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Posted: 03/17/11

Purpose Driven dismantling of Christianity Part 1

By Marsha West


The real danger to traditional Christianity is not from without, but from within its own ranks. Millions of professing Christians have conformed to the world and have been taken in "through philosophy" and "the tradition of men" and are "not after Christ." (Col. 2:8)  Not that this is anything new.  The attempt to blend Christianity with paganism has been going on since the days of the early church.  And here we are 2 millennia later, still fighting some of the same battles.  


One of the major problems Christendom is combating is pagan spirituality.   The pace at which unbiblical pagan beliefs are seeping into evangelical churches is dramatically quickening.   Many of the orthodoxy have been sounding the alarm, but few have been listening.


Liberalism, with its false social justice gospel, has also reared its ugly head in the Church of Jesus Christ. The liberal "social justice Christian" sees traditionalists as out of touch with the times.  Their clarion call is: The Church must change!  The next generation of Purpose Driven pastor's accuse traditionalists who speak out against change agents of being "haters."  Purpose Driven/charismatic pastor Steven Furtick rapped his disdain for outspoken traditionalists in Hey Haters.  "Fall back! It's a new day!" he rebuked.  The orthodoxy's "day is done."  They are "haters…nit-pickers…black and white…full of opinions, low on the Spirit."  Steven seemed angry, even, well, low on the Spirit.  I saw no love emanating from this pastor's eyes, what I saw was arrogance.




False teaching has made inroads through the blending of religions.  It's called syncretism. Syncretism in Protestantism occurred when elements of other religious beliefs were integrated into mainstream denominations.  As syncretism takes place fundamental beliefs change.  This can occur when:


a culture is conquered, and the conquerors bring their religious beliefs with them, but do not succeed in entirely eradicating the old beliefs or, especially, practices. When the Roman Catholics conquered South America people were baptized massively without them receiving the gospel and names of their idols were replaced with that of saints through whom they could pray. (1)


Satan uses syncretism to separate God from His people.  God loathes syncretism:


When the LORD thy God shall cut off the nations from before thee, whither thou goest to possess them, and thou succeedest them, and dwellest in their land; Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise.  Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods. (Deuteronomy 12:29-31)


Grievous wolves (Acts 20:29) masquerading as evangelicals introduced false religious beliefs (abominations) into mainline churches.  Many of them are forthcoming about what they're doing, others not so much.  Their main goal is as I stated above, change.  The plan (yes, they have a plan) is to dismantle historic orthodox Christianity and usher in a "new paradigm," a "new kind of Christianity." 


Wolves are skillful at drawing people in.  They've learned how to use TV, radio, the Worldwide Web, human potential seminars, psycho-therapeutic counseling, so-called Christian entertainment that includes movies, DVDs, books and music.  Some believers are drawn in through political groups.  As you can see, a whole host of lures are used to bait the hook. 


Many professing Christians have accepted the blending of religious beliefs with no questions asked.  They sit in churches where they're not taught the truth but are fed a steady diet of half truths and outright lies!  Jesus wanted those who believe in Him to read and understand the Word.  "Sanctify them through thy truth," He prayed. "Thy Word is truth!"  (John 17:17)


"Any of it [teaching] that is good is in the Word of God," proclaimed A.W. Tozier, "and any that is not in the Word of God is not good. I am a Bible Christian and if an archangel with a wingspread as broad as a constellation shining like the sun were to come and offer me some new truth, I'd ask him for a reference. If he could not show me where it is found in the Bible, I would bow him out and say, 'I'm awfully sorry, you don't bring any references with you.'"






Darwinian evolution

Eastern religions



New Age



Simmer for several decades, then gradually turn up the heat and add an abundance of 'isms':



Cultural Marxism 




Freudian naturalism





Moral relativism




Postmortem evangelism


Secular humanism


Bring to a rapid boil. (For added flavor sprinkle in gimmyism, meism and voyeurism.)


While the isms boil, toss in a whole lotta movements, phenomena, and worldly practices:

Alternative medicine



Church Growth



Global Peace

Man-centered (self-esteem)


New Apostolic Reformation/Kingdom Now/Dominionism

New Revelation


Progressive (social justice)

Purpose Driven




Signs & wonders



Universal Reconciliation

Word of Faith (health & wealth)

Turn down the heat and simmer until the flavor of historic biblical Christianity completely disappears.


Serve to the sheep. 




