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Posted: 09/01/10

Similarities Between Mormonism and Islam

By Brannon S. Howse

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Here is a description of today's Worldview Matters radio program. Even if you do not have time to listen to the program then I believe the show description below will be something you will want to read and share with your friends.

Topic One: "Mormonism, America's Islam" is a book written in 1912 by Bruce Kinney You can print out a copy of the book here. What do Mormons and Muslims have in common? Similarities of Muhammad and Joseph Smith:

- Visited by an angel.
- Given visions.
- Told that no true religion existed on the earth.
- Was sent to restore the long lost faith as the one true religion.
- A book produced from their teachings claimed to be "inspired by God."
- Each claimed to be illiterate or uneducated and used this as proof the book was inspired.
- Each claimed the Bible was lost, altered, corrupted and unreliable.
- Each claimed his new holy book was the most correct and perfect book on earth.
- Each claimed to be a final prophet of God.
- Each claimed he was persecuted because of his pure faith.
- Was a pol
ygamist who had many wives.
- Immediately after his death a fight broke out from among the "faithful converts" as to who would succeed him.
- Both religions have those who follow the "original doctrine" of the founding leaders and like these founding leaders,
have been
violent, polygamists, and have revelations justifying their evil actions.
- Each has progressive revelation. ("New" revelation always replaces older revelation that became inconvenient to the prophet.)

The list above was compiled by one of my radio guests today, Eric Barger. The list below was compiled by my other guest on today's program, former Mormon, Ed Decker:
Both belief systems teach that they have the only true and complete religion on face of the earth.
Both reject Christianity as corrupted. 
Both taught the plurality of wives, both on earth and in here-after.
Both teach that the Bible is corrupt and mistranslated.
Both revealed God's true scripture.
Both reject original sin and the doctrine of the trinity.
Both teach a salvation by good works.
Both use a lay clergy.
Both founded by a holy uneducated prophet.
Both founding prophets had angelic visitations that they were to restore Adamic religion.
Both prophets' words were above scripture or earlier prophets.
Both teach a theocratic form of government.
Both teach a here-after with graded rewards for works.
Both claim to be the world's fastest growing religion.

Glenn Beck, a Mormon, was able to get Christians to lock arms with Muslims in a spiritual endeavor that was looking to "one god".
Topic Two: September 11, 1857, Mormons slaughter 120 men, women, and children in the name of "God" and then years later the Mormons worked to build a Mormon memorial on the ground of the Mountain Meadow Massacre against the wishes of family members of the slain. On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists murdered American citizens in the name of God and now seek to build a memorial to their religion in the form of a Mosque only a stone throw from where the Twin Towers once stood. Topic Three: Hear the real story behind the Mormon War in Missouri in 1883. Topic Four: Biblically committed Christians must understand the spiritual deception of these last days and how Satan will move among false religions and cults to deceive Christians as well as non-Christians as he seeks to build his one-world religion. Satan is seeking to destroy Biblical Christianity for a humanistic "Christianity". Satan wants to embarrass and compromise Christian pastors and leaders. Satan is seeking to infiltrate Bible-based churches with false teaching and turn them toward his goal of pagan spirituality and pluralism-in the name of tolerance-and a social gospel. Satan will use that which has a form of godliness but denies the God of the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:5)

Do not be shocked when most "Christians" do not understand this huge spiritual compromise and ridicule you.  Topic Five: Southern Baptist leader Richard Land calls Mormonism the Fourth Abrahamic religion. The problem is that Mormonism does not believe in one god but millions of gods making them a polytheistic religion. The other three religions are monotheistic; meaning they only believe in one god. So how does that make Mormonism a fourth Abrahamic religion? This is basic religion 101. This statement by Land is not really shocking since he is a guy that sits on the Council for Foreign Relations, is pushing for Amnesty, (by another name), sat on the U.S.- Muslim Engagement Project to dialogue and build bridges to Muslims, and the list could go on and on but we will stop here.

