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Posted: 08/29/10

Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis Are Both Pushing Social Justice and an Earthly Kingdom

by Brannon S. Howse

Am I on the only one that watched Glenn Beck's 8-28 rally with red flags going up non-stop? The mixture of Glenn's Mormon theology wrapped in Christian terms, combined with some of the Christian speakers made me very uncomfortable.  The patriotic ecumenicalism was very unbiblical.

dominion theology of some Christians, combined with the "Kingdom of God" theology of Mormonism, combined with all faiths uniting and wrapped in the flag reveals that a one-world religion and a one-world leader will be easily accepted even by people calling themselves Christians.


I believe the 8-27 and 8-28 rallies have greatly furthered the acceptance of ecumenicalism by even those who call themselves evangelicals. The pastors and Christian leaders (including women pastors) standing behind Glenn Beck at the end of the rally with their arms locked together looked silly and not at all like Christian statesmen. I truly believe they sold out. I do not think even one of them realizes how they compromised the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and have damaged their testimony and added massively to the acceptance of pluralism and ecumenicalism. 


Whether they know it or not; those Christians that took part in these two rallies have endorsed an overwhelmingly humanistic message that was wrapped in patriotic and Christians terms. While a few speakers tried to give a true Biblical message; I believe it was so diluted in a soup of unbiblical messages that their presence only gave credibility in the minds of non-believers and non-discerning Christians that the "God talk" was all good.

Biblical repentance, the exclusivity of the Jesus Christ of the Bible (not the cults) and the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ was proclaimed, the entire message was one of "we must save ourselves" and as Beck said "man can make a difference".  The Bible says even my righteous deeds look like wickedness to God. It makes no difference that many of the speakers used the name of God over and over because for most of them it was not the God of the Bible but a god of their own making just as if they had crafted an idol with wood or wax.


Glenn Beck, on his TV program on August 27, 2010, affirmed that he is a Mormon. Thus his god was a man like you and I that evolved and Mormons believe they can be as god.


Glenn slipped what many experts believe is fraudulent archeology into his program. Glenn was not forthright with his audience as to why the highly suspect Bat Creek Stone is important to Mormon theology and history. 


These next few statements will be shocking to some and many will not have the Biblical knowledge and discernment to accept the truth of what I am about to present. Social justice is a man-centered attempt to create heaven on earth.

Reverend Jim Wallis is pushing a liberal, leftist, man- centered, Godless, good works, social justice and Beck is pushing a conservative, right-wing, Godless, man-centered, good works, social justice. Both Wallis and Beck want a revolution in America and they both are basing their revolution on humanistic thinking. One is coming from the left and one is coming from the right. Both Wallis and Beck are both pushing for an earthly kingdom based on humanism and paganism mixed with their individual versions of social justice. I believe that Wallis and Beck both reject the God of the Bible and the salvation that is only found through the Jesus Christ of the Bible. In the end Beck and Wallis are on the same team as Jesus Christ Himself declared in John 8:42-47:


"If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God." In verse 44 He continues, "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it." Then in verse 47: "He who is of God hears God's words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God."


Listen up members of the true Bride of Christ, the perilous times warned about in II Timothy 3:1-5 are here and many within our own families and churches are being deceived. Verse 5 says "having a form of godliness but denying its power, and from such persons turn away."


Man serves either God or Satan, and thus every issue at its very foundation is theological and spiritual.


I began the week on my radio program and in my columns stating that I could join Glenn Beck on non-spiritual issues but not theological ones. I believe I must now change my position based on all the research I have done this week on Mormonism and based on Glenn's own words from the past few months. To me it is clear that Glenn is not even attempting to separate his defense of the U.S. Constitution from his radical and pagan religious beliefs.

I believe that Glenn Beck's spirituality, theology, and doctrine cannot be separated from his public policy. I truly believe Glenn Beck, through his Mormonism, is seeking to build a "kingdom" that Biblically committed Christians must take no part in helping him build.