Where were the faithful followers of Jesus when liberals were serving up platefuls of Christian stew?  Followers of Jesus Christ are commanded to contend for the faith!  Listen to what Jude 1:3, 4 says:


Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ that was once for all entrusted to the saints.


According to Clark's commentary:


The meaning of the apostle seems to be this: 'Beloved brethren, when I saw it necessary to write to you concerning the common salvation, my mind being deeply affected with the dangers to which the Church is exposed from the false teachers that are gone out into the world, I found it extremely necessary to write and exhort you to hold fast the truth which you had received, and strenuously to contend for that only faith which, by our Lord and his apostles, has been delivered to the Christians.'


Most believers have been too busy with everyday life to sweat the small stuff, like paying attention to what's been going on inside the hallowed sanctuaries of local churches.  Even Christians who recognized aberrant teaching have done little or nothing to challenge it. They just let it slide…and slide it has…down into a pit of moral relativism! The result is "Whatever" Christianity.  This is based on the notion of whatever works.  Pragmatism.  This humanistic philosophy says "whatever it takes" or whatever floats your boat…whatever makes you happy…whatever feels right to you.  Another way of putting it is "The end justifies the means."  Bad or immoral methods can be used as long as something good is accomplished. 


The view that Christian churches must become culturally relevant was born out of pragmatism.  Pastors/leaders came to believe that the only way to grow their churches was to sell her soul on the altar of cultural relevance. To attract the unchurched, Christians must become like them… cool, hip, hot, "in."  This philosophy of "doing church" brought about the Church Growth movement a.k.a the Purpose Driven Church. 




Toss the cross

Eliminate essential doctrine

Chuck the creeds

Discard dogma

Shred sound teaching

Throw out tradition

Give Bibles the boot

Scrap stained glass

Hurl hymnals 

Out with the organ

Purge the pews

Cart away conservative clothing


Once the old ways are abolished, the Church is on her way to becoming culturally relevant!  What's next? 




1.      Relevant churches must be all-inclusive, non-judgmental and tolerant.

2.      Change the atmosphere. (Offer coffee and donuts -- espresso bars keep the consumer-seeker coming back!)

3.      Give the church the look and feel of an auditorium.   (The consumer-seeker prefers churches in a plain brown wrapper.)

4.      Install a smokin' sound system and a humongous Power Point screen.

5.      Have a "worship team" and a live band on stage during worship.  (Music must be loud!  People want to feel the music.)

6.      Play mostly contemporary music. (Whenever possible substitute personal pronouns in place of God and Jesus.)

7.      Casual clothing is a must for clergy.  (Think: Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, flip flops – and consider growing a goatee.)

8.      Design the sermon message to please everyone.  The "felt needs" of the consumer-seeker must be addressed otherwise you'll lose 'em. 

9.      Abandon teaching on God's wrath, His judgment, sin, repentance, hell, and keep the focus on God's love for all mankind. (Do not say anything negative or divisive!)

10.   Keep the message to a minimum. (People tune out after 28 minutes.)

11.   Have a couple of parking spaces close to the entry for first time visitors.

12.   Wow 'em to keep 'em!


Have I hit a nerve? 


Before you haul off and send me an angry email, I am not saying that having some of the "Twelve Steps" incorporated into your church service is necessarily a bad thing.  What I am saying is that clergy/deacons/elders, etc. incorporate some of these things in order to be relevant. 




Most people are unfamiliar with the Hegelian Dialectic and what it means.  In a nutshell the goal is uniting opposing positions in the hope of reaching a consensus of understanding by focusing not on each other's differences but on each other's similarities and common ground.  The process was developed by a Marxist named Georg William Friedreich Hegel.  This is a system of "group-think" or the "herd mentality."  Some key words are unity, tolerance, diversity, feelings, fellowship, loyalty (to the group), conformity…control.  This should strike a chord with many Christians. Ever wonder why contemporary churches want everyone involved in a small group? 


Berit Kjos has written extensively on the Hegelian Dialectic process.  Space does not permit me to explain it all here so I urge you to visit Berit's website and read her essays.  (Links below) 


I'll end part 1 with a quote from Berit's 2003 article Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven? Part 1:

Why…would [pastors] focus on the felt needs of unbelievers rather than the true needs of God's family?  Doesn't this strategy turn God's principles upside down?

