waking up and taking action. Kirk Cameron is one.

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