Many years ago LDS President John Taylor boasted of this goal of building a Mormon Kingdom on earth:


Let us now notice our political positions in the world. What are we going to do? We are going to possess the earth…and reign over it for ever and ever. Now, ye Kings and Emperors help yourselves if you can. This is the truth and it may as well be told at this time as at any other. There's a good time coming, Saints, a good time coming.[1]


Former Mormon Ed Decker reveals that this Mormon "Kingdom of God" is really based on a socialistic theocracy:


                        Joseph Smith implemented a program called the United Order in the church…It was a plan of sharing…everything in common, all properties and wealth turned over and owned by the church and dispersed by the Brethren to the people on an as needed basis with a requirement for good stewardship or loss of use. It was later determined that it could only work when both the secular and ecclesiastic functions operated under one authority…An LDS prophet ruling over a theocratic government where eternal commandments like the United Order…would function within the "Kingdom of God."[2]


The Mormon view of the U.S. Constitution is that it is god-breathed by the Mormon god and that America's Founding Fathers were specially chosen spirit babies sent by the Mormon god to grow up and write the U.S. Constitution and found "America, the land of liberty…to be the Lord's latter-day base of operations for His restored [Mormon] church."[3] How can committed Christians even now join Glenn Beck in a common goal around defending the U.S. Constitution when we know what his religion teaches lest we be partakers in the works of darkness?


Defend the U.S. Constitution and original intent but not in a shared endeavor with Beck unless you embrace the ultimate goals and objectives of his Mormon religion. God's church is not so weak that we have to partner with the theocratic agenda of a cult in order to accomplish God's will-if  indeed it is even God's will that we reclaim America. Based on Biblical descriptions, I believe God is even now beginning to judge America because of our national rebellion that includes pastors compromising on the supremacy of Scripture for political and social gain.

The pastors that were at Beck's rally today would have been far better off if they were back at home studying their Bibles and preparing a Sunday sermon that called for the members of their congregations to reject the pagan spirituality and pluralism they endorsed today by standing behind Glenn Beck. A June 26, 2008 article in the Denver Post revealed that pagan spirituality is doubling in America every eighteen months. That number is sure to increase as "evangelical" leaders give it credibility as they did today.

Please pray for Glenn Beck's Biblical salvation. However, unless, and until that happens, I now believe that I must warn you that Glenn Beck is a false teacher that is teaching another Jesus, another god and another gospel. The headlines will read that Glenn is calling America back to God but it is NOT the God of the Bible since Glenn admits to being a Mormon.


 I have warned you about Jim Wallis, Oprah Winfrey and many other such false teachers; shall I not warn you of Glenn Beck simply because he can draw a crowd of 500,000 on the mall of our nation's capitol.


Many of you are losing friends over your Biblical stance for Truth. Some of your own family members are opposed to your defense of Biblical truth. Jesus Himself said it would be this way in Matthew 10:34-26 when he said, "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man's enemies will be those of his own household."

I close with a quote I gave you earlier in the week from the late Dr. Vance Havner:

The devil is not fighting religion; he is too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.  



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[1] Journal of Discourses, vol. 1, p. 230.

[2] The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney by Ed Decker, February 2007

[3]  Ezra Taft Benson Mormon, LDS President, in the speech, "Our Divine Constitution"

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By Brannon Howse

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Barton no better than Beck
Posted On: 09/05/10 07:20:41 AM Age 0, LA
I agree with the concerns expressed over Beck from a theological stance, but I have just as serious a concern over David Barton from a political-historical viewpoint. Barton claims to present the history of America's Godly heritage and as far as the War for Independence, he does OK. But he constantly engages in pandering to political correctness with his ludicrous emphasis on black patriots (most black slaves defected to the British who promised them their freedom for betraying the American cause). He also admires Lincoln, the demi-god of the omnipotent central govt and he denies the sovereignty of the states as the ultimate arbiters of constitutionality thru nullification & interposition, even though these doctrines were propounded by both Jefferson & Madison. Finally, Barton throws truth out the window in exchange for the praise of men when he covers the War Between the States. He just defaults to the tired old "it was all about slavery" nostrums and ignores the overwhelming evidence produced in recent years by historians like DiLorenzo and Thos. Woods that is simply was NOT. On his Wallbuilders website, I can't find an article about godly, bible beleiving, orthodox Christian heroes like J.Davis, R E Lee or Stonewall Jackson, but there are plenty about heathens like Daniel Webster, A Lincoln and even Thadd. Stevens. It seems to me that Barton committs the sin of Baalam; he slants history to slander the reputatiions of honorable men in exchange for money.

