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Posted: 05/10/11

Stewart seemed surprised at how incredibly liberal Barton's response was, but not nearly as surprised as those the Texas historian has been preaching to for the last 20 years.  For those who are not familiar with the brutal and bloodthirsty tenets of Islam's Sharia Law, here is a link called "Sharia for Dummies" to provide a brief look at what it involves:

Barton also denied that he quotes history out of context, when Stewart confronted him about a quote from John Adams concerning "the Holy Ghost," as is shown in the film, "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers," by Adullam Films (available at

In this quote, Barton makes it appear as if John Adams was speaking favorably about the Holy Ghost in a letter he wrote to Benjamin Rush.  In reality, Adams was mocking the idea of "Holy Ghost authority" and called Christians "dupes" for believing in it. 

When questioned by Jon Stewart, Barton's defense was that he had shown the whole letter to his audience – when in reality, the writing of the letter was so small, there is simply no way anyone could have been able to read it.   The dialogue went something like this:

STEWART: "But you use this quote to say that he is believing in the Holy (Ghost) …"

BARTON: "No, on John Adams, I put the whole letter up there.  See, they've taken those parts out.  I put the letter up there."

STEWART: "So you are the one using things in context."

BARTON: "Well, I'm trying to – that's why I put the whole letter up there."

Here is the video clip of Barton speaking about the letter to John Stewart:

When Barton denied that he used the Adams' quote to make it appear that John Adams believed in the Holy Ghost, he was not being forthright with Jon Stewart.  Next is a clip from the film, "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers," that shows David Barton presenting the Adams' quote on the Glenn Beck program, and then again in a church presentation.  Let the viewer be the judge of whether or not Barton has presented his information honestly, or if he is intentionally manipulating the truth.

In his church presentation, Barton begins by saying, "I don't know if you've ever seen one of John Adams' letters.  I brought one just in case you might want to see one."  Then he walks toward the congregation, gently holding up the letter, in what can only be called a clever bit of theatrics.  He says, "He wrote this to Benjamin Rush … signed on the back by John Adams here …" pointing to the reverse of the letter.  

Barton continues, "But I want you to see the kind of stuff that John Adams would write in his letters …" Then he has the letter presented on a slide screen so everyone can see it; but of course, the writing itself is so small that no one could possibly read it.  Then a red arrow points to a particular paragraph.  Barton says, "I'm gonna read from the bottom paragraph … you see where the arrow is pointing?  It says, the Holy Ghost.  Look what John Adams declares in this letter." 

Then Barton presents the following quote:

"The Holy Ghost carries on the whole Christian system in His truth. Not a baptism, not a marriage, not a Sacrament can be administered but by the Holy Ghost … There is no authority civil or religious: There can be no legitimate government but what is administered by the Holy Ghost. There can be no salvation without it. All without it is rebellion and perdition, or in more orthodox words damnation."

Then with a wry tone, Barton says: "I don't think I saw that on the HBO special." His implication is that the producers of the film, "John Adams" somehow covered up Adams' Christian faith.  His rhetoric feeds into the "us against them" mentality that many Christians have toward left wing media, and fuels Barton's repeated assertion that the "revisionists" have covered up the "faith" of the Revolutionary Founders.  But what was their faith?  In truth, the letter Barton is presenting provides some of the most damning evidence found anywhere, and is consistent with many of the writings of the Revolutionaries, proving their contempt for Bible based Christianity.

In this letter, John Adams was not speaking in approval of the Holy Ghost, but was rather mocking the idea of it and of the faith of true Christians.  As we showed before, Adams did not believe the Holy Ghost was real, and he spoke about it in what can only be called insulting and irreverent terms.  

David Barton continues to be received in churches across the country.  But as believers in Jesus Christ, we ought to consider how the Lord said: "Take heed that no man deceive you." (Matthew 24:4)

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By Christian Pinto

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Balkanized America
Posted On: 02/10/12 03:31:53 PM Age 0, CA
Barton takes the view that the original intent of the constitiution was to limit federal power only (via 10th Amendment), and that the bill of rights applies only to the national government, not the states. This means that states don't have the follow the Bill of Rights, otr other amendments. Within states' boarders slavery could be permitted, religious freedom squelched or guns outlawed. Utah could declare itself a Mormon state, and require all public officials to subscribe to that religion; Michigan could devlare itself Muslim and institute Sharia Law; and Texas could forbid people from religions other than evangelical Christian from holding public office. Does not sound like he believes in is the America I love; after all , by virtue of the 14 amendment, the Constitution and Amendments applied to all states, not just the federal government.

Use your brains!
Posted On: 06/30/11 03:47:48 PM Age 0, VA
Sharia Law issue: If you have any wisdom just do some extra digging and see that Barton does not believe in Sharia law..if you go on his website he talks about how he didn't hear Stewart say it... 2nd: All this talk about the founders not being christian not having biblical worldview is just absurd...oh if you would just do some research...All things learned must be closely examined to see if it is true...but of course many just think everything they hear must be true without digging further..have you ever read John Adams letters? Read Washingtons Letters? Read about Benjamin Rush, read about John Witherspoon? and the countless of others who were orthodox Christian not only in their heart but held a Biblical Worldview. Please just read more before you comment....

sharia, sure, sure?
Posted On: 05/13/11 05:07:30 AM Age 0, FL
I watched all 3 clips of the entire interview on comedy central's website to get the entire context. This is not out of context. I cannot believe he supports the Constitution, but then says something against it concerning what the Founders would have called 'mob rule'. We don't have straight 'majority rule' in this country, so no, Deerborn doesn't get to vote themselves in Sharia law. Barton ought to know that. It would effect court precidents and spread through the entire country, not stay in one isolated place. If each locality can have their own rules apart from the Constitution, we will end up like former Soviet states practiciing our different religions instead of being a unified nation under the rule of the Constitution. I don't understand how someone who is supposed to be a Christian would EVER support Sharia, which will put Christians and Jewish people in dhimmitude!

