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Posted: 12/31/69

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Falsehoods about this article
Posted On: 10/24/11 05:56:22 AM Age 0, NJ
There are many misquotes in this article. All Sunday laws in the United States were *NOT* abolished. See this webpage:,_New_Jersey Your teaching about the year 1798 is also incorrect. 1798 is the year that power was removed from the beast to persecuted the saints. The beast received it's mortal wound through Napoleon, when his general Bertheir captured the vatican. Before the beast received the mortal wound, Rome killed the real christians. Before 1798 , there was no official body of believers. The true church was in hiding. The Waldensian people in Northern Italy were part of the true church (even before Martin Luther). They were not an official organized body. All true christian from apostolic times kept the sabbath. It was the beast who "thought to change times at laws" who changed the "law" (10 commandments). The fourth commandment (the sabbath) is just as valid as the other commandments. No man has any authority to change it. Any church which existed before 1798 as an official body , is not a true church. This is because the true church (as per biblical description) was in the wilderness before 1798. It was not an official organized body. Please see for bible studies, and clarification on these issues.

SDA Prophecy Seminars
Posted On: 09/23/11 07:44:09 PM Age 0, NC
I attended a month long prophecy seminar in the town I lived in back in the late 90s. I had seen Ellen White's teachings before. Having discussed several of them with SDA friends, I was not surprised to see that many of White's teachings did not appear in the seminar. This included the period after the seminar had moved to the local SDA Church building. I fund the seminar interesting, and the discussions with the visiting Evangelist, Pastor and Elders interesting and stimulating. They do still accept the investigative judgment for reasons I can't understand. I asked them why they do, and asked them for biblical support, but didn't get any. I would not call the doctrine anti-biblical, but it certainly is not biblical.

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