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Posted: 07/26/10


Encounter with a Neo-Nazi

I spent over 30 minutes talking to Steve. He hated America, Jews, and African Americans (he used the "n" word), and of course, he loved Adolf Hitler. He made the nastiest of you atheists look nice. Still, I liked him very much. I can only hope that he was completely ignorant of what happened in Nazi Germany.

We will be holding the rest of the (very colorful) footage over for a future documentary called, "Hitler, God, and the Bible," based on my new book, of the same name.

The Common Denominator

The men in Adolf Hitler's "inner-circle" were a small group of the most brutal and corrupt killers of any century. They were his co-conspirators, who formed the Nazi dictatorship and imposed their power over Germany and its surrounding nations. They were the men within the Third Reich who set it in motion and legitimized terror.

The SS dressed in black uniforms, and had a skeleton's head on their hats, expressing that they were indeed the masterminds of death. They were responsible for taking the lives of 1.5 million innocent children, murdering countless individuals, gassing people in the millions, committing brutalities, torture, atrocities, as well as terrifying medical experiments. They personified evil. Some were loving husbands, and fathers who tucked their children into bed each night. Others were convicted murderers, even before they rose to power in the Third Reich.

What did these men have in common? The answer is interesting.

Their common denominator was that each one of them lacked a healthy fear of God. Someone who doesn't fear God will lie to you, steal from you, and even kill you, if he believes he can outwit man's law, and if he is convinced that God doesn't hold him morally accountable for his actions.

A wise man once said, "Most I fear God. Next I fear him who fears Him not."

For the piranha bowl:


Which Came First?

The "probably" boys are at it again. After studying chickens and eggs, British scientists think they know which came first. According to "Scientists solve chicken and egg riddle...maybe...headlines proclaimed the answer was...the chicken."

One of the scientists, Colin Freeman, from the University of Sheffield in northern England told CNN, "I would argue that the concept of an eggshell came about way before the chicken, it's dinosaur or even pre-dinosaur thing." He knows for sure that it was the chicken. Probably.

The clever scientists discovered that the egg cannot be produced without the protein ovocledidin-17. That protein is in the chickens' ovaries. That's how they knew the chicken came first. Probably.

So in what did that first chicken come packaged, if it wasn't an egg? The answer is easy:

"So God created...every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, 'Be fruitful and multiply...and let birds multiply on the earth'" (
Genesis 1:21-22).

Yep. The scientists were right. It was the probably about it.


Clip for the piranha bowl:

Midnight Express

Many years ago I was involved in drug prevention. Through a strange series of circumstances, I was considered a national expert on the subject [see Out of the Comfort Zone, Bridge Logos Publishers). One day I received a letter from a movie theater chain asking me to attend the premiere of a new movie called "Midnight Express." If I would commend the film as being something that would warn kids against the use of drugs, they would let me preach at the premiere. I gladly accepted their invitation to watch the movie, along with the local drug squad.

Midnight Express was a true story about a young American male, who decided he would make a fast buck by smuggling illegal drugs out of Turkey. He strapped the contraband to his body and made it past airport security. However, when a bus took him and the other passengers out to the plane, he was horrified to see armed guards frisking everyone who was boarding.

The producers of the film did a wonderful job of showing how terrifying the young man's situation became. The audio played his heart-beat as he approached the armed guards. The closer he got, the louder the beat became, until suddenly, when a guard felt the contraband drugs strapped to his body, he yelled and almost every weapon was suddenly pointing at the terrified youth's face. The rest of the movie was about the horrors of being in a Turkish prison.

I reluctantly turned down their kind offer, because the film contained blasphemy and sexually explicit material that wasn't appropriate for me to recommend to families. But I did learn two big lessons. One, don't go to Turkey, and Two, when guards point guns at your head, raise your hands quickly.

Here's another lesson: You have sin strapped to you. It belongs to you. You can't deny it and you can't get rid of it. You are surrounded by the ten cannons of God's Law, and each one points its barrel at your sinful face. The only thing you can do is raise your hands in surrender. And do it quickly.

For the piranha bowl:

The Nation of Israel

The Bible's prophecies authenticate it as having Divine origin. Study them with an open mind and you will be convinced of that fact. If it is God-breathed, then its promise of immortality for those who repent and trust in the Savior, is true. Ignore it, and you will suffer the loss of Heaven and rather receive the just endurance of Hell.

The nation of Israel is a sign to any skeptic, if he (or she) will listen.

Many times, God warned Israel that He would scatter them throughout the nations. That happened in 70 AD and they were without a homeland for approximately 2,000 years (see
Hosea 3:4-5). God said "I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries where you are scattered, with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out." (Ezekiel 20:34).

Israel was declared a nation by the United Nations on May 14, 1948. A nation was born in a day (see also
Isaiah 43:5-6,21, Ezekiel 36:11; 24).

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By Ray Comfort

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Encounter with a Neo-Nazi.
Posted On: 07/30/10 04:05:49 PM Age 38, NV
As a black person, I wholeheartedly agree with the person from PA. As a devout Christian, I love all sinners and pray for their deliverace from the sin of Prejudice. Mr. Comfort, I too, would love for you to explain your "liking" of any individual who would refer to anyone as a "n***er".

Encounter with a Neo-Nazi.
Posted On: 07/28/10 10:50:59 AM Age 00, PA
In this article you state: " He {Steve} hated, America, Jews and African Americans and of course he loved Adolf Hitler...Still, I liked him very much." You liked him very much. Were you misquoted? If not, I question your sanity.

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