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Posted: 07/05/10

Good News and Bad News Ray Comfort

Good news for atheists. Australia has a new prime minister, and she doesn't believe in the existence of God. Finally atheists can say that not all politicians need to pay lip-service to God to bring in votes. That's how it's been done from Hitler to Clinton to Bush to Obama.

There's something particularly nauseating about hearing a political candidate mouth off a well-placed "God bless you," and seeing him clutch a shrink-wrapped Bible as he goes in to church. But that all changed with this new PM.

The bad news is that Christopher Hitchens has cancer, and it's a particularly nasty form--cancer of the esophagus. I've been thinking about him a lot since I heard. So if you are a Christian, you may like to remember him in prayer, and if you are an atheist, perhaps you could have a moment's silence for him. If anyone knows his address, I wonder if you could send it to me. Maybe we can at least let him know that we are thinking of him.

Trying to Slow Down Science...

"I completely agree we will never change Ray's mind. Nevertheless, he is dangerous, putting silly fears in weak minds and trying to slow (even more) the scientific education in the USA (and other parts of the world)." Albert

I often have people step into my crowd when I am preaching, as the intellectual savior of the poor unthinking masses. As far as he is concerned they don't have the brains to know if what I am saying makes sense. He thinks that he is there to do them a favor, not realizing how condescending he sounds.

I am for progress in scientific education. I text, tweet, and blog. I have an iPod, and iPad, and an iPhone. I live on the Internet, have a cool and very fast laptop, and love HD and 3D TV. Our TV program uses the latest technology and graphics, and I am always excited whenever something new comes out in the field of genuine science.

As I have (often) said before, the only "science" I am against is the science fiction of the brainless theory of evolution. It is pathetic and has no basis at all in science. It's merely a belief on a par with the most childish of fairy tales.

Let's face it...

"Let's face it, God has never had a whole, consistent, set of instructions that He's enforced from the start of time up to present day." Darkknight56

I'm sure you have heard of the Ten Commandments. They were originally written in stone about 3,000 years ago, and they are still around today in other forms so that you can see what God requires of you. It's His whole, consistent set of instructions so that you would have an idea of what you are in for on Judgment day. The Law was given as a mirror--so that we could see if we need cleansing. So let's face it, and see what we can see (all you need is some light):

The First tells us that we should put God (the One who gave us life) first and love Him above all else. Don't create a false god (which is what atheists do). Don't use His name in vain. Keep the Sabbath holy. Honor your parents. Don't murder (violated through hatred). Don't commit adultery (violated with lust--see Matthew 5:27-28). Don't steal, lie, or desire things that belong to others.

That Law will judge you if you die in your sins. If you die in Christ, you are free from its death sentence (and damnation). This is because Jesus paid the fine for guilty sinners whose case was dismissed upon their repentance and faith in the Savior.

It doesn't matter if you believe in God or if you don't. He will judge you if you die without His forgiveness, which is only in Jesus Christ. You are without excuse, because of the testimony of creation (nature), and the testimony of your conscience. Listen to it, and then make peace with God today, while you have time.

Ants and Atheists

Ray, Why are so many of the things you speak (write) of, unspeakable? Craig

Think of a colony of ants. By some miracle you are able to go down and speak to them. Your job is to tell them that there's a universe out there, and that life is more than just what they see as their little colony.

Your first hurdle is their concept of the word "big." To them, a tennis ball is massive, so how are you going to communicate what you know about the universe? I would say that all you can do it draw on any and every part of your vocabulary, inadequate though that would be.

The Christian has the same frustration with the colony of this godless world. They have no concept of anything when it comes to the spiritual world. When I say "God" my mind sees the most incredible, most powerful, most breathtakingly wonderful, awesome, magnificent, unimaginable force that words fall infinitely short of describing. They think of the flying spaghetti monster. The Bible puts it this way:

"The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God; neither can he know them; they are foolishness to him because they are spiritually understood."

Actually, the ant analogy fell way short. Add to it that they are blind, hungry, aggressive, and swarming fire ants, and you get a little closer to the unspeakable problem we have.

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By Ray Comfort

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