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Posted: 12/31/69

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Read the guy whose title is "conservatism"...
Posted On: 12/13/10 02:35:05 PM Age 0, CA
Read the guy whose title is "conservatism"... posted on 09/28/09 11:10:28 AM. Classic liberal. We're against nudity on television? Eh? Didn't I tell you it is akin to arguing with 3 year olds! So funny! "You don't like boobies on television you dumb conservative! You're a racist against boobs! I knew why I never liked you conservatives! Boob haters! Argh, you darn boob haters!" What a bunch of clowns. Ahhh, libs... if they weren't so dangerous, they'd be better than the local comic act.

Posted On: 12/13/10 02:31:48 PM Age 0, CA
They have no understanding of the constitution and will shriek about the "patriot act" whenever anything comes up that has to do with the constitution. They really are a sad bunch and if you know real history (not revisionist history), there is NO WAY you can lose and argument with them and remember this... even if you do lose the argument (because they pull some bizarre fact out of their hat that you've never heard before), since 99% of the time the left uses both conspiracy nonsense and lies in their arguments, chances are you'll still win the argument! Why? Simple! Because their points aren't based on the truth and chances are, if you've never heard of some bizarre fact that they suddenly pull outta nowhere or if they use some bizarre conspiracy point-which they tend to do when they know they're losing the debate (because they know there is no comeback to irrational nonsense that can't be proven wrong or right one way or the other)- it's because they've lost and they're reaching for anything out there. Every liberal has their stash of 'get out of jail free' comebacks that they pull out in the middle of a debate that leaves even the best of us stunned. They'll start to go off about how Bush has a secret torture lab in the white house basement that is used to torture American citizens into becoming religious zealots or any number of idiotic crazy, nut ball ideas. They'll generally bust these crazy ideas out right at the point of defeat, the idea being that if they deviate from the topic with something nutty, they'll trick the other side into forgetting what they we're discussing, thus avoiding the inevitable, which is the point at which they're caught red handed on some ridiculous lie. In other words, it's almost as if a bomb goes off only yards away from the two of you and right when you are about to prove them to be the idiot you've been telling them they are for the duration of the debate, your train of thought is distracted onto the bomb as they slip into the next ridiculous point. And there you stand, void of your thoughts. In theory anyway, that's exactly what their intentions are. Anyway, the point is that arguing with liberals is simple. You tell the truth and stay on point and you'll never lose. Problem is, they're indoctrinating our children with nothing but nonsense and revised history and our kids are graduating (nowadays it's better if kids don't graduate! at least they'll have a fighting chance in the real world without being indoctrinated!) with a bunch of pointless lies and deception taught to them by commie teachers who are pushing their liberal UTA (united teachers association) agenda! Sad! Parents, teach your children the truth! You're their future and what you teach them affects our republic!!!!

Posted On: 12/13/10 02:31:20 PM Age 0, CA
Or they'll start going on about how the right loves war! That's another easily proven fallacy. All the while forgetting that it was President Wilson who got us into WW1. It was FDR who got us involved in WW2 and it was Truman who dropped the bomb on the Japanese. It was Truman who also got us involved in the Korean War, when Eisenhower, a republican, got us out. The left is so stupid, they'll say that eisenhower got us into another war, the "cold war". Really? Is that really how your brain works lefties? No wonder you're so easily defeated in EVERY debate. Really, debating a lefty is like debating a 3 year old. Actually, I take that back- I'm giving way too much credit to the lefties and not enough to the 3 year olds. Anyway, back to my point. After Eisenhower got us out of the Korean War in 53, it was Kennedy who got us deep into the Vietnam War (although I have to say, Kennedy knew Supply Side economics well and did good by the country.) So does this mean that Truman hated Asians? By the left's logic, yes it does. Anyway, once you start to debate facts in a logical way, the left then turns on you, calling you 'stupid', 'ignorant' and 'racist', usually all in the same sentence. This is because they've been brainwashed by their leftist professors over the years to regurgitate commie garbage that they learn in school, since 95% of the professors support the left due to the union relationship. When you prove them wrong with facts and they've run out of options, they stomp their feet and pout and tell you they hate you. (which is a good thing. good rid-dens jerks!)

Not to mention...
Posted On: 12/13/10 02:30:25 PM Age 0, CA
Not to mention that they're also very, very hypocritical, which we all are firmly aware of but I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention anyway. I have therefore disengaged myself from my 'x-liberal' friends. I can't take their hypocrisy. They don't understand anything so the ignorance that comes from their mouths is untenable. For example, they'll call you a racist out of the blue because you're opposed to some odd ball, dopey bill obama is working on. You'll then explain to them that it was the left that started the KKK, it was the left that tried to stop all civil rights acts while fighting the republicans like crazy and ultimately, it was the right that stopped slavery! It was the left who ran Stephen Douglas on the democrat platform in the mid 1800's against Lincoln. Stephen pushed for the Kansas Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise, which in effect re introduced slavery in what was deemed the ex slavery states. It was the left who pushed for jim crow laws. And it is the left who even today basis their politics on class warfare, keeping the poor and impoverished begging for a government hand out in exchange for a vote, keeping all the talent and dreams of the impoverished at bay all the while disguising it as 'giving out a helping hand.' I could go on forever about the racism and intolerance on the left but I'll end it there. (to be continued...)