Posted On: 05/12/11 06:18:03 PM Age 0, ND
I am confused - has not David Barton been a speaker at Worldview Weekends in the past? Why was what he said okay then but not now? And what is wrong with believing that the United States is special, and that the way it was founded was blessed by God? How can anyone study American history and not see the hand of God at work? God does not bless those who hate Him or twist His words, and this country is most definitely blessed, so I believe that is proof that, while not perfect, our country and its founders were based in a solid faith in God. There is no possible way anyone can read American history in all honesty and conclude anything less.

Barton's Confused History
Posted On: 05/12/11 02:48:46 PM Age 0, LA
Barton's historical hermaneutic is essentially designed to support a partisan position in favor of the Republican Party. That may be fine if we're talking about the 1980's under Reagan; that is an outrage to this Southern Christian when he is talking about the Radicals and Lincoln in the 1860's. Barton has gone as far as "praising" the morally twisted, bitter, hatemonger Thaddeus Stephens, one of the most prominent Radical Republicans and an architect of Reconstruction. On the other hand, he vilifies men who were genuine bible believing, orthodox Christians like Jefferson Davis and Robt E Lee. Barton is inconsistent at best and he often calls evil good and good evil in his historical analysis.

Adam's Letter
Posted On: 05/12/11 11:20:08 AM Age 0, TX
How Barton can fail to see Adam's mockery of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit is amazing to me. I wonder if he is really that blind and set in his preconceptions or if this is a meaningful distortion. In either case, I noticed one comment wanted to see the actual letter in context. Type in "john adams letter to benjamin rush" in google. In fact, Wallbuilders even has a transcript of it on their website. But, here is the paragraph in question: "But my friend there is something very serious in this business. The Holy Ghost carries on the whole Christian system in this Earth. Not a baptism, not a marriage, not a Sacrament can be administered but by the Holy Ghost, who is transmitted from age to age by laying the hands of the Bishop on the heads of candidates for the Ministry. In the same manner as the Holy Ghost is transmitted from monarch to monarch by the holy oil in the vial at Rheims which was brought down from Heaven by a dove and by that other phial [vial] which I have seen in the Tower of London. There is no authority civil or religious: There can be no legitimate government but what is administered by this Holy Ghost. There can be no salvation without it. All without it is rebellion and perdition, or in more orthodox words damnation. Although this is all artifice and cunning in the secret original in the heart, yet they all believe it so sincerely that they would lie down their lives under the ax or the fiery fagots [wood used for burning individuals at the stake] for it. Alas, the poor weak ignorant dupe human nature. There is so much king craft, priest craft, gentlemen’s craft, people’s craft, doctors craft, lawyers craft, merchants craft, tradesmen’s craft, laborers craft and Devil’s craft in the world that it seems a desperate and impractical project to undeceive it."

Worship of Constitution?
Posted On: 05/12/11 10:23:17 AM Age 0, ND
A few years ago, Mr. Barton was putting forth a good historical message, I believed, of the Christian heritage of our country and the faith of our founding fathers. But his alliance with some in the "Christian" television ministry and also that of Glenn Beck are enough to expose Mr. Barton's true agenda. I believe he is just one of many folks who have gotten caught up in putting our nation and its Constitution above all else, even Christ. The study of the Constitution and elevating our nation as God's chosen country is, at the least, backwards. When Mr. Barton joined Glenn Beck (along with a great number of famous religous leaders) at his rally last year, that should have confirmed to believers that his beliefs and his agenda don't quite line up with what the Bible says Christians are to be about. That rally did do some good by lifting the proverbial veil and allowing believers to easily discern. Some pastors adamantly defended the rally and Mr. Beck and locked arms with him. Instead of pointing people who are troubled about our nation's condition to the Bible and to the Lord, Mr. Barton and those in his camp are pointing them to the Constitution and nationalism. Why is it, when situations such as this arise, that no Christian men step forward to apply Matthew 18:15? These situations are talked about and examined and ruminated, but no real action is taken. Isn't it a Christian's duty to try to help Mr. Barton see the error of his ways?

David Barton
Posted On: 05/12/11 08:29:29 AM Age 0, TN
David Barton bit the dust last August! Sad!

Constitutionalist and Christian
Posted On: 05/12/11 06:27:21 AM Age 0, NC
From a Constitutionalist's point of view you must, from the Freedom of Religion standpoint hold to the tenant that a person must have the freedom to worship a rock if they want to with out the fear of state or person persucution. From a Christian's point of view it is only for us to point people in the direction of Christ. So David Barton's presentation doesn't true deviate from a strict Constituionalist's view point. The two do not often meet eye to eye, but I would rather have a Christian/Constituionalist view point than a Muslim/Sharia view point or Aethist/Socialist view point.

David Barton
Posted On: 05/12/11 05:54:51 AM Age 0, VA
Anyone that calls himself a devout faithful mormon has and is a Deceiver, he should get a job on Obama administration!!!

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