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Posted: 01/16/12

Nationally Known, Conservative, Pastor, Voddie Baucham Explains Why He Supports Ron Paul

Since posting a passing comment on my Facebook fan page about Ron Paul, I have been inundated with questions and concerns about my support of the Texas Congressman in the current Republican Primary race. In one of my many political posts (frequently, I post videos, news articles, etc., in an effort to show the importance and influence of worldview), I simply stated that I voted for Dr. Paul in the last election, and planned to vote for him again.

The result was hundreds of comments; more than any other post I've ever submitted. Most of the comments were positive. However, several were extremely negative. Some vowed never to follow, or support my ministry any further, while others simply communicated their dismay. Still others, like today's questioner, just asked honest questions. As a result, I've decided to explain my position, and this seemed like the best place to do it.

Let me say ahead of time that I do not believe that politics will save America. Nor do I believe there are any perfect candidates. There never have been, and there never will be. Moreover, it is not my goal to answer every objection to the Paul candidacy as I know that there are those who, for various reasons, will not be persuaded, and more importantly, that's not my job. My goal here is to offer insight in to my own reasoning as I wade through another political season and make a personal choice.

I. Ron Paul is a Christian Conservative

While I am not looking for a "Pastor-in-Chief," it is important to me that the man for whom I cast my vote be a Christian, if at all possible. And though I recognize that there is not always a clear Christian choice (i.e., the 2008 election), I agree with Chief Justice John Jay who wrote, "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."[1] For indeed, "Before any man can be considered as a member of Civil Society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governour of the Universe."[2] John Witherspoon concurs: "Those, therefore, who pay no regard to religion and sobriety in the persons whom they send to [public office] are guilty of the greatest absurdity and will soon pay dear for their folly."[3] I think we are seeing this on display right now.[4]

My desire is not to see a president who will usurp the authority, responsibilities, or privileges of the Church. However, I do not wish to see those things hindered either. I also want to know that the foundational ideology motivating a man's decisions is biblical. I know it will not always mirror my own, but I trust God's word, and appreciate those who look to it for aid in making decisions. To that end, I support Dr. Paul because he is not just a conservative, but a Christian Conservative.

Dr. Paul does not beat his Christian faith like a drum in his public/political life. Unfortunately, that is off-putting for the "Christian Right". However, in a world full of 'posturing' in an effort to win over evangelicals, I find Paul's public demeanor refreshing. And it is not as though he is a 'closet Christian,' either. "I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to follow Him in all I do and in every position I advocate," wrote Paul on his Web site.[5] I have also had the privilege of talking with both him, and one of his five children about his faith and how it influences his policy positions.

Nevertheless, the more important aspect is the fact that this Southern Baptist (raised Lutheran) is a regular church attender. What would motivate a man to attend church, but not beat a drum about it in an effort to win over evangelicals in an age when political figures play at Christianity (while living totally contradictory lives, and holding heterodox beliefs) in order to assuage the fears of the Christian Right? Having met and talked to Dr. Paul, I would say it is authenticity, and humility more than anything else. He wants "to avoid any appearance of exploiting [his faith] for political gain."[6]

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I can't believe a Christian would support Ron Paul
Posted On: 08/19/12 06:29:05 PM Age 0, GA
I am a little late in reading this article by Vaudie Bauchmann back in early 2012 supporting Ron Paul for presient. First of all, Paul supports legalization of all drugs. The definition of drug means sorcery. Second of all, Paul has made it clear that he doesnt' care at all about the issue of the homosexual marriage, lifestyle, etc., that God clearly says in His word is wrong..both in Romans and many other placees in the Bible. Also, there is the issue of his masonic memebership, that sadly, is held by many of our leaders. In addition to this, is his lack of support for defending Israel who God declares in the Bible as he apple of His eye. Many other reasons that I do not have time to go into. Those candidates pointing a finger at other candidates, have three pointing back at themselves. My son who is a strong Christian has told me that he cannot, nor can I, believe the number of peacenik Christians supporting Paul--at least in the Primary. Also, Paul's background as a Lutheran may well explain some of it, as there is a social gospel wing of the Lutheran church, that being the ELCA and that is more along the line of social gospel. Yes, that is his background, as was mine, but social gospel in my opinion is akin to socialism/communism.

