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Posted: 04/22/11

Mart De Haan Is One More Christian Leader That Has Wimped Out When It Comes to Confronting Rob Bell's Heresy

De Haan Wrote:

Over the years, I have seen older pastors who have spent a lifetime leading conservative, Bible believing congregations quietly admit that they were not convinced that hell would be eternal conscious torment– even if final and irreversible. I've also seen how harsh the criticism has been when, in my opinion, one of the most honorable of Christian statesmen admitted to the possibility of some kind of merciful annihilation of the lost at some point in eternity future.

I've watched the way we have allowed CS Lewis to speculate on his own unconventional vision of the lost (in The Great Divorce)… while continuing to value and enjoy all of the other provocative insights we've gained from him.

So I'm left wondering… are we allowing love (and truth) to win now… by using threats of group pressure and blackballing of brothers like Rob, and those who openly or secretly stand with him? Is that really the best way to maintain a strong and healthy orthodoxy? (bold added)

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M. R. DeHaan
Posted On: 04/26/11 07:24:34 AM Age 0, MS
Mart DeHaan's grandfather (Dr. M. R. DeHaan) would no doubt be disappointed to see the direction that Mart has taken the ministry he founded.

Orthodoxy vs Bell
Posted On: 04/24/11 05:01:52 PM Age 0, NC
There has been a strong undercurrent among some in Evangelical Circles towards universalism. I don't see why this is the case if they have truly kept their noses in scripture. Annihilationism I can understand, but not universalism. Calling it "Universal Reconciliation" is just a dodge. Eventually, everyone gets saved, he just gets a lot of punishment first. I see neither position supported in scripture, while destruction certainly is. If Scott MacKnight is correct, however, than the church's evangelical calling is in definite trouble.

Heresy in the Church
Posted On: 04/22/11 09:11:48 AM Age 0, OR
Universalism is in the church--it is no longer outside, it is here, brought to us by Rob Bell, Paul Young, the author of The Shack, and apparently the gentleman who wrote this article.

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