They're evil for another reason as well...
Posted On: 12/13/10 01:44:57 PM Age 0, CA
First off, I've always considered liberals to be either evil or ignorant. If they're apart of the idiot masses who aren't educated and instead spew out the most recent bumper sticker ideology they heard from one of their nutty professors, they would fall into the latter. There are many of those. You meet them on a daily basis. We're surrounded by them. They're the ones who really believe in global warming and have no idea about how economics works, little understanding of history and just enough of an understanding of politics to make them dangerous. These are the idiots who think Fox news is bad stuff and they get most of their news off these dopey leftist blogs. Anyway, enough of that. Those are not the evil ones, just the ignorant ones. Now, for the evil ones. The evil ones know good and well right from wrong, they have a clear understanding of economics and know that Keynesian economics does not work. They get this but they're wrapped up in one of two agendas. They either know the truth but are communists at heart and therefore guise their communist tendencies as being "good for the common folk and little guy" OR they know that they're wrong but they let their ego get in the way of telling themselves or admitting otherwise. Do you get me on this? Now, one of the 7 deadly sins is "PRIDE", correct? For those liberals who cannot take responsibility for their views and go through life pushing their garbage agenda because they have a problem admitting they're wrong and have been wrong for many years, they're letting their "ego" get in the way. Ego is closely related to "pride". Pride, if used in an arrogant way is considered to be 1 of the 7 deadly sins. Pride = Ego. Can you see how these liberals are so afraid of admitting that they've been incorrect that they're actually committing 1 of the 7 deadly sins, due to their own ego getting in the way? For some reason, admitting that you're wrong is a very difficult thing for many if not most people. And there is no difference here either. Admitting that you're wrong doesn't stop with one person. They have to admit to their friends, family members, whomever they'd had a discussion about politics with in the past! So if a liberal is willing to watch his neighborhood go down in flames, willing to let people get killed due to liberal policies (and believe me, there are plenty of liberal policies that have contributed and are contributing to the deaths of people every second in this country!) because his ego is too big for his own head, then we've got ourselves an evil liberal, plain and simple. Thanks for the site and thanks for passing the word of righteousness around!

Liberals are ignorant
Posted On: 11/03/10 01:34:44 PM Age 0, CA
The article Liberals Are Evil and so forth was no surprise to me; however, it seems more relevant at times to regard liberals as extremely ignorant. An example I find both funny and tragic is that of liberals going around screaming that they are not going to buy any Arizona Iced Tea because of Arizona's not politically correct laws. Whether the laws are PC or not, they certainly make sense. The asinine thing here about the liberals is that AriZona Tea is not made in Arizona. It is manufactured in New York, and the company's headquarters is on Long Island. Now, really, how stupid can you get? But that is a very real example of the way liberals think--or rather do not think. The liberal brain is a scary thing and also tragic. It needs either a code in the DSM-IV under Axis 1 or it needs an exorcist. Incredible.

Liberals are evil
Posted On: 11/03/10 11:43:33 AM Age 0, CA
Why is it so surprising that evil has reached the heights it has? We are at the brink of the end of all things. Evil is supposed to come posing as an angel of light. That's what Progressives do. That's who they are. Be not surprised. Be in prayer, not in suspense. Be ready for the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The day of the progressive is almost over. "See the glory streaming from the domes afar. Hear the angels singing from the gates ajar. We are soon to enter, nevermore to roam. Hear the angels singing. We are nearing home. We are nearing home."

Liberals are evil
Posted On: 11/03/10 11:40:05 AM Age 0, CA
Yes, it is true, Progressivism is evil. It is Marxism wearing a new party dress. Believe this accurate counsel: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits...." (Matt 7:15-16a) This passage continues, telling the reader to judge and determine whether a prophet is false or tells the reader how to make the determination. That is what Ralph has done...he has presented the facts of observable behavior (fruit) of liberals and drawn the only reasonable conclusion. Ralph has gone further by exposing what he has found, in accordance with Ephesians 5:10-11 "Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them]". Truly only God can truly judge in the punitive sense. If we Christians fail to judge those with whom we keep company, we may find ourselves among the false prophets, murderers, blasphemers and other undesirables. It is Satan who desires that we never make a judgement call...that we check our brains and conscience at the door. Stop being duped by so-called bleeding hearts and their attempt to lay a guilt trip on you. Stand for the right. Stand for the truth. Stand for God's Word though the heavens fall. We are very very close to the end of all things. Is it any wonder that evil has advanced so much and that evil appears as an angel of light. Why would that fact surprise you? It is time to get ready for the coming of the Prince of Peace, the only One who can bring hope and joy for the future, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted On: 09/28/09 11:10:28 AM Age 35, NJ
Why do we even associate with these conservatives. They are filled with hatred and arrogant. Anyone who beleives that you will burn in Hell because your opinion is different from there's is evil. Conservatives have this view because they hate. They are against gay rights because they hate. And they are opposed to change because they hate progress. They are against spiritual drugs that open our minds up to charities helping others and God. They are against nudity on television because they think somehow a naked body is a bad thing or evil. Thses people are holding america back. They have a 19th century philosophy in a 21st century world

Posted On: 03/17/08 09:24:29 AM Age 57, MI
I once heard Janet Parshall announce on a radio show information about a money management series that they could attend about effective money management that was sponsored by none other than the Federal Reserve know that's the bank that the American people owe $9.4 trillon dollars to. Your quote by Ollie North (above) in reference to Clinton and Carter is probably still think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that 9-11 was a terrorist plot that the US had no advance warning of (just like Pearl Harbor was). You're probably supporting John McCain because he's the Republican candidate and therefore somehow better than Hillary or Barack...of course completely ignorning Ron Paul (a decent, honorable man, who incidentally, is also a real Christian man)...the modern Christian church in America is disgusting and shameful...John Hagee recently endorsed John McCain...when I heard that, I knew that we were in REALLY big trouble...God's hand is on the "reset button", the pulpits are silent about what's really happening to our country and Christian leaders that buy into and support the "lie" are going to be held accountable...make no mistake about that's written in the Word.

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