Glenn Beck /Social Justice
Posted On: 09/03/10 11:48:38 AM Age 0, GA
I just listened to your 8/31 radio show with Todd Friel and I too almost got sick to my stomch. I have been railing against Glenn for several months now. My family will not speak to me...because I dare say something negative about Glenn Beck. The part about the pit in your stomach being axactly who I feel also. I am blown away at how many Christians are falling at thier knees before a cultist like Glenn. Jesus sais narrow is the gate...but we are going to have to turn sideways to fit throught it is so narrow. I have been blogging about the heresey of WOF preachers to all my WOF this is a whole nother level of APOSTACY in the church. When ever a Spiritual leader stands in a geo-political platform attempting to unite all religions together under the guise of Just Be reeks of the False Prophet who prepares the way for the Anti-Christ. And if SO MANY Christians are so easily fooled by a charleton/morning radio guy like Glenn Beck....they will not stand a chance against the anti-christ! He will sweep them off their feet.

Posted On: 09/02/10 09:05:11 PM Age 0, ND
I think the time came quite some time ago... Christians should distance themselves from Glenn Beck.

Where are all the Christian leaders?
Posted On: 09/02/10 04:02:08 PM Age 0, VA
I totally agree with you Brannon but I have been wrestling with this for days. I keep coming back to two thoughts. First, GB himself has repeatedly said to his viewers, "Do your homework" and "Know what you believe and why you believe it." We should all be doing this biblically, historically, and politically. Second, where are all of the TRUE Christian leaders (other than Rick Warren)? Why did it take a mormon talk show host to set a fire under America and get us thinking about our Judeo-Christian values and history? If our Christian leaders/churches do not step up and do what they are called to do, something will fill the void. GB and Oprah are just giving the public what they have been longing for--understanding, direction, and assurance that there is a God (what kind of god remains to be seen). We need to wake up, grab our Bibles, do our OWN homework, and challenge our church leaders when strange philosophy creeps in! Thanks for being strong Brannon!--J. Myers

God is separating the wheat from the chaff!
Posted On: 09/02/10 03:52:54 AM Age 0, CA
I agree with you, Mr. Howse, that Glenn Beck is one side of the SAME coin of "One World Government", and "One World Religion". In order to fulfill his plan, Satan must control BOTH sides of this "American Coin" for a OWG and OWR. Beck is one side, and Obama is the other side, but it is still the same coin! Clever and crafty, yes? My own insight is that our Lord Jesus Christ is separating the chaff from the wheat, and this is because He is coming SOON for His Bride-Hallelujah!The Bride, the TRUE and the Faithful Church, hand-picked by the Father for His Beloved Son, does NOT fall for "fool's gold" like Beck, et al, but is looking for her Bridegroom in ALL faithfulness, ONLY for Him! America is already under well-deserved judgment from God, and there will be NO "taking back", because the terrible judgments of the Tribulation will be upon her and the rest of the Christ-rejecting world! Sherry Brown, 36 yrs. old in our Lord, 64 yrs. as a Pilgrim on this earth.

Glenn Beck the Deciever
Posted On: 09/01/10 05:13:32 PM Age 0, MN
I happened to hear Glenn Beck on the radio this morning. He had the audacity to say that people need to be dicerning and at the same time was referring to people like you Brannon as bigots. I had to laugh at the irony because here is a mormon telling his audience to be discerning when so many evangelicals are willing to join him and go along with his ecumenical movement without dicernment.

