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Posted: 08/16/10


By Jan Markell

August 16, 2010

Something major is in the works and it is very likely not good. So many have said Iran will be "ready to go" within days as it concerns her nuclear capability that it has become a bit like crying wolf. Few pay attention anymore.

Well, you'd better listen up. 
The Jerusalem Post reports that Russia will start loading uranium fuel into the nuclear reactor of the Bushehr nuclear power station in Iran on August 21. This is the crucial step in outfitting Iran with nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
Russia says the latest U.N. sanctions against Iran will not affect the Bushehr project. This project was slated to happen in late September but now we are just days away from the point of no return. Israel must decide what she will do, and quickly.
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton told Fox News that, "Once the fuel rods are loaded it makes it essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor, an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf."
The story immediately became front-page news in Israel, which has laid precise plans to carry out an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Bolton made it clear that it is widely assumed that any Israeli attack on the Bushehr reactor must take place before the reactor is loaded with fuel rods. If that is the case, Israel must act before August 21.
I often hear Yoni the Israeli blogger on the Hugh Hewitt program. In a recent blog, he suggested war is imminent for the following reasons:
1) Hizbullah has dug tunnels into northern Israel. Hizbullah also has 60,000 rockets, many with chemical warheads. Israel has delivered letters to the U.N., Lebanon, and USA, showing where Hizbullah has hidden rockets in civilian areas.
2) Israeli satellite has captured photos of submarines off-loading weapons to Hizbullah in northern Lebanon. Intelligence later showed these weapons were special chemical weapons engineered to eat through protective equipment. This agent may now be loaded onto Hizbullah rockets.
3) The Israel Air Force (IAF) is training in long- range missions, jets, and helicopters, which would suggest commando raids a long way from home. Additionally, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) reserves have been called up and are being trained at an abnormal pace.
4) Israeli subs are sitting off Iran and the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has an airbase in Saudi Arabia.

5) Israeli intelligence has captured data showing that Hizullah will preemptively attack Israel at month's end.  The objective is to take out IAF bases so Israeli planes cannot hit Iran.
While at first glance Americans think this will not affect them all that much, I am taking some thoughts from my frequent radio guest, Bill Salus, who has written the book Israelestine. Salus states, "Iran's apocalyptic-minded president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has publicly threatened the closing of Hormuz in retaliation for an Israeli or American strike upon his country.
"Additionally, two significant correlating events made the news in May, 2010. First, the Islamic Republic of Iran warned that it would launch terrorist attacks and suicide strikes inside of America in the event of a strike upon Iranian soil. Second, the Iranian Navy conducted a massive war exercise in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, called 'Judgment Day.' This drill reportedly demonstrated Iran's sole and sovereign ability to control those strategic bodies of water."

Salus continues, "Regarding the possibility of Iran playing the 'oil card' against America, on September 15, 2009 The Wall Street Journal published a Bret Stephens article entitled Obama Is Pushing Israel Towards War. In the article Stephens suggested that a Middle East War could push the price of oil up to $300 per barrel. Lately, on average, that precious black gold has been closing between $70 to $80 per barrel. Stephen's estimate suggests an oil-dependent world could be about to experience a spike at the pump of about four times the present amount. Iran still ranks number two behind Saudi Arabia in the OPEC oil cartel, which is responsible for two-thirds of the world's oil supply."

Are Americans, Chinese, Europeans, and others ready for such a steep increase? Americans could expect to feel pain in the waiting lines at the pump and in their pocket books, as increased transportation costs would certainly be reflected in the price of goods sold over the retail counters across the country.
When this strike actually happens, tomorrow or next year, the world will react -- as it did after Israel bombed Iraq's Osirak facility in 1981 -- with universal condemnation. Israel can do nothing right -- including take out a major de-stablizer of the world -- Iran's nuclear capability.
And just where will America be in this scenario? Would she participate with Israel? Even Saudi Arabia is participating, by allowing Israel to use a Saudi air base.  But don't count on our current White House or State Department to do anything but join the condemning chorus.  As George Will says, "Will Israel do what the world won't? If it attacks Iran, the world was warned. If not, the world may regret it."
Check out Dr. Ron Rhodes' new book related to this, The Coming Oil Storm. Ron was one of our "Understanding the Times" 2009 speakers. Those CDs and DVDs are marked down and found here. 

To better understand these issues, visit the "Israel"category at our Web site. Also, take a look at our short video section called "To Make You Think."
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By Jan Markell

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Ezekiel 38-39 Coming Soon
Posted On: 09/23/10 09:49:51 AM Age 0, NC
All the major players involved in the End Time drama known as the Battle of Gog/Magog appear frequently in media headlines. Many scholars hypothesize regarding how this battle will begin and have created other requirements to take place first. Some suggest a modern Psalm 83 connection or fulfillment of Isaiah 17. I suggest that there is no battle to precede this prophesied invasion. The problem stems from misinterpretation. The belief that all of Israel will be dwelling securely and at rest, dwelling without walls is incorrect. The term "unwalled villages" denotes settlements which are the supposed main obstacle to peace at this time. The reference to Israel being at rest or dwelling safely does not identify a Israel at peace or secure. The hebrew word "betach" used in this context has duel meaning also identifying false confidence, false security, and carelessness. The fact that Gog will view Israel easy prey identifies this to be the proper meaning. Many scholars have also identified Sheba and Dedan as Saudi Arabia, while Yeshua and the Prophet Daniel identify the Queen of the South and the King of the South known as Sheba as Egypt. Roman historian Josephus also identifies this. Dedan or the Dedanittes were traders of apparel in caravans compassing the territories of Ammon, Edom, and Moab, identified as modern Jordan. This is interesting when we find Egypt and Jordan lumped together with the Western Powers (Tarshish, Young Lions) and the current peace negotiations. The suggestion that Ezekiel ommits the enemies currently surrounding Israel is as incorrect. Hezbollah and Hamas are proxy militias that come under the identification of "bands" or armed militias. Egypt and Jordan are not mentioned because they are identified as Sheba and Dedan. Syria is not mentioned simply because the northern leg of the Gog/Magog confederation will assemble in the Plain of Bashan, located in southern Syria opposite the Golan Heights, just south of Damascus. I also believe the earthquake recorded in Ezekiel 38:19-20 will have its epicenter located in Syrian territory, thus fulfilling Isaiah 17. In addition though Ezekiel 38 indicates Israel will shake from its presence, this does not identify that the epicenter will be located there. I further believe that at that time the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque will be reduced to rubble, paving the way for the construction of the Third Temple. These are my thoughts after extensive research, what do you think my friend?

Israel Slumbering
Posted On: 09/21/10 11:12:18 PM Age 0, NC
There are today many who speculate regarding a military operation against Iran yet truly it seems this will not occur. The context of Ezekiel 38-39 reveals a slumbering and careless Israel as their enemies continue to rapidly prepare for war and confederate themselves together. It is also suggested that God will use this apathetic Israel as bait to draw their enemies in. In addition, it appears that the Western Powers (Tarshish and the young lions) with Sheba (Egypt) and Dedan (Jordan) will be in the process of peace negotiations between Israel and her neighbors at the time of this invasion. It appears the language of the prophecy identifies this very hour we find ourselves in. Shalom my friend.

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