Constitutional Mama
Posted On: 02/16/12 06:09:29 PM Age 0, UNITED STATES
Voddie is right in saying that it is not a biblical requirement for the U.S. to support Israel. Obedience of Scripture is for God's people; not the heathen. We need to stop expecting our government to fulfill our duties as believers. Whether it is blessing Israel or caring for widows and the fatherless...the duty is ours, friends! Our secular government does not defend Israel out of fear of God! And by the way, God will defend Israel with or without the U.S.! Ron Paul has more sense and strategy when it comes to foreign relations, and truly believes in a strong national defense. We WOULD NOT be weaker with him as Commander-In-Chief! Stop instilling fear in your fellow man about the Muslim boogey man under our beds. Stop telling me there will be more drugheads on the roads and more prostitution than there ALREADY IS if we give power back to the people of the individual states. Some people's minds run dangerously rampant when it comes to thoughts about legalizing drugs like marijuana. Get a grip and realize that accidents/overdose won't occur MORE just because it is legal. The same people and kids who reject alcohol and drugs now will still reject it when it is legal. The same people who abuse alcohol and drugs now will still abuse them when they are legal. States would have the right to ban or regulate the sales, and determine the punishment for misuse. It is not something to freak out about and fear the hypotheticals that COULD happen. What IS happening is a federal government encroaching on our rights more and more every day....and getting away with it in plain sight. In regards to my family's safety, liberty and well-being, I fear our federal government and its cronies more than I fear the Muslims, or the drugheads and prostitutes in my hometown. Start thinking common sense, be rational, and remember we do not need the government to be our moral compass or our tool to obeying God's commands in regards to valuing life, marriage or honoring the Golden Rule!

Thanks to Pastor Voddie Baucham for this well reasoned....
Posted On: 02/05/12 11:06:42 AM Age 0, TX
....articulation of why Christians & all those who are sick of the unjust status quo in America can support him without reservation. We've visited Voddie's church & are impressed with his approach. If you've noticed the Democrats love the welfare state, but also that many Republicans equally love the warfare state, and neither one honors the vision of the Founding Fathers, you're not alone. Dr. Ron Paul is easy to mis-understand as he opposes the Neo-conservative position that America has been uniquely designed to run the world. (As per Isaiah 9:6-7, Psalm 2, 110 & 149, Matthew 28:18-20 - that's HIS job, while we do participate, we never direct the effort) "Neo-conservatism" promulgates a subtle, but forceful re-interpretation of the original mission of America, which I think was to serve as an example to the nations of a 'self-governing Christian Republic'. As this mistaken mission has taken hold, the US military has become a faux 'missionary arm' of our nation, in an attempt to 'beat Islam' with smart bombs, instead of the strength of the Word of the LORD, working thru individuals, families & churches united in witnessing to His Glory. Our family has put together a 1 hour DVD, "Ron Paul: Faithful to Defend Liberty" - that helps express this message. It's helpful because the media either blacks out Dr. Paul, or distorts his message. And sadly, many Christians mis-understand his message of Liberty, out of sheer ignorance or media distortion. The last candidate the media wants us to support is Dr. Ron Paul, as his entire message is that the 'messianic state' isn't authorized by the Constitution, wasn't ever intended by the Founding Fathers & will violate our Liberty to raise our families & promote the Gospel. We'll gladly send 2 free copies to any who'd like to hear & decide if he is worthy of your support. Just send your request to: [email protected] Put 'Free DVD Offer' in the subject line. 2 DVD's will be sent first class mail, to any address or PO box you provide. Once you have a copy, you are free to re-copy & distribute to your church, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Thanks you, and may the LORD richly bless you all. David in Texas

Please re-consider Pastor Voddie's reasoning:
Posted On: 02/05/12 10:27:55 AM Age 0, TX
But there’s a more important question: “What does it mean to “support” Israel?” Does it mean that Israel remains God’s “Chosen People,” and we must stand with them in anticipation of the coming Armageddon? Is the President to act as “Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces” and “Supreme Defender of Israel”? Or are we simply to make sure the foreign aid dollars don’t stop flowing? Here are a few things I took into to consideration in evaluating Congressman Paul’s foreign policy. Israel is the most powerful nation in the Middle East... BY A LONG SHOT! In fact, Israel could potentially defeat all the other military powers in the Middle East simultaneously if they had to. We not only give money to Israel; we give money to their enemies as well. That is not supporting Israel! That is using money to buy influence in a region thousands of miles away from us in the name of oil, when we happen to have the largest repository of oil on planet earth right here in the US, but refuse to go and get it (in the name of Earth-worshipping environmentalism)! Israel is a sovereign nation, and we have no right to treat her like a child. Our foreign aid has been a tool used to influence Israel’s domestic policy for far too long. If we are their friends, we should allow them to exercise their sovereignty without our interference, and certainly without our condemnation. Who do we think we are? No, I disagree with my Christian brothers and sisters who think a country who supports Israel’s enemies, interferes with Israel’s domestic policy, condemn’s Israel in efforts to keep ties with oil-rich countries in the region, and helps to destabilize and radicalize one of Israel’s historic foes lurking on her southern boarder is engaging in a foreign policy that supports Israel. (end quote) This is from Voddies point # 2: A Constitutional Foreign Policy, and in my mind, is the most balanced attempt at obeying our God given duties as a nation, as well as respecting Israel's rights of sovereignty on their soil. We Christians need to start grasping & honoring this principle of Sphere Sovereignty - developed during the Reformation, that helps make a 'firewall' between the governments the LORD establishes. Quitting the unconsitutional system of foreign aid is in keeping with the Precepts against bribery that the Scriptures condemn, just as RP's stand of opposing the Federal Reserve is consistent with the Precepts that protects us from 'false weights & measures'. We Christians who support Ron Paul, are simply honoring the Biblical premises that the Founding Fathers wove into the tapestry of both the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. There is no greater statesman & champion of them than Dr. Paul. He understands that tyranny can even be when a central government attempts to push those Biblical values that should otherwise arise from our hearts loving Christ and expressed in our self, family & church "governments". Certainly it can & must respect those values , as the standard voluntarily chosen by we Christian citizens, but it can never be the source of them - as they have no authority to do. The source of them is the Word transmitted by the Holy Spirit to us, (or even in the cases of unbelievers, the Natural Law that even they hear as a general guide). LORD bless you all - Go Ron Paul 2012 ! PS: Kudos to Pastor Voddie for taking a stand that is easy for many to 'mis-understand', but desperately needs articulating.