Glen Beck is not a preacher. Don't judge him as such.
Posted On: 09/01/10 12:09:23 PM Age 0, VA
I know Glenn Beck’s knowledge of Jesus Christ is limited by his association to the Mormon Church. However he is doing the best he can with his limited vision. I certainly see him calling our nation back to Judeo Christian values, not to the Mormon church. I consider both Mormonism and Catholicism to be heresies. Yet there are some in both churches who, in spite of their church identities are born again and very godly and Christ-like. I do not know for sure if Glen Beck is born again but I certainly do not see him as an enemy of the truth. I would consider Jim Wallis to be an extremely deceptive man. Glen is not our enemy and is not “preaching a false gospel.” He does not pretend to preach the gospel. He is calling the nation back to our historic values, which are Christian. I appreciate the courage and clarity of these men and women who are bravely standing against deception in our generation. They are not preachers, and we should not judge them as such. As Christians I believe we should stand by them, helping them to a clearer understanding of the truth which is in Jesus. And praying that we might ourselves be as brave as they in standing for righteousness and truth, in every arena. I believe that Glen Beck, and other conservative commentators are confronting great deception attempting to destroy Christian civilization. Those of us who know “the rest of the story” should encourage them and stand by them as allies not as enemies.

False Prophet
Posted On: 09/01/10 06:17:06 AM Age 0, FL
I AGREE.I was there & it was a wonderful event but I am "on guard".One morning in my sleep, a few weeks ago,the Lord woke me up & said that he's a false prophet.I always pray for his salvation & deliverance from Mormonism.(I met him at a book signing & I TOLD HIM that I was praying for him & he said,"don't stop").I'm also afraid that people will be attracted to Mormonism. I also know that he found god in AA,where they are to grab hold of a"higher power",which is supposed to be OUR God so he embraced his wife's god.I continue to pray for this to change. My antenna's DID go up when he introduced the Indians but they "seemed" to be Christians??? As far as Yeshua's name(Jesus) not being mentioned on Friday night,they were told THEY COULD NOT PRAY at the Kennedy Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is God doing on earth for heaven's sake?
Posted On: 08/31/10 09:32:08 PM Age 0, TX
Well articulated defense of doctrine. Nevertheless, just as God raised up a Gideon for His purposes, we must consider whether Glenn is instrumental in God's kingdom purposes. Imagine if during the American Revolution, the doctrinal issues dividing Anglicans from Baptist, Congregationalists from Quakers and Catholics from Unitarian/Deists prevented them from coming together in common cause. Our Protestant flaw is while incorporating much of Roman syncretism, we are continually re-dividing over doctrine to such an extent that we are so doctrinally minded that we may fail to be of any good on earth. I don't know if Beck is a down the line Maroni believing Mormon or not. He has come under the influence of David Barton, who has been a featured speaker at your Code Blue rallies. David is excellent; however, he may also be linked to Dominion Theology in his hope for a revival/awakening in America, leading to a practical result of redirecting America's earthly course. I have no problem with the blessed hope of evacuation (rapture); nevertheless, I am happy to support whomsoever God would raise up for a time such as this. At this moment, Glenn Beck is carrying the torch. Like many before him, he may trip and fall, but with our prayers for his protection, direction and that he come to saving faith, (if he hasn't already). Romans 10:9 does not include joining a Bible church so that one might be saved. However, it is just like God to raise up a peculiar and flawed vehicle to serve His purposes. I don't have to go to his church or believe Mormon doctrine; however, I am accountable for discerning a move of God through a person who doesn't necessarily pass the doctrinal smell test. There are times in Scripture where unholy alliances (Israel and Assyria, Josiah and Ahab, etc.) are disasterous. On the other hand there are examples of Joseph and Moses, who are both immersed and privileged in a pagan world, whom God uses mightily. Time will tell. I discern a movement in Beck's thinking. I can overlook the Mormon as well as secular remnant of ignorance in light of the providential confluence which has uniquely converged upon him. Doctrine divides. Satan delights if it keeps you on the sidelines or standing against what is happening. Do you disagree with David Barton, who you've featured prominently at Code Blue rallies??

God's Purpose
Posted On: 08/30/10 01:40:58 PM Age 0, MO
God's purpose never was to fix Adam man or fix the earth. His purpose was, and still is, to replace Adam man and the earth with Jesus Christ. Christians are "born again" into Christ. We are either in Christ or in Adam. Good discussion, Brannon. George Cancilla

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