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Posted: 08/22/11

What Atheists Believe Ray Comfort


"Actually, atheists tend to assume that gravity and heat created the water cycle, but put that aside. If God was providing, free of charge, enough water for San Antonio, there would be no price comparison between the cost of distilling the water from the ocean and the cost of extracting it from an aquifer." Steven J.

I appreciate why you would rather we put aside your belief that gravity and heat have the ability to create. Rather than put it aside, I would like to talk about what atheists believe, and consider it closely.

Atheists believe that gravity thinks intelligently, makes plans, and then creates the concept it has in mind. In this case, gravity created the water cycle. Perhaps you object to my saying that gravity must be intelligent to come up with the concept of the water cycle and then actually create it. Perhaps you think that gravity is mindless, and created it without thinking. I don't think so. I am in awe of the water cycle and couldn't imagine the most intelligent of human beings coming up with it.

But according to atheists, gravity didn't create alone. Its partner was heat. The two of them came up with the concept of water, vapor, clouds, rain, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, snow, evaporation, air, condensation, and then created them and caused them to work throughout the earth in perfect harmony. Atheism brings new meaning to the word "absurd."

Also, the concept of the god you don't believe in doesn't exist. He is a figment of your fertile and faith-filled imagination. The Creator is not your water-boy. Don't believe the television preachers that tell you that He will come running when you click your sinful fingers. He withholds the blessing of live-giving rain when a nation gives itself to evil and at the same time professes itself to be good.


Cooped up in California

Bruce Gleason, one of my atheist friends, has followed the example of his fellow atheists across the country by putting up a billboard that makes people think about God. His billboard went up along the southbound 55 Freeway here in Southern California, and says, "Atheism is philanthropy without mythology, peace without superstition."

He said, "We've been getting a lot of comments from people saying we should have spent that money on charity." That made me smile. It's ironic that he spent big money boasting how atheism is philanthropic, when in truth, it's about as philanthropic as it is scientific. Yep, the world is bursting with atheist hospitals, atheist soup kitchens and atheist homeless shelters.

The news release also said, "The ad campaign is financed by 'an anonymous donor' to Backyard Skeptics, which boasts 440 members and sponsors assorted activities, including science-related field trips to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, monthly lectures and occasional movie nights (the latest screening is 'The Ledge,' about a love triangle involving an atheist and two Christians)."

Recently, Bruce asked me to speak at one of his backyard monthly meetings. We were both excited about it, until his fellow atheists chickened out, no doubt because they didn't want to have their feathers ruffled. But if they change their minds, I wouldn't want an honorarium, I would give them free books, would pay for their food, and I would count it an honor to gently challenge their belief system.

But I won't be holding my breath, because almost all atheists are big talkers hiding behind a computer, but chickens in the real world. Bruce excluded.


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By Ray Comfort

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