Ron Paul
Posted On: 01/23/12 11:51:27 PM Age 0, TX
I would like to see those videos but see no link. I like Ron Paul but worry about his support for Israel and apparent lack of understanding of the Islamic threat, internal and abroad. Did he not hear Iran's president say he wants to destroy Israel and the USA?

Ron Paul is supported by American Vision-Gary DeMar and Dominionism
Posted On: 01/23/12 04:29:56 PM Age 0, IN
I noticed that American Vision endorsed Ron Paul recently and that Mr. Baucham defended his support of Ron Paul on their website as well. Is Baucham also Dominionist? It makes sense that these other Dominionists support Paul since they believe God is through with Israel and that the promises that He made to them are null and void.I just hope people know the situation of Paul and Baucham's association with these Dominionists. I would never consider voting for Paul and I can assure you that the Church has not replaced Israel and that God is not a liar and He will keep all of His promises to them. "I will bless them that bless who and curse him that curses you." Gen.12:3

Ron Paul
Posted On: 01/21/12 12:50:53 PM Age 0, IL
George Washington is turning over in his grave. Ron Paul obviously is a coward of the first rank. Anyone supporting him has to be so immature as to be mentally disoriented. I am a born again Christian who believes that all Chrisrian citizens, including the President , have a Godly obligation to protect, defend, and secure the benefits of a God given constitution with shedding of blood when necessary. Satan would be thrilled by a Ron Paul election.

Voddie Baucham Explains Why he supports Ron Paul.
Posted On: 01/21/12 08:35:54 AM Age 0, IL
Apparently many people are deceived and have not remembered the deaths of Jimmy Hendricks, John Belushi, Janis Joplin, and Jeff Conway who were heavy cocaine-herroin users, on the list from drugs- hard drugs, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, and Gary Busey is still alive. 1 cor. 3:11 Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, this means God does not want you to abuse your body on drugs.. keep it clean. Shame on Dr, yes Dr. Ron Paul for promoting a sinful, immoral lifestyle and habit. Work in an ER and see the deaths, paralisis, strokes and other side effects of Drugs, destruction of the family, the same with alcohol abusel Paul is using Drugs to get votes from Youths and Addicts....Voddie Baucham is not promoting clean living either...The Holy Spirit is exposing Impostors to those who are true Believeres.

Read Voddie's full article on his site!!!
Posted On: 01/20/12 11:43:28 PM Age 0, MS
I agree that Mr. Baucham makes some good points in supporting Ron Paul. However, the fact remains that Mr. Paul wishes to cut off support for Israel. Voddie writes the following paragraph in error, the Bible most definitely directs us to support Israel. Our country needs to truly support Israel in the proper way. To misunderstand/misinterpret this is a serious error on Voddie's part and calls his hermeneutic into question. Read this paragraph from the full article on Voddie’s site: "However, there is a deeper issue here. There is a sort of misplaced Dispensationalism that governs people’s sentimental attitude toward Israel. Let me state clearly that I do not believe the Bible demands that the U.S. support Israel. I do, however, believe that it is wise to do so for geopolitical reasons. To do so for theological reasons, I believe, is actually misguided, and quite dangerous. Nevertheless, Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East, and that is important." Regardless of your position on Dispensationalism how can one make such a statement about Israel? Israel’s existence today is a miracle of God and he clearly has a plan for it today. Additionally, I cannot support Mr. Paul due to the fact that he has a questionable position on legalizing drugs. To conclude, as badly as I have wanted to support Ron Paul in the past I cannot do it and am deeply troubled by some of Mr. Baucham’s rationale in supporting Mr. Paul.

No other choice
Posted On: 01/20/12 07:02:00 AM Age 0, FL
I dropped out of politics because of the incredible corruption, war and lies of the Bush administration. I will come back and vote for Ron Paul, a man who has lived his convictions not like the other choices.

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