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Posted: 12/01/11

Josh Tolley: Cain Admits Affair (Even if He Won't Admit It)

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, was making the media rounds yesterday to recover from yet another female's accusation of inappropriate behavior.

This time from a woman who has been claiming to have had a 13 year affair with the candidate.

In his attempt to recover his reputation, Cain admitted that his wife "did not know that we were friends until (Ginger White the accuser) came out with this story." He then continued to say that this friendship also included financially helping the woman in question, which again was something Cain's wife was unaware of.

Herman Cain then continues to assert that while there was never an affair that took place between him and Ginger White and that he will "reestablish his character."

Have we all turned a blind eye and a deaf ear? If you have a female friend and your wife doesn't know about it, you are having an emotional affair. If you have a woman (or man for that matter) in your life which you are financially giving aide to and your wife doesn't know, you are having a financial affair.

As any therapist will tell you, non-sexual affairs can be just as damaging, just as hurtful, and just as dirty as sexual affairs. Matter of fact, emotional and financial affairs can cause more damage and be harder to recover from than purely sexual affairs.

The fact that Herman Cain continues to claim that he did no wrong doing while carrying out these dealings with Ginger White without his wife's knowledge, shows the voting public a larger read flag than if he would have come out and admit to sexual relations with this woman. That red flag is a man who doesn't consider emotional affairs and financial affairs acts of wrong doing!

Affairs are an issue to voters in the first place because they reveal a candidate's character. It allows us an opportunity to really ask if we can trust the moral compass of this man seeking our vote in his/her personal life to be strong enough to guide our nation for the sake of all of our lives.

The question of "if" Herman Cain had an affair is over, he did. The only question that remains is if he is man enough to admit formally that his actions were a betrayal against his wife and family regardless of whether there was sexual relations or not?

Most likely, what will happen is Herman Cain will continue to choose the path of politician instead of the path of leadership. Meaning he will continue trying to make the word affair only carry a sexual connotation for the benefit of being able to separate what he may admit doing from what damage it actually caused. Leadership would mean to stand up and admit his actions constitute an affair, ask forgiveness from his wife, and live with the fact that while he may not be walking the path to the White House, he is walking to path to redemption and true manhood. It shows a man who has the moral compass to do the right thing even when it is the hard thing to do.

That's the type of person I would want to see in the White House.

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