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Posted: 01/09/12

Pastor Robert Jeffress Publically Says What Worldview Weekend Radio Has Been Saying for Months About New Religious Right Leaders


Posted on January 9th, 2012 10:32am by Michael J. Mooney

There was plenty of talk at the end of last week about a summit of social conservatives, gathering in Brenham, Texas to try to come to some sort of consensus on which Presidential candidate to support. The idea, it was said, was to avoid what happened to Mike Huckabee in 2008, when he won the Iowa caucuses but didn't carry enough momentum to take the nomination. They worry a disparate Evangelical vote means Mitt Romney will get the Republican nomination. Some of the names associated with this meeting have included Gary Bauer, president of the conservative group American Values (a frothy supporter of Rick Santorum); James Dobson, the evangelical Christian leader who founded the Focus on the Family activist group; and Southern Baptist leader Richard Land.

Before the meeting, I asked Dallas' own conservative leader, First Baptist's Robert Jeffress, an early endorser of Rick Perry and the subject of this month's D Magazine cover story, what he thought of the planned meeting. His answer may surprise you.

Jeffress told me over email that he would not be attending the meeting. "Waste of time," he said. "I've been in meetings with these folks before. There will not be any consensus. Too many egos with too many agendas. Furthermore, Evangelicals in the pew couldn't care less whom this group or I endorse. Although I personally endorsed Perry I would not presume to tell my flock for whom they should vote. I think it is appropriate to suggest criteria Christians should consider in voting but that's different than officially endorsing candidate."


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Wake up Christian right
Posted On: 01/10/12 01:05:48 PM Age 0, ID
As Christ knew that Peace could not be preserved, where men were struggling for legislative office, for glory, for riches, for revenge, He roots out from the hearts of His disciples all passions which lead to these things; He forbids them absolutely and without exception, to resist evil; He commands them to do good to those who use them ill, and to pray for those who curse them. And, after this, shall these men you support presume to think that they are Christians, who, on the slightest injury or threat embroil the world in war? What in the heck is wrong with you the “Christian right?” How can you continue to be used by these pitiful men who desire to lead you in a life that is in direct opposition to the one Christ imparted upon each of you. He teaches you to live after the manner of the birds of the air, and the lilies of the field; trusting in His Providence. He forbids your solicitude to extend to the morrow. He wishes you to depend entirely on God. He excludes all rich men, who trust in riches, from the kingdom of heaven. And yet are there crowned deviant men, who, for the sake of a poor pittance of money and power over you, perhaps, after all, not due to them, will not hesitate to spill torrents of human blood in the field of battle? Indeed, in these very times, the recovery of command over foreign monetary policy and their natural resources appears to be a very good cause of a just and necessary war to you! He gathers His chickens under His wing; and shall you Christians, His professed followers, dare to act the part of hawks or buzzards? Most of these “conservative” men profess, as legislators over our “Christian” country that God is their great sovereign; and yet they cannot be reconciled to each other by any arguments drawn from Christianity that I read. Jesus Christ chides Peter, who drew a sword in his defense when his life was in immediate danger, and orders him to put it up into its scabbard; and yet American Christians keep the sword constantly drawn, and are ever ready to use it even on their brother Christians, over the most trifling provocations, not defending any righteous cause except the one created in fancy patriotic speeches meant to scare or proclaim fanciful endeavors that are just words with no meaning. Every page of the Christian scriptures, whether you read those parts of the Old Testament which have a reference to Christianity, or the New, speaks of little else but seeking peace and concord; and yet the whole life of the greater portion of Christians supporting these candidates is employed in nothing so much as the concerns of perpetual warfare. Countrymen who claim allegiance to Christ, how long shall your lives contradict your profession and title? You may mark your houses, your vestments, and your churches, with the cross, as much as you please; but Christ will recognize no other badge, than that which he himself prescribed, love of one another. Torture, warfare, and the robbery of occupants of foreign countries that have never attacked us in the name of freedom and liberty does not remind me of anything that my Savior taught and spoke of in His Holy Word! Wake up and act like the Master you claim to serve and not His enemy!

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