Yes, but it also attracts the spiritual diversity needed for the dialectic process -- the heart of today's transformation in churches as well as in business, education, government and other organizations. Dr. Robert Klenck summarizes it in his report on "The 21st Century Church:"

" this movement, it is imperative that unbelievers are brought into the church; otherwise, the process of continual change cannot begin.  There must be an antithesis (unbelievers) present to oppose the thesis (believers), in order to move towards consensus.(compromise), and move the believers away from their moral absolutism (resistance to change).  If all members of the church stand firm on the Word of God, and its final authority in all doctrine and tradition, then the church cannot and will not change.  This is common faith.  Soon, we will see why these "change agents" are pushing so hard for change to occur in the church." (2)

Look for Part 2 soon!



1.  The Effect of Syncretism on Christian Spirituality-- Rev(Dr) P.H. Bamaiyi

2. Part 1: Spirit Led or Purpose Driven –By Berit Kjos

I urge you to read parts 2-6:

Part 2: Unity and Community

Part 3: Small Groups and the Dialectic Process

Part 4: Dealing with Resisters

Part 5: Spiritual Gifts

Part 6: Social Change



Willow Creek: Hegelian Dialectic and the New World Order-By Paul Proctor


Communitarianism – A Three Level Con Job--By Niki Raapana 


A Brief Dictionary of New Age Terminology


Copyright by Marsha West, 2011.  All rights reserved.


Distributed by

By Marsha West

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Excellent Description
Posted On: 03/22/11 01:35:41 AM Age 0, MI
Almost all wars are caused by false religions. For example, Islam has both Sunni and Shia. They can join together as long as they have a Jew or a Christian to kill. Then they turn and fight each other instead. There have been more than 30,000 religions in the world. God will never accept a single one of them. What I believe and follow is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. NONE OTHER. I go to meetings where they believe the same all over the world (including the 20 countries where I worked). It is not an organization. It has no name. It is just fellowship in a family, as Jesus lived and taught.

On Church Growth
Posted On: 03/21/11 10:40:22 PM Age 0, PHILIPPINES
Purpose Driven maybe a church growth strategy for many and I myself found it not biblically sound, but I should say that church growth itself should not be listed among the SYNCRITISM STEW as you called it. Remember the prayer of Jesus concerning the harvest? Laborers are needed, I should say everyone is needed for building the kingdom of God, every Christian for that matter is an integral element for church growth-harvest of souls. (Luke 10:1-24) On Matthew 13:24-30 Jesus tells the story on the Parable of the Weeds. Indeed you see that is happening right now even here in the Philippines. In the parable you can read these: "So the slaves of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Then where did the weeds come from?’ He said, ‘An enemy has done this.’ So the slaves replied, ‘Do you want us to go and gather them?’But he said, ‘No, since in gathering the weeds you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At harvest time I will tell the reapers, “First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned, but then gather the wheat into my barn." Christian defenders of the faith have to be apologetic but this does not relinquish us our duty to be in the harvest field for which the church growth is all about. In the Philippines this word "maglingkod" that can be found in two dialects among the many we have here. Maglingkod in Tagalog means, "serve" but in Cebuano it means to "sit," I believe a true Christian is not called just to "sit" in the pews for the rest of their lives but all of us are called to "serve" God will gather the weeds in "bundle" and throw them into fire but the wheat into his barn. Christians are the wheat and we need to bear fruit and we can only do so by serving so that the church will grow.

One question, one comment!
Posted On: 03/18/11 04:27:04 PM Age 0, AK
While I agree with the general tone and specifics of you article I have one question and one comment.You mentioned "reformed" in a long list of negative influences on the Church. I'm assuming you mean what we refer to as the "doctrines of grace" or what is otherwise known as "predestination". This is the historic Christian doctrine that was altered by Charles Finney and others in American Christianity into what is sometimes referred to as "decisional theology" which has been adopted as the norm mostly here in our evangelical churches. The thinking behind this idea is that we participate in our salvation by "deciding" to "accept" Christ. The Biblical arguments for this are very weak whereas there are many mentions of predestination in both the old and new testaments. My question is are you saying that the Protestant Reformers have contributed to the terrible state of the Church today? My comment is an attempt at correcting a small error. You referred to Hegel as a Marxist. Hegel was an influence on Marx so I looked up their dates of birth and death. Hegel would have been approximately 48 years old when Marx was born and died before Marx was prominent. I would be grateful for any clarification of my question. Keep up the good work. Bill C

Spurgeon Said It Best
Posted On: 03/17/11 10:34:12 PM Age 0, MN
If you have to give a carnival to get people to come to church, then you will have to keep giving carnivals to keep them coming back.

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