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By Brannon Howse

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Posted On: 09/13/10 06:11:49 AM Age 0, MD
I do agree with your general concerns and warnings. Certainly both Mormanism and Islam are false religions. However in listing polygamy as common criteria (which is certainly true) you evidently fail to appreciate that polygamy is also part of the history of both Jewish and Christian religion. Therefore it should not be used as an indication of falseness. All traits shared by false religionists are not indicative of their falseness. Many of the heroes of our Christian faith were polygamists(actually only polygynists)and our God speaks of even Himself in such terms through the prophet Ezekial. Furthermore our God stated that he had provided David with his multiple wives and says " if that were not enough I would have given you more" destroying any notion that David had any excuse for his adultery. So my only admonition is that in being Biblical we must be truly Biblical lest our enemies read our own documents and mock us for our own selective reasoning about them. Polygamy is not a criteria of or an indication of false religion. God Bless your vigilant ministry.

in total agreement
Posted On: 09/10/10 04:41:22 AM Age 0, OH
I wrote something very similar last year:

Bruce Kinney
Posted On: 09/02/10 06:01:36 PM Age 0, NV
Brannon, thanks for the book recommendation. I sent for it and anxious to read it. Now is not the time to sit back and yawn...Glenn Beck is ridiculing us in our quest for wanting to know the truth of Mormonism. I am wondering if he is taking lessons from Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals." He is a master at twisting his words and loves to treat his followers like junior high students.

A Letter to Glenn Beck
Posted On: 09/02/10 03:08:10 PM Age 0, ID
Dear Glenn Beck, I believe that it is a little bit ironic that you appear to be stealing the mantle and the title of the poster boy for the new political machinery that controls the evangelical Christian right, while in the process using your friend Sarah to hijack the Tea Party title from its true founders. For a man who talks and attempts to sound like a Christian, spiritually your true beliefs do not even come close to the Biblical definition of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes your cunning speech employs His Name for some plotted advantage to promote your cause, but it is only deception that you skillfully wield in an attempt to solidify an alliance and binding of two faiths so directly in opposition to each other. In doing so, only shame and judgment may fall on your head and on those you have deceived. Your faith in an unbiblical religion is in direct opposition to the Biblical God and the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. In His Holy and Inerrant Word, Jesus Christ declares no one comes to the Father accept through me, but you seem to want to climb into the sheepfold your own way or convince those inside to throw you down a rope to climb in. Your clever masquerade to bring honor back to America only brings further shame and judgment on all who support you. The God of the Bible will never align spiritually with those who hate Him. The God of the Bible will never hear the prayers of those who are not His chosen people. Why? At the top of the list stands your rejection of the doctrine of justification by faith, your works religion. You have on many occasions denied that the righteousness of Christ is the sole ground of our justification, teaching instead that we all must reform our own hearts in order to be acceptable to God. Rarely do you speak the words of Jesus Christ, who I might add is not Luciferís brother. Please take time to explain your belief on this to your viewers and watch the rating drop. You have implied many times that the fallen state of our nationís morality is purely a voluntary condition, and therefore, we citizens have the power simply to will otherwise. You imply that sin results from wrong choices, not from a fallen nature as the Bible declares. According it seems you think that Americans can freely reform their own hearts, and must do so themselves if they are to be redeemed. In your telling of God, it becomes clear that you believe your own will is the determinative factor that brings about hope and honor and not Godís Will. You have said we are all I Am and this comes as no surprise since the tenets of your faith teach that members may one day become Gods themselves. Glenn though you excel at cloaking your real opinions in ambiguous language and biblical-sounding expressions, your views are pure Pelagianism. In case you do not know what that terminology means, in Biblical terms you are indeed a heretic to the doctrines of Biblical Christianity. Just admit what you are and stop hiding behind crafty speech! Your political arguments mixed with what seems Christian, employed to sustain and promote your ill views are nearly always rationalistic and philosophical, not biblical. For so many folks to canonize you as an evangelical political hero is to ignore the facts of what you really stand for. You are indeed a wolf in sheepís clothing as far as representing true Christianity, so stop trying to portray yourself as a Christian. Sadly, if we measured your current spiritual beliefs with scripture you would be way short of wearing this title. When you say we need to turn back to God, I applaud your words and suggest that you take yourself up on the offer and turn away from your false beliefs, repent and accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for your sin and this will be the start of bringing real honor to America! Starting with the grace bestowed upon you by Jesus Christ! Then you can beg without any further hypocrisy, GOD BLESS AMERICA! Concerned, E. S. Myskowski

Posted On: 09/02/10 08:28:24 AM Age 0, WI
Thank you for the overview! I want to concentrate on studying the Bible rather other religions to